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Review by: thedonduck
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 7500 Condition: 5
Deck: 7 Category: 9C Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 09/07/13   

Notes: Stayed in this room on a 7 Night Eastern Caribbean. It is a Handicap Accessible room. There is NOT a split bath, but rather one large bathroom with a shower (no surround, just MANY drains on the floor). The room was spacious (from both HC as well as it being forward facing. The front of the room slopes forward. My 6'4" husband hit his head a few times by the couch and small porthole window. Less storage space than normal room (around the desk area, but it wasn't an issue). Definitely could feel the boat rocking. Very noticeable, but not bothersome. GREAT room. We will definitely book gain

Review by: krisgils33
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 7500 Condition: 5
Deck: 7 Category: 9A Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 01/27/12   

Notes: The date we sailed is actually 1/27/13, but the drop down menu only goes to 2012. We loved this room. Tons of extra space due to it being accessible. The differences are that the bathroom is not split, the door is automatic, and due to the room configuration, the top bunk and couch/bed are not over one another. With the bunk down, it does take up some extra space and was a little inconvenient, but not too bad. It was in a super quiet location, the window overlooks the front of the ship. No problems with the bathroom, no issues with water from the shower (the drains totally did their job!). Since I don't think any of the staterooms have enough space for my stuff, I wouldn't say this room had any less. Overall, we loved this room and would stay in it again, although we normally do a verandah room.

Review by: tweidner
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 7500 Condition: 5
Deck: 7 Category: 8 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 06/26/11   

Notes: This was a handicap accessible room. The bathroom was not split, however it was quite large. There was no curb around the shower and at first I was concerned that the floor would always be wet. This was not the case, drains were strategically placed and the floor did not get wet. The only problem with the bathroom was the lack of shelves for storage. There was only a vanity top which was not very large. The room was large by comparison to our friends (same category). There was a lot of room to move around. We never felt cramped with four of us in the room. The porthole was slanted which did not make for a great view. We looked out over the front of the ship and the outside of Vibe. When we booked the cruise there were only guaranteed state rooms available. When we were assigned the handicap room (No one in our party is handicapped), I was concerned I wouldn't like the room. This was not the case. We loved this room because of the additional space and wold love another handicap room.

Review by: Jusacuz
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 7500 Condition: 4
Deck: 7 Category: 9C Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 02/26/11   

Notes: This is a handicap accessible room. It is also an obstructed porthole in the very forward of the ship. Very spacious room and the "obstructed" view was fine. I could see the ocean & the teen pool area. Convenient to get to Quiet Cove and the Walt Disney Theater. I didn't like that the door was automatic (for wheelchairs) and couldn't be deactivated for guests that don't need that feature. Quite a bit of noise when arriving/leaving port and during rough weather.

Review by: richnkatholly
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 7500 Condition: 5
Deck: 7 Category: 8 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 01/07/05   

Notes: SOOOO private and so quiet. Great views, totally unobstructed. We were right before the door to the officer's cabins so there was very little traffic around the area of our room which was great. No hall noise at all. I would ask for this room again if we weren't going to a cat 4 this time around.

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