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Disney Patents Focus on Private Information Sharing Online and Real World VR Recording

While the details of two new patent applications just published by Disney Enterprises, Inc. may seem highly technical, their subject matter can still give us some insight into the company’s current direction. Patents have been applied for regarding a system that would change the process of how a user’s private information is shared for targeted […]

Disney to Launch ESPN+ Streaming Service This April

The first streaming service developed as part of The Walt Disney Company’s new focus on direct-to-consumer media now has an official launch date and subscription cost. Beginning on April 12th of this year, ESPN+ will offer customers an array of live sports, original content, and an on-demand sports library for $4.99 a month. ESPN+ was […]

Industry Meetings Give Details on Disney Streaming Service’s List of Content

With still over a year to go until Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming service is launched, and few official announcements made, many have wondered just what media content will be available when it debuts. Deadline has just released a list of upcoming projects for the service, including original movies and TV series, that they report have been making […]

Former Apple, Samsung Executive Hired to Oversee Disney Streaming Service

BAMTech has chosen a leader for the Disney streaming service currently in development: Kevin Swint has been named senior vice president and general manager for the project. As first reported by Variety, Swint will be tasked with overseeing development and operations of the upcoming direct-to-consumer video service. Swint began working for BAMTech this month. Initially […]

Disney’s Streaming Service to Include Its Own Original Series, Movies, and More!

Last August, Disney announced they would be moving much of their content off Netflix in favor of their own streaming service. Disney’s streaming service is expected to be available starting in 2019, and there has already been some speculation around what the service would look like. In a recent report by Variety, president of Disney-ABC […]

ESPN’s Executive Vice President Says Password-Sharing is Piracy

Digital content via Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and other streaming services has become a large market for how people consume media. Often times friends and family share their passwords for these services, but now Justin Connolly, an executive vice president of ESPN, says that password-sharing should be considered piracy. He said to Bloomberg, “It’s people […]

Disney’s Streaming Service Will Feature a Live Action Star Wars Series and Other Special Content

Although Disney’s recent Q4 earnings call discussed less-than-desirable performances in many areas, CEO Bob Iger revealed plenty of announcements for exciting developments in the near future that could keep Disney fans optimistic. While outlining the company’s direct-to-consumer focused strategy going forward, Iger gave us some insight into Disney’s upcoming streaming service that should begin in […]

ESPN Plus Streaming Service Launching in 2018

There was a ton of information packed into Disney’s Q4 earnings call yesterday. Potentially one of the biggest announcements was the ESPN Plus streaming service that will be launching in spring 2018. Disney CEO Bob Iger said that this new service will allow viewers to “stream our channels on an authenticated basis and subscribe to ESPN […]

Marvel and Star Wars Will Be Exclusive to Disney’s Streaming Service

It has been one month since Disney announced during an earnings report that the company would be removing its content from Netflix and creating their own streaming service. Since that time, many have been questioning whether that would include Star Wars and Marvel properties, or if they would retain their Netflix presence. The time for […]

Over 12,000 Urge Disney Not to Leave Netflix in Online Petition

The DIS reported earlier this month that Disney would be pulling much of its content from Netflix as The Walt Disney Company would be starting their own direct-to-consumer streaming service in 2019. Since then, more details have been released and discussions between Netflix and Disney are beginning to sort out what the transition may look like, […]