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Review by: jas2n0
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 11006 Condition: 4
Deck: 11 Category: T Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 04/18/15   

Notes: This is a Handicap Accessible 1-bedroom suite located on deck 11 forward with an oversized verandah. The room is quite and has easy access to the stairs to get to the concierge lounge on deck 12. Being on the same deck as the pools and cabanas also made the room very convenient. We choose this room as a port upgrade as it was the last 1-bedroom available on our cruise. The added space, location and access to the concierge services made this upgrade well worth the money. However, being a HA suite there are certain aspects that one must consider before choosing this suite. The first and most obvious is the open floor plan of the Master Bathroom that does not have a tub. The bathroom is beautiful and spacious but there are two items that need to be pointed out. First, if you choose to utilize this shower the drains can’t contain all the water (especially on sea days) and the carpet in the master bedroom will get wet. We choose to utilize the enclosed shower in the other bathroom. The second is that there was an odor in the bathroom due to a section of tile that allowed water to seep under. After a few days of maintenance investigating the odor and the persistence of our wonderful steward (Ronald) they found the issue and caulked. However, this did not alleviate the odor as the water damage was already beneath the tiles and additional service would be required. The odor was an annoyance but it did not ruin our cruise. A few other items to point out in this cabin are that there are no draws to store clothes or other items. The nightstand did have small drawers for personal items, but all the clothes need to be stored in the 2 closets (one of which is a walk in) or in your suitcases stored under the bed. Also, the entrance door to the cabin is motorized and can’t be locked from the inside. This was a minor issue as our 3-year-old son quickly discovered he could just push the button in the cabin hallway to open the door (Tip: There is a switch on the motor above the door on the right hand side that can be used to deactivate the motor when placed in the middle position. However, you must remember to place the switch forward again before leaving the cabin or your key card will not open the door). In addition, the door is very heavy and can easily trap or injury a small child. Finally, you had to wait to ensure that the door closed properly each time as on occasion the door would open unexpectedly.

Review by: Kindman
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 11006 Condition: 5
Deck: 11 Category: T Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 01/01/13   

Notes: Handicap room in the 1-bedroom category. Great location, never heard any upstairs or next door noise. Doesn't have tub but does have two showers. Would not really go for this room if don't need the HC accessible amenities because we would have utilized a tub more but we knew going in so not disappointed. Balcony is huge with the furthest bump out on board being balcony. Great view looking down side of ship and very convenient to forward elevators and one floor up to concierge lounge.

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