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6 Reasons to Utilize Walt Disney World’s Minnie Van Service

We’ve all seen the pictures of the new stylish Chevy Traverses that have been wrapped in a custom design to look like Minnie Mouse’s dress. Some of us have even had the opportunity to ride in one of them since they’ve started their testing in July. But why would you want to use a flat […]

A Tale of The Daily Poutine and a Canadian

This born and raised Canadian was lucky enough to spend some time living in Orlando Florida.  Like anyone who moves to a different country, there are certain things I missed from home. The Canadian Pavilion could provide some relief but it was always nice to have more. You can imagine how excited I was when I […]

Disney Stores Around the World: Dublin

For those of us who really need a Disney Parks fix, the Disney Store can deliver a dose of much-needed magic when traveling to the parks just isn’t feasible. While I’d argue that all Disney Stores have something interesting to offer, stores located in domestic and international city hubs can be especially exciting. These locations […]

When it Rains on Your Parade

The poncho: a standard piece of Disney park bag equipment found on every single “what to pack” list there is. Anyone familiar with Florida weather will immediately understand why, but let’s explore your options for traveling amidst torrential downpours and storms while in Disney. While a flimsy yet fashionable sheet of plastic will keep you […]

Planning the Perfect Disney Vacation – from Abroad!

So, you got to the time of the year when you have to decide your next vacation. Deep inside you know what your destination could be, but somehow you struggle and try to deny the only thing that comes to your mind: another visit to a Disney Park. OK, no big news, we are all […]

When You Wish Upon a Star, and It Lands on Your Head

The best advice I can share with fellow Disney vacationers is to understand that expectations are high (as they should be for such an investment), but even Disney can disappoint. Outside factors (those beyond Imagineer, cast member and even Mickey himself’s control) will interfere with your memory-making. I have grouped these interruptions into three categories: […]

What I Look Forward to Experiencing at Animal Kingdom This Summer, and Pandora is Not Top of the List!

First of all, at the outset let me say that I am looking forward to experiencing Pandora the World of Avatar. I, like many other Disney veterans, always love having new attractions to experience and new lands to explore. I enjoyed the movie, and will be interested  to see just how immersive it really is. […]

Summer Survival Guide for Walt Disney World Heat

Summer is here before you know it. If you are going to take the plunge and vacation in Walt Disney World in the heat of the summer, here are some helpful tips. Stay hydrated – You can bring your own water or get FREE water from any counter service in Walt Disney World. You are allowed to […]

Helping You Plan Your WDW Vacation Using a Disney Planning Template

When you have booked your Walt Disney World vacation, you may hear a lot about the need to plan, plan, and guess what, more planning! However, if you are completely new to Disney World, this may seem like a very daunting task. So with this in mind I though it may be helpful if I took you through, step […]

Club 33 – An Overview and a Few Tips

It’s fair to say (and perhaps an understatement) that for many Disney fans, a visit to Club 33 is a highly sought after experience. Some people may dream of one day getting tickets to attend the Super Bowl to watch their team play, but not us. But for us deep-rooted Disneyphiles, dining in the exclusive […]