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  • If I Ran the Zoo
  • Incredible Hulk Coaster
  • Jurassic Park Discovery Center
  • Jurassic Park River Adventure
  • Me Ship, The Olive
  • The Mystic Fountain
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
  • Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges
  • Poseidon's Fury
  • Pteranodon Flyers
  • Storm Force Acceletron
  • Kids / Height Requirements

  • Jurassic Park

    One of the creative forces behind Islands of Adventure is none other than famed director, Steven Spielberg. Adding his magic to Dueling Dragons and bringing his blockbuster hit "Jurassic Park" to Islands of Adventure was a stroke of genius. This section of the park faithfully recreates the "Jurassic" environment from the film.

    Jurassic Park River Adventure

    Height Requirement: 42 inches Taken from Universals sister park in California, this is a flume ride based on the popular film. You begin by taking a leisurely boat ride through tropical settings, and before long, you are stalked by velociraptor's and a T-Rex. The 85 foot plunge at the end is considered by many to be the best of any flume ride they've encountered. This will have long lines!!! If you want to REALLY get wet, stand alongside the Terrace Falls restaurant. As the boats come down the final plunge, they throw water to both sides, soaking this area.

    Jurassic Park Discovery Center

    This exhibit is divided into two areas.  The top floor houses "The Burger Digs" (a fast food restaurant), and the DinoStore (a gift shop).  A large spiral staircase (just like the one seen in the film) winds past two suspended dinosaur skeletons.  These are actual props from the film 'Jurassic Park'.   On the lower floor, you will find several interactive experiences.  One area allows you to look through a view finder to see how a dinosaur would see (the units are actually attached to the sides of full scale model dinosaurs, and the heads move as you move the view finder).  You can also make 'noises' to hear what the dinosaur would sound like.

    Another area features a trivia game entitled "You Bet Jurassic".  This fast paced, three player trivia game has four rounds that take about 5 minutes to play.  There are 5 versions of the game, so those standing in line to play won't already know the answers when they get their turn. 

    Against the back wall of the lower level of the Discovery Center is the 'hatchery'.  Here you will find a bank of computers for analyzing dinosaur eggs.  You place the egg in an analyzer, and attempt to discover what kind of dinosaur is inside.  In the center of the back wall, you will see several eggs being rotated.  An attendant will come out to check on them, then announce that one of the eggs is starting to hatch.  It's a remarkable sight, and very well done!!

    Pteranodon Flyers

    Oddly enough, this is the only ride we know of in Orlando where you MUST be accompanied by a child if you are over 56" tall. This is a slow loading ride that almost always has a ridiculous wait time. It is also not part of UniversalExpress Plus, so there's no skipping to the front of the line here. The Pteranodon's sport 10 foot wingspans and fly in a circular pattern with you on their backs.  This is part of Camp Jurassic, and as such is more of  a kids ride than anything else.  These flyers are also fairly high up, so those with a fear of heights may want to avoid this, as the flyers are open air.

    Camp Jurassic

    An exploration station for kids, complete with caves, lava pits and more. The big attraction here is the Pteranodon Flyers (mentioned above).

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