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Screens: the Future of Theme Parks?

A recent trend among theme parks are attractions that predominately feature screens as the source of immersion. What I mean by that is an attraction where you spend the majority of your ride time staring at a screen, like Disney’s Star Tours or Despicable Me at Universal Studios.  Contrast that with older attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean that […]

Disney Files Patent for Immersive Multimedia Hotel Room Shows

With a fully immersive Star Wars hotel on the horizon which promises to tie directly into the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney is certainly upping their hotel game. A patent posted today shows a new level of in-room storytelling and entertainment that we may end up seeing at Disney […]

New Patent Could Allow Disney to Combine Shopping, Hotels, Parks, and Entertainment into One Immersive Experience

Disney is consistently pushing the boundaries of guest immersion on its properties; a patent filed recently suggests that they could be taking this concept even further. The patent, titled “Association of User Interactions at a First Venue with the User for Use in a Second”, could serve as a way for The Walt Disney Company […]