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Seven Seas Food Festival Extended an Additional Two Weekends

According to the Orlando Sentinel, SeaWorld Orlando’s Seven Seas Food Festival will now conclude on April 29, which is an extension of two weekends. The Seven Seas concert lineup will be adding four more performers for the additional festival days, but at this time the artists for the bonus performances have not been announced. The concert […]

SeaWorld’s 2017 Earnings Report Shows Continued Losses in Revenue and Attendance

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. recently posted their year-end earnings report, and you could say they’ve floundered the already low expectations yet again. SeaWorld has been struggling with revenue and attendance since the 2013 release of the anti-captivity documentary Blackfish, and 2017 was no different. A couple key numbers give a better understanding of the full earnings […]

SeaWorld Announces CEO Joel Manby’s Departure

SeaWorld has announced that SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby has resigned. Manby has held his leadership position since 2015. The company has been struggling for years with a decline in revenue along with the public’s perception of the company due to the anti-captivity documentary Blackfish. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “Attendance dropped nearly 3 percent in […]

Two Federal Agencies Being Sued over SeaWorld Killer Whale Necropsy

It has been over one year since the death of the Tilikum the whale, yet the subject of Blackfish has remained an issue for animal advocacy groups seeking further details regarding the orca’s cause of death. The Animal Welfare Institute is now suing two federal agencies that backed SeaWorld’s refusal to release a full necropsy for […]

Man Suing SeaWorld After Claiming He Was Permanently Injured on a Waterslide in 2015

According to the Florida Record, SeaWorld is being sued for over $15,000 by a man alleging that he was physically injured in their waterpark, Aquatica, because of “an unreasonably dangerous condition” left in the park. After riding down a water slide on June 20, 2015, Aaron Bomer claims his leg hit “a sharp object on […]

Baby Manatee Orphaned During Hurricane Irma Thriving and Growing at SeaWorld

The orphaned manatee calf brought to SeaWorld Orlando during 2017’s Hurricane Irma has officially been named Jose after SeaWorld staff cast their votes. When Jose first arrived at SeaWorld, he had to be coaxed into his bottle feedings. Animal-Care Specialist Jennifer Parnell played a big part in getting the calf to eat and now says, […]

Two Walruses Make Their Debut at SeaWorld Orlando on Wednesday

At 11 a.m. on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, Ginger and Aku, two young walruses will make their debuts at SeaWorld Orlando in the harbor seal habitat. Ginger was born in June at SeaWorld Orlando. Aku is estimated to be about the same age, but his exact age is unknown as he was rescued off the […]

SeaWorld Lawsuit Granted Class-Action Status by U.S. District Court Judge

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a SeaWorld lawsuit, in which the company allegedly mislead shareholders, has been granted class-action status by U.S. District Court Judge Michael Anello. According to the lawsuit, SeaWorld executives supposedly kept secret the negative impact of the 2013 documentary Blackfish. The 2013 documentary Blackfish‘s portrayal of SeaWorld gave the entire a […]

SeaWorld Orlando’s 39-Year Old Walrus Bruiser Has Passed Away

On Wednesday afternoon, SeaWorld Orlando announced that their 39-year old walrus named Bruiser passed away due to kidney failure among other health issues. The walrus had been under the care of the SeaWorld veterinary and animal-care teams around the clock for the past several weeks due to his declining health. Bruiser had lived at SeaWorld […]

SeaWorld Unveils New Raft, 4 Disney Attractions Win Awards at Orlando’s IAAPA Expo

Orlando is currently hosting the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions Expo, the tourism industry’s largest trade show in Orlando. The IAAPA Expo runs from November 14th through the 17th and provides companies in the field an opportunity to highlight their technology, ride mechanics, and strategies. The first bit of news to come out […]