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Vox Populi: What Disney Fans are Saying About Siemens Ending their Sponsorship with Disney

We reported last week that Siemens was ending their sponsorship with the Walt Disney Company later this year and this news has raised all sorts of questions amongst DISboard readers. Posters are expressing their concerns on why Disney needs sponsorships anyway while others explain that it’s not that Disney necessarily ‘needs’ sponsors, but that it’s […]

BREAKING: Siemens Ending Their Sponsorship with Disney Parks

UPDATE 7/3/17: According to the Orlando Sentinel – Disney said in a statement, “We appreciate their collaboration in helping create unforgettable memories for our guests at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort over the last 12 years.” “…Siemens and The Walt Disney Company have enjoyed an exciting marketing and technology alliance that has brought […]