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Walt Disney Studios Producing ‘Sadé’ a Live-Action African Princess Film

According to Deadline, the Walt Disney Studios is developing Sadé, the story of an African Princess who must fight off a “mysterious evil force” using her recently learned “magical warrior powers.” Sadé is joined by the prince during her quest to save the kingdom, and during their journey, she learns “what makes her special.” The […]

First Look at Live-Action ‘Kim Possible’ Revealed at Comic-Con

Yesterday’s Big Hero 6 panel at the San Diego Comic-Con had an unexpected surprise for Disney animation fans — a sneak peek of actress Sadie Stanley in character as Kim Possible, whom she will portray in the upcoming live-action feature film of the same name. The film’s source material debuted in 2002, spanning 87 episodes and two […]

Disney Opens New StudioLAB to Develop Innovative Storytelling And Animation

Disney recently announced the opening of The Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB as the company’s next step forward in animated storytelling. This brand-new tech hub will focus on developing innovative tools to enhance Disney animation. Benjamin Havey, Vice President of Technology Innovation Group at The Walt Disney Studios, stated that the “StudioLAB is all about giving […]

Disney Shares First Movie Trailer of Upcoming Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Film

Tim Burton’s live-action reimagination of Dumbo is set to hit theatres in March of 2019 and today, the studio has shared the first film trailer which gives us a good idea of how the film will look and feel. The animated classic was originally released in 1941 and is Disney’s shortest animated film at only […]

Alyson Hannigan Among Others Cast in Live-Action ‘Kim Possible’

Last month The DIS reported that newcomer Sadie Stanley was cast to play Kim Possible, alongside Sean Giabrone as Ron Stoppable in upcoming live-action Kim Possible movie.  The upcoming film is based on the animated series of the same name, which aired on the Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007. New additions to the cast […]

Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Casts Utkarsh Ambudkar and Ron Yuan

According to the Hollywood Reporter, actors Utkarsh Ambudkar and Ron Yuan, will join the cast of Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan. The film’s premiere is scheduled to be on March 27, 2020. Utkarsh Ambudkar is best known for his role in 2012’s Pitch Perfect, and for his periodic role on The Mindy Project. Joining Ambudkar is […]

Production Date Announced for Disney’s Live-Action Sword in the Stone Remake

Whether or not you love Disney’s live-action remakes of their classic animated films, so far, they have been a success at the box office. Back in January, we told you that Disney was in talks with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to direct The Sword in the Stone remake. Since then, he’s signed on and according to […]

British Comedian Jack Whitehall to Join Dwayne Johnson in ‘The Jungle Cruise’

According to Variety, British comedian and actor Jack Whitehall has been tapped to join Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Disney’s live-action production of The Jungle Cruise. The reports say that Whitehall is set to play Blunt’s brother in the film which is a key role in the storyline. The movie is based on the […]

Disney Channel Begins Development on Live-Action ‘Kim Possible’ Film

The Disney Channel has announced that they are in the development stages of a live-action movie version of the popular Kim Possible cartoon series and casting is already underway. If you haven’t heard of the series, it follows the story of your typical high school teenage girl who protects the world from evil villains along with […]

Disney in Talks with ’28 Weeks Later’ Director for ‘The Sword in the Stone’ Remake

Disney’s quest to develop a live-action re-imagining of their animated classic about a young King Arthur just passed a milestone. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is currently in talks with Walt Disney Pictures to sit in the director’s chair, or throne as the case may be, for the upcoming project. The […]