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Flights/Check In Process / Transportation


Booking your Flights

Disney Cruise Line offers the option of booking flights through them and while this makes things very easy, there is little flexibility with this option. DCL selects the airline and flight times for you, but does not provide the details of your flight until closer to your departure date. Many guests like to be in control of their chosen airline, schedule, connections and fares and choose to book air on their own.

Depending on your point of origin, we’d recommend flying in the day prior to departure. This removes the worry of missing the ship's sailing if there are flight delays. This is especially important during the winter months, when flight cancellations due to weather, are common.

There are a number of sites for checking airline fares, including Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Kayak, and Yapta. On most travel sites, you can sign up to be alerted when discount fares are available. You should also check the official airline website, because you might get better pricing and flight times by booking directly with the airline.

Keep checking on your flight even after it's booked. Airlines are known to change flight numbers and times. They are supposed to contact you when they make changes but rarely do. The sooner you notice a change the sooner you can contact the airline if this change doesn't work for you. Before calling, check the airline's website to see what your new options for flights might be. Don’t wait for them to suggest something. Tell them the option that works best for you. In addition, you might find that your fare has decreased.

If you're flying in on embarkation day, you need to make sure that you leave enough time to get to the ship. Final boarding is at 4:00 pm and no one is allowed to board after that time. The port is approximately an hour drive from the Orlando airport, but you’ll also need to factor in the time it will take to get your luggage and to get to your transportation. Morning flight arrivals are recommended.

Disney recommends on departure day that you not book a flight before 11:30 AM. There are times when the ship is delayed at the Port and you run the risk of missing your flight. Rushing to get to the airport is not the way to end your Disney cruise vacation.


Checking In and Getting to Port Canaveral

We have found check-in at Disney Cruise Line to be quick and painless.  The operational hours of the cruise terminal and parking garage in Port Canaveral begin at 10:30 am. Because the terminal doesn't open until 10:30, transportation companies are not allowed to drop guests off any earlier.  Pickups at the airport or Disney hotels will begin at 10:00 am.

Just like at airports, you'll first pass through a security screening. From there it's up the escalator (or elevator) to the check-in area. Here you'll find a long counter manned by some of the friendliest Cast Members you'll find at Disney.

In order to make this as effortless and quick as possible, have all of the forms in your cruise packet filled out beforehand. Every member of your party needs to complete this. If you have your confirmation number, you can also complete your forms online at the official Disney Cruise Line website.

Also be sure to you fill out your US Customs paperwork, and ensure that everything is properly signed.

You need to have the proper ID and documentation for every member of your party.For the latest U.S. Department of State regulations click here.


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Disney Cruise Line Ground Transfers
In terms of getting to Port Canaveral, you have several options.  The first, and more expensive option is to purchase transfers with your Disney Cruise Line reservation.  Included with your transfer is baggage handling. You place a special luggage tag on your bags, check them at your departing airport, and the next time you see them will be in your stateroom. You'll be greeted by a Disney Cruise Line representative as you disembark the plane (they wait in the rotunda of Orlando Int'l Airport).  They will guide you to your bus, and it's off to the ship you go. Of course, if you have a land/sea vacation, then your bags will be brought to your hotel first (provided you purchased the land/sea vacation with cruise line.  This won't work if you're staying at hotels off property). 

NOTE:  All Disney Cruise Line transportation is provided by motor coaches.

Disney Cruise Line new bus
Disney Cruise Line new bus
Transfer Leg
Airport to WDW resort or resort to airport N/C (Magical Express)
Any other one way transfer
(resort to port or port to resort/airport)
$35 per person
Cruise Only
(round-trip airport to Port Canaveral)
$70 per person
Land/Sea Package
(round trip Airport to Resort, Resort to Port Canaveral, Port Canaveral to Airport)
$70 per person
Town Car Service to the Disney Cruise

Depending on how many are traveling in your party, you might want to consider a town car service as your ground transportation. For what you will end up paying for a ride on the Disney bus, you can get personal transportation for less, or even a Limousine.

There are plenty of Orlando transportation companies out there, and making a choice can be difficult. We think it's important that you just don't base your decision on who has the lowest prices. Our suggestion would be to call the companies and ask about reliability, years of service, what's included in the rate and if there are any additional charges not already disclosed. We also suggest looking for online reviews and referrals.



Disney Cruise Line Price Comparison
Cruise Only - Round Trip
Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport

$70 per person
You clearly save money when you
book your Port Canaveral Transportation with FL TOURS!!!
Also note that a Limousine is only $355!!
4 people $276
$226 Town Car
Save $50!
5 people $345
$260 Van
Save $85!
6 people $414
$260 Van
Save $154!
7 people $483
$260 Van
Save $223!
8 people $572
$280 Van
Save $292!
9 people $621
$300 Van
Save $321!


Enter your tranportation information for an official quote and to book online.
Trip Type:
(Airport is MCO)


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Driving to the Disney Cruise Line


From the Orlando International Airport, the port is just a short drive along Florida's Beachline Expressway (S.R. 528) to reach the cruise terminals, restaurants, parks, beach and other places of business and recreation.

Port Canaveral is even closer to Melbourne International Airport. From the airport follow signs to eastbound U.S. 192, cross the Indian River and turn north on SR A1A. Drive along the coast until you reach Port Canaveral. Or take, U.S. 192, westbound to Interstate 95 and drive north to the Beeline Expressway's east exit.

From the Daytona Beach International Airport, go east to Interstate 95, then drive south to the Beeline Expressway's east exit.

Once you arrive at the port, finding the cruise terminals is easy. Signs along the highway clearly chart your course. Cruise Terminals 5 and 9/10 are located on the north side of the port and can be reached via SR 401. Cruise Terminals 2, 3 and 4 are on the south side near Jetty Park. Just turn left off SR 528 into Port Canaveral, then make a right turn onto George King Boulevard and follow the signs.

Parking at the Ports

Port Canaveral:

3-night cruise - $64

4-night cruise - $80

5-night cruise - $96

7-night cruise - $128

This price includes every day the vehicle is parked in the lot or garage, including day of arrival and departure.  You will pay as you enter the lot.  Booth 1 will be manned and the others will be automated.  Only credit cards are accepted and guests will receive a printed ticket and receipt.  If you would like, you can make a reservation and pre-pay on the Port Canaveral website.  The prices listed are for a standard size vehicle; buses or large campers will be charged an additional fee.


There is a preferred parking area available for $20 more (regardelss of cruise length).  Guests can drop off their luggage, then turn left into the preferred area.  113 spaces are available, with 6 of those being handicapped-accessible.  This area is first come, first served.

Port of Barcelona:
A parking garage is available at the World Trade Center just outside the terminal area. Shuttles are available to take Guests to the terminal for a nominal fee. Parking is not available at Terminal C, where the ship will sail from.

Port of Galveston:

4-night cruise - $45

5-night cruise - $50

6-night cruise - $60

7-night cruise - $120

Larger vehicles (e.g. buses, large campers) will be charged double the rate. Limited covered parking is available for an additional price for 7-night sailings.  There are discounts if you pre-pay for your parking. The official parking lots are identified as Parking Lot A and Parking Lot B and are located at the intersection of 33rd Street and Harborside Drive.

Port of Los Angeles:

An outdoor facility is operated by the Los Angeles Port Authority. The cost is $84 USD per parking space for a 7-night cruise.

Port of Miami:

Parking is available in facilities located in front of individual cruise terminals. No reservations are required. Long-term parking for a regular vehicle occupying a single space is $20 USD per day. Short term parking is $7 USD if you are going to see someone off but not intending to park overnight.

Port of New York:

Disney Cruise Line is using the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. The passenger cruise terminal is located on the West Side of Manhattan, between West 48th and West 52nd streets. Piers 88 and 90 have been thoroughly renovated. A vehicle entrance is located at 55th Street and 12th Avenue.

Parking is conveniently located above each of the piers. Drive up the Viaduct Ramp at 55th Street to the receiving area adjacent to the cruise vessel's berth.

Parking Rates:
Cruise parking $30.00 per night
Cruises from 10 to 30 nights: $300.00

Please Note:
Payment is due upon arrival into the parking lot. Taxes are included in the rates. Cruise parking opens at 9:00 am. Check out 1:00 pm.  They do not accept reservations. Space is subject to availability and is provided to cruise parkers on a first come, first serve basis.

Payment accepted by cash, Visa and Mastercard

For Ports America (Terminal Operator) Parking Information, call (212) 641-4454.

Additional parking lots are located at 59th Street.

Port of Seattle:

Parking is available for $21.31 USD plus tax per day. Parking for the 8th day and beyond is $8.37 USD plus tax. RV parking is available for $29.51 USD plus tax per day. RV parking must be reserved online in advance to guarantee a space.

Port of Vancouver:

Cruise Parking is $23 CAD per day including taxes. US dollars are also accepted; however, the amount will be adjusted due to the exchange rate.