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Walt Disney World Attractions That Need to Go

After last summer’s D23 Expo, multiple attractions were closed to make way for upcoming rides. However, there are still a few attractions that should be outright replaced. Whether it’s outdated, unpopular or just plain bad, here’s a list of Disney attractions that should be replaced as soon as possible: Stitch’s Great Escape I almost feel […]

6 Reasons Why 2018 Will Be the Best Year to Visit Walt Disney World

If you’ve been pushing back your trip to Walt Disney World year after year telling yourself “Eh, I’ll just go next year,” 2018 is the time that you need to finally go through with it. Between a surprisingly low park attendance rate and increasing anticipation for 2019, this year could offer you the most affordable […]

Construction Walls Indicate That the Muppet Fountain Will Once Again Become Operational

The construction of Grand Avenue has prevented the Ms. Liberty Fountain (better known as the Muppet Fountain) in Disney’s Hollywood Studios from being operational for over a year now. The construction likely caused the water lines to be cut around the fountain since it has been used as a flowerbed for the past year. We can only hope […]

Review: Baseline Tap House Now Open at Hollywood Studios

gWho doesn’t enjoy celebrating Friday with a good drink at Walt Disney World? Today, patrons of Disney’s Hollywood Studios were surprised to find out that Baseline Tap House, the newest bar to hit the park, would open its doors for the very first time. We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hit the establishment on […]

First Look at BaseLine Tap House Menu Opening Soon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

UPDATE: Grand Avenue has opened and BaseLine Tap House will open TODAY at 11:00 a.m.! * * * * * * * * While we don’t have an exact opening date for the new BaseLine Tap House that is said to be opening this Fall inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the full menu has been released! […]

Hurricane Irma Prep Exposes Grand Ave, Plus More Updates at Hollywood Studios

Hurricane Irma increasingly looks like it will have an impact on Central Florida, and the Walt Disney World Resort is preparing for the worst-case scenario. Today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, construction walls covering Grand Avenue were taken down exposing the construction of the street that will lead up to Star Wars Land. There isn’t a […]

Muppets Courtyard to Become Grand Park at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last month, we shared details on the new Grand Avenue area and BaseLine Tap House coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this fall. We’ve now learned that Muppets Courtyard and part of the old Streets of America is also being re-imagined and will become part of the new Grand Avenue. Disney shared that Grand Avenue was inspired by the “revitalization […]

New Grand Avenue Area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Open BaseLine Tap House this Fall

A brand new area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is being reimagined by Walt Disney Imagineers and they’re calling it Grand Avenue. The area will “capture the spirit of present-day Downtown Los Angeles, showing vintage office buildings and warehouses representing the different vibrant districts and cultures of the city.” BaseLine Tap House, a lively corner pub […]