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New Daytime Show Effects and Epic Battles in This Week’s Disney Patents

A certain amount of speculation can be involved when determining the in-park applications of new technology from Disney Enterprises Inc., but two patent applications published today are very clear-cut in their use. Disney is seeking patents for new daytime show systems that involve set changes and effects as well as muzzle flashes for battle simulations; […]

Disney Patent Application Details OLED 3-D Technology Which Doesn’t Require Glasses

It is plain to see that modern media consumers still desire 3-D entertainment, yet with all of the strides the technology has made since its inception, most displays still require the use of special glasses. A patent application from Disney Enterprises Inc. has just been published which aims to solve that problem with the use […]

New Patent Describes Adding Animated Character Projections to Disney Attractions

There are a few key issues that designers run into when using audio-animatronics for new Disney attractions, issues that a patent application just published by Disney Enterprises, Inc. aims to solve. An application titled “Projection Mapped Augmentation of Mechanically Animated Objects” aims to use projection technology to not only add additional animated characters to rides, […]

Disney Files Patent for Immersive Multimedia Hotel Room Shows

With a fully immersive Star Wars hotel on the horizon which promises to tie directly into the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney is certainly upping their hotel game. A patent posted today shows a new level of in-room storytelling and entertainment that we may end up seeing at Disney […]

New Animation and Virtual Reality Tech in This Week’s Disney Patents

Disney develops new technology at a near constant pace, and what projects they are working on give us not only an idea of their invention process, but also a glimpse into what we may eventually see from them in the future. Patents filed by Disney Enterprises, Inc. this week cover a range of animation applications […]

Disney’s New Glowing Character Mask Patent Could See Use in Marvel Park Experiences

Disney is not holding back in the use of their immensely popular and profitable Marvel property, with new super hero experiences in development for not only the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, but also for their Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. Why not use them? Marvel characters are very cool. There is […]

New Patent Has Disney Combine Merchandise with Interactive Super Power Attraction

The Walt Disney Company has a lot of things going for it: theme parks, merchandise, and an ever-expanding media empire. If one of their newest patents is developed, we could see all three of those assets combined into interactive attractions at some point in the future. A patent application filed on January 11th by Disney […]

Disney’s Deployable Shade Patent Could Lead to Better Weather Protection for Guests

If a new patent is put into use, guests at Disney parks may soon get a reprieve from the harsh weather conditions they are accustomed to. A patent under the title “Deployable Shading Structure” outlines the use of canopies that could be deployed and retracted dependent on when Disney feels they are needed, allowing unobstructed […]

New Patent Could Allow Disney to Combine Shopping, Hotels, Parks, and Entertainment into One Immersive Experience

Disney is consistently pushing the boundaries of guest immersion on its properties; a patent filed recently suggests that they could be taking this concept even further. The patent, titled “Association of User Interactions at a First Venue with the User for Use in a Second”, could serve as a way for The Walt Disney Company […]