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New Permit Reveals How Star Wars Hotel Guests May Access Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A new permit filed today has provided details on where the upcoming Star Wars Hotel near Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be located in relation to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge including how it will be accessed by guests of the hotel. According to the permit, “The project generally consists of clearing, earthwork mass grading, and development. […]

Walt Disney Presents Expands Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Models

An expanded Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge model was put on display today at Walt Disney Presents in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Previously this window display featured the Toy Story Land model, but that has since been removed now that the land is about to open. In addition to the expanded model of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge there is […]

Disney Replicates Midair Star Wars Blaster Effects for Live Shows in Newest Patent

If we take a look at the most recent patents that Walt Disney Enterprises, Inc. has applied for, one thing is clear: Disney is working diligently to create some spectacular and accurate live shows for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Not only have we seen patents that simulate blaster damage and muzzle flashes, but a new […]

It’s Not the Size of the Castle: Is Disneyland Becoming Too Adult?

When Walt Disney imagined Disneyland, he pictured it as a “family park where parents and children could have fun together.” That idea really only lasted a few years, because the opening of Matterhorn Bobsleds in 1959 brought along with it the first height restriction. Still, Disneyland Park, and to a lesser extent Disney California Adventure, have […]

New Daytime Show Effects and Epic Battles in This Week’s Disney Patents

A certain amount of speculation can be involved when determining the in-park applications of new technology from Disney Enterprises Inc., but two patent applications published today are very clear-cut in their use. Disney is seeking patents for new daytime show systems that involve set changes and effects as well as muzzle flashes for battle simulations; […]

New Permits Filed With the City of Anaheim Show Size and Value of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Six new permits filed with the city of Anaheim late last week show the immense scope of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park and hint at the value of the project. All six are related to the same parcel, but are individual permits for different pieces of the project. Based on the permits, the […]

How Long Will You Wait to Visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge After It Opens?

Earlier this month it was announced that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open at Disneyland in the summer of 2019 and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in late fall of 2019. Since then, many in the Disney community have tried to pinpoint exactly when the openings will be, but at this point, everything is still speculation. […]

Disney Confirms Location of Upcoming Star Wars Hotel

On April 2nd of this year, The DIS reported on permits we had discovered detailing the location of “Project H,” which we believed to be the most likely site for Disney’s new fully-immersive Star Wars hotel. Disney has now confirmed that location — south of Hollywood Studios and east of World Drive. According to Disney, this […]

Star Wars: Galactic Nights Featured Solo, Galaxy’s Edge and More!

Star Wars: Galactic Nights returned to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunday, May 27, just after the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Throughout the night, Star Wars characters were out and about, Galactic Destinations were projected onto Tower of Terror, and the night concluded with an updated Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular to now include Solo! However, that is […]

Official Name Announced for Village Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars: Galactic Nights is taking place right now at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. During a special discussion panel, new details were shared regarding the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge including the name of the village on Batuu which will officially be Black Spire Outpost. It has been said that this will be the location where […]