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Pirates of the Caribbean Officially Opens Today with New Redhead Scene

The newly refurbished Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is set to reopen today at Magic Kingdom Park! Guests will be introduced to the brand new version of the attraction’s auction scene that was first announced last summer. “Just as Walt Disney embraced and encouraged Disney Parks to ‘keep moving forward’ since the opening of Disneyland […]

Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean Closed Starting April 23rd

This morning, Pirates of the Caribbean popped up on the Disneyland Park refurbishment schedule as being closed beginning April 23rd. The DIS has confirmed that the classic attraction will be down through June 7th. It is assumed that during this time, Pirates will receive the makeover that was announced last summer. Disneyland Paris has already […]

Review: Chipotle Barbecue Short Rib at Tortuga Tavern

Unless you visit Walt Disney World exclusively during busier times of the year, you may have never had the chance to dine at Tortuga Tavern – the quick service restaurant directly across from Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom. When you are lucky enough to find Tortuga Tavern open, you never know what you’ll find […]

Screenwriting Partners Claim Disney Stole Their Idea for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film

A. Lee Alfred II works as an assistant principal in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but that wasn’t always the way he paid his bills. According to a report in Westword, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Lee Alfred worked as a screenwriter along with a writing partner Ezequiel Martinez. The two are now suing the […]

Last Call for the Current Redhead Scene on Pirates of the Caribbean This Sunday

Last summer it was announced that the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in the Magic Kingdom would be undergoing a massive change in which the scene where the pirates are auctioning off the Redhead, among other women, would be transformed into something more family-friendly.  In the new scene, the pirates will be forcing the townspeople to […]

The Instagram Effect: 3 Ways Disney is Adapting in the Social Media Age

Disney Parks were well represented in the most Instagrammed locations of 2017.  Not only did Disneyland claim the #1 spot, 4 out of the top 10 were Disney theme parks, with Tokyo Disney taking the #5 position, The Magic Kingdom sitting at the #6 spot, and Disney California Adventure coming in at #9.  A great […]

Audio-Animatronic Heads Fall Off at Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Paris

On January 28, 2018 at Disneyland Paris Park the audio-animatronic auctioneer’s head fell off on Pirates of the Caribbean, which prompted many startled guests to post about it on social media. The auctioneer was seen with his head dangling by the wires that connect him to his torso. While mechanical issues do occasionally happen, this […]

5 Movies to Watch Before Your Next (or First) Trip to Walt Disney World

For many of us, our days are spent looking forward to our next trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth.” You’ve booked the trip, the countdown has begun…now what?  Life, of course, continues on — sometimes at what feels like a glacial pace — as we get closer and closer to the next piece of magic.  […]

Disney Faces Another Copyright Lawsuit, This Time Over ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

According to Deadline, the Walt Disney Company has found itself facing yet another huge copyright lawsuit over the $4.5 billion Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The complaint was filed Tuesday in a “Colorado federal court against almost every corporate aspect of Disney seeking a wide range of damages, profits, and an injunction” that could put […]

Pirates of the Caribbean to Close for 3 Weeks in Early 2018 at Walt Disney World

One of the most iconic attractions in Disney history will be undergoing a a temporary refurbishment that will last a full three weeks during the first quarter of next year. From February 26th through March 18th of 2018, the Magic Kingdom‘s Pirates of the Caribbean will be closed. What makes this refurbishment notable is that […]