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15:30:45:60 – A Wait Time Discussion of Magic Kingdom

Few people travel to Walt Disney World (WDW) without experiencing the bane of most theme park traveler’s existence: The dreaded wait time within the attraction queue. Waiting in line becomes part of every guest’s experience — be it waiting in line for a favorite attraction, waiting in line for bus transportation, or even waiting in […]

Top Five Rides You May Not Recover From When They Break Down

You’ve been standing in a queue for well over 40 minutes, clinging to the sporadic shade slowly shifting from the handful of surrounding trees. You watch, painfully, as group after group board the ride, feeling as though they are moving in slow motion. You restrain your outrage as the group of 10 adults ahead decide to ride single-rider […]

Finding the Disney Magic: Attractions

Disney prides itself on leading the pack in theming and immersion for each and every attraction, so it can be difficult to pinpoint a handful of must-do’s for your vacation. Since its Walt Disney World, every ride has a cult following that will give you 100 reasons to go on their favorite attraction. But if […]

The Distinctive Design of “it’s a small world” – A DIS Attraction Review

In an effort to establish trust with anyone who may be reading this review, I need to make my motivations clear. I want to hate “it’s a small world.” I want to passionately rage against everything it represents. All of the quaint, cutesy, doll-like animatronics, the stereotypical representations of cultures from around the world, and […]

Disneyland Park to Update Area Around ‘it’s a small world’

The Disneyland Resort has announced a new construction project that will update much of the area in front of “it’s a small world” at Disneyland Park. When done, there will be a new queue for the attraction, new stroller parking and a new parade route. The Small World Mall is used to not only access […]

Disney Should Implement a Two Item Per Person Policy on Select Fad Merchandise

We’ve seen it before and we will see it again. There are several popular items in the Disney Parks that become so trendy that they fly off the shelves, get posted all over social media, and some even make it onto the front page of Buzzfeed! Whether it is the new Starbucks “it’s a small […]

Disneyland Starbucks Mug Seems to Be the New Must Have Item

In case you weren’t aware, the latest craze at Disneyland is apparently the new “it’s a small world”-inspired Starbucks mug. At $21.99, these mugs flew off the shelves; similar to when the Enchanted Rose tumblers first arrived at the Disney Parks. The mugs feature the silhouette of Mickey Mouse which is filled with the iconic Mary […]

Book Review: The Disney Story: Chronicling The Man, The Mouse & The Parks

There are many books written about Walt and Roy Disney, as well as The Walt Disney Company. Some of them give top-line information and some of them are extremely detailed. Some of them are perfect for those who are new to Disney history and some of them are for those already steeped in its history. […]