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Disney Rumor Round Up October 2017

Welcome to another edition of Disney Rumor Round Up! You can check out the September installment here. Disclaimer: any rumors mentioned in this article may not ever happen. Magic Kingdom   Nothing new on the Magic Kingdom front. Construction is set to begin soon on the new theater that will be located just off Main Street in […]

Say Farewell to Ellen’s Energy Adventure With Limited Edition Commemorative Merchandise

As the date quickly approaches of the permanent closure of Ellen’s Energy Adventure in Epcot, Disney has released some limited edition merchandise to remember this attraction! Ellen’s Energy Adventure will go extinct on August 13, 2017, to make way for the new Guardian’s of the Galaxy attraction that was announced at the 2017 D23 Expo. […]

BREAKING: Guardians of the Galaxy Coming to Epcot

It has long been rumored that a Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction will be coming to Epcot, but today at the D23 Expo it has been officially confirmed that the rumors were true! Guests will be able to join Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon on this thrilling attraction! The location for the […]

Disney Rumor Round Up June 2017

Welcome to another edition of Disney Rumor Round Up! Disney has been swarming us with news lately, so let’s get right down to the newest rumors in anticipation for the 2017 D23 Expo. You can check out the June installment here. Disclaimer: none of the things mentioned in this article are official, and may not […]

Disney Files Permit Application for Area Including Ellen’s Energy Adventure

The Walt Disney Company has filed a permit application with the South Florida water management district for work regarding the area directly behind Epcot‘s attraction Universe of Energy, which houses Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Approval would allow Disney to fill in the canal behind the attraction, as well as clear and pave part of the forest. The […]