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New Patent Has Disney Combine Merchandise with Interactive Super Power Attraction

The Walt Disney Company has a lot of things going for it: theme parks, merchandise, and an ever-expanding media empire. If one of their newest patents is developed, we could see all three of those assets combined into interactive attractions at some point in the future. A patent application filed on January 11th by Disney […]

Disney’s Deployable Shade Patent Could Lead to Better Weather Protection for Guests

If a new patent is put into use, guests at Disney parks may soon get a reprieve from the harsh weather conditions they are accustomed to. A patent under the title “Deployable Shading Structure” outlines the use of canopies that could be deployed and retracted dependent on when Disney feels they are needed, allowing unobstructed […]

New Patent Could Allow Disney to Combine Shopping, Hotels, Parks, and Entertainment into One Immersive Experience

Disney is consistently pushing the boundaries of guest immersion on its properties; a patent filed recently suggests that they could be taking this concept even further. The patent, titled “Association of User Interactions at a First Venue with the User for Use in a Second”, could serve as a way for The Walt Disney Company […]