Vox Populi: Disney Fans React to the FastPass+ Changes Taking Effect Today

MagicBand scanned

It has been rumored for quite some time now that there is a big change beginning today with regards to same day FastPass+.

The ‘word on the street’; i.e. DISboards.com is, if a guest attempts to enter a FastPass+ attraction with a MagicBand or RFID card that is not linked to a ticket that was used for park entry that day, the My Disney Experience profile will be locked. Unsuspecting guests will then have to contact or visit Guest Services to have their accounts unlocked. This is a big change as many guests have “ghost” MagicBands that are not linked to anyone in particular and they use them to make additional FastPass+ selections.

If you’re not sure what I’m referring to or what the fuss is all about, please visit the first post of this thread over on our Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies forum to catch up.

This morning, posters are reporting that they are missing information in their My Disney Experience accounts such as park tickets and/or FastPass+ selections for E-ticket attractions. They’ve also reported that when they’ve logged back into their My Disney Experience accounts using either a different browser or the app on their smartphone, the missing information mysteriously shows back up leading folks to believe that it’s just the update wreaking havoc.

Poster ‘IndyJammer‘ says, “We are there 6/9-16 and I had to Update All of my FPs! (We have 5 of us with 6 Extra ticketed ‘friends’) I made all my FPs at 60 days, then had to rearrange several last week in order to get our regular APs on the first set of 3. The new update only messed up one day – I had FoP too close to Na’Vi River and it will be too much trouble to rearrange that day to get both in. (We are opting for FoP)

Poster ‘SgtTibbs’ reports that he “Logged into MDE this morning to find:

Error: We’re sorry. We encountered a problem retrieving one or more FastPass+ reservations. Please try again later or call (407) 939-4357 for assistance.

On my MDE account which is strictly by the book. Just 3 FP+’s per day on the single ticketed user.

Checked the list, it’s missing a 7DMT on the third day of my trip.”

Apparently, there are a lot of Disney guests who go through the time and effort of setting up these “ghost” profiles and even go as far as purchasing additional MagicBands which has led Disney to do something about closing up that loophole. As an example, take a look at these few quotes from the thread linked in this story (I’ve intentionally omitted usernames for privacy purposes even though DISboards.com is able to be viewed by the public):

I have 1 MDE with a ton of ppl in it and carry around 10 phantoms. Only ticketed ones are my immediate family with pre-booked FP+.

I just booked at the kiosk at HS SDFP. 5 were friends; 2 with unused tickets and 3 just magic bands. I also booked 2 persons on my phantom MDE. None start until I’m through with the 2 that enter the park, me and my son. We are going at 4, so my moment of truth comes at 6:15 for friends and 7:15 for the 2 on my Phantom MDE. I’ll report what happens ASAP.

Poster ‘ArielSRL‘ is at the parks today checking things out and reporting back on what she’s experiencing.

Take a look at this fast-moving thread entitled, “SDFP: CHANGES COMING!! Beware the 6th of June!” to keep up with the changes and what effects they’re having on folks who are trying out these strategies today in the parks.

If you happen to be in the parks, be sure to weigh in with your experiences by leaving a comment below or joining the conversation either on the thread itself or on our Facebook page.

Photo Source: Disney

*The information contained in this article represents the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of the DIS.

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