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Disney Suing Redbox For Selling Digital Codes

Disney has just filed a lawsuit has against Redbox, who launched a service in October that offers customers “digital codes” to purchase Disney movies. The Redbox kiosks print the code with information on how to download the movies from “Disney’s services or affiliated sites.” Redbox buys Disney DVDs and Blu-rays on the open market, which […]

AIG Now Suing Walt Disney Company to Avoid Paying $25 Million Claim in ‘Pink Slime’ Case

As a follow-up to a story we told you about last week concerning the $177 million settlement Disney paid out this past summer to Beef Products, Inc., we’ve just learned that AIG, one of Disney’s insurance companies, filed their own lawsuit yesterday in rebuttal to the lawsuit filed against them by Disney. The two companies (Disney and AIG) have […]

Walt Disney Company to Donate $500,000 for Mexican Earthquake Relief

The Walt Disney Company is set to donate $500,000 to aid in relief efforts in Central Mexico after the recent earthquakes. The donations will be made to to the Mexican Red Cross, Save the Children and UNICEF to help in response and recovery. Claudio Chiaromonte, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of The Walt Disney […]

Painting A Complete Picture: “Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation”

In the early part of the twentieth century, women had a limited choice of occupations. If they were not working as dressmakers, teachers, domestic service workers or nurses, they were housewives and mothers. However, in Hollywood, California, another option was available – working in animation. “As artists, women could find professional roles within Ink & […]

Former Disney CEO Eisner Has Thoughts on Succession for Current CEO Iger

According to Bloomberg, Michael Eisner, who was the former CEO of the Walt Disney Company from 1984 until 2005, recently made comments on the company’s leadership succession and what type of candidate might be a good replacement for the current CEO Bob Iger. A succession plan is in the works, as current CEO Bob Iger […]

David A. Bossert’s New Book Tells Just How Lucky Oswald Really Is

OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBIT The Search For The Lost Disney Cartoons By David A. Bossert 176 pp. Disney Editions. Hardback, $40.00. On Sale: August 27, 2017 If you were to ask most Disney fans about the history of Oswald, they would tell you he was created by Walt Disney, lost to Winkler Productions and as […]

General Motors Co. Chairman & CEO, Mary T. Barra Elected to Walt Disney Company Board of Directors

The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors has elected Mary T. Barra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors Co., as a director to become effective immediately. Ms. Barra’s addition to the board brings Disney’s total board membership to 12. “Beyond being an incredibly respected leader of a major US company, Mary is recognized […]

Walt Disney Company Beats Second Quarter Earnings Expectations

Walt Disney Company Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger held his quarterly earnings call today and, while some areas faltered and results were mixed, the company beat profit expectations. Profits for the second fiscal quarter were $1.50 a share, above the predicted $1.41 per share, and revenue was $13.36 billion, slightly below the anticipated $13.45 billion. […]

How Disney Beats All Others in Customer Service

It’s no secret that the Walt Disney Company offers some of the best customer service in the world. Achieving this high level of customer service is no accident; it is the result of a carefully constructed plan that is strictly followed. Disney doesn’t simply want to provide good customer service in certain places of the […]

Disney Releases its Quarterly Earnings Report

Today, the Walt Disney Company released their earnings report for their most recent fiscal quarter, showing a decline over last year. Earnings were $1.55 per share with $14.78 billion in revenue. That is a drop of 3% in revenue over last year and 10% off the per share profit. Analysts expected profits to be even lower, […]