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Martha's Vineyard Lounge

Martha's Vineyard Lounge Information
Food/Dining Type: Lounge
Location: Beach Club / Next to Cape May Cafe
Reservations: Not Accepted
Hours: 5:30pm- 12:00am
Disney Dining Plan: NO
Tables in Wonderland: YES
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Martha's Vineyard Lounge Reviews
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Full service bar adjacent to the Cape May Cafe.

Martha's Vineyard Lounge MENU

NOTE: All menu items/prices are subject to change

If you have menu discrepancies or corrections, please let us know
NOTE: * Indicates buffet item and cost represents total cost of buffet.
Menu is subject to change.

Snack (Updated: 09/14)
    Selection of After Dinner Drinks - Choose from Starbucks Soother, Baileys & Coffee, Mudslide Martini, or Vanilla Russian. Prices vary
    Selection of Beer - Featuring Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, O'Doul's (non-alcoholic), Corona, Corona Light, Stella Artois, Heineken, Hefeweizen, Wild Hop Lager, Michelob Amber & Ultra, and Budweiser Select. Price varies with each beer.
    Selection of Beverages For All Ages - Choose from Lava Smoothie, Blackberry Lemonade, Blueberry Smoothie, Sour Apple Freeze, or Orange Cream Freeze. Prices vary.
    Selection of Disney Resort Drinks - Featuring the Hamakaze from Tokyo Disneyland Resort, the Rockstar Martini from the Disneyland Resort, Zen-chanted Green Tea from Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, '53 Coco Cadillac from the Disney Cruise Line, Le Stravinsky from the Disneyland Paris Resort, and Extreme Tea from the ESPN Zone. Prices vary
    Selection of Margaritas - Choose from Grand Margarita, Patron Platinum Margarita, Cactus Pear Margarita, Passion Fruit Margarita, or Patron Pama-rita. Prices vary.
    Selection of Martinis - Choose from Cactus Pear Cosmo, Skyy Berry, Ultimate Lemon Drop, Absolut Apple Martini, or French Cosmo. Prices vary.
    Selection of Natural Drinks - Choose from Blueberry Cosmo, Zen-tini, Blackberry Spiked Lemonade, Iced Chai Tea Latte, Pomegranate Cosmo, or Wild Hop Organic Beer. Prices vary.
    Selection of Non-Alcoholic Beverages - Featuring Evian bottled water, Rockstar energy drink, Gold Peak green tea, Gold Peak lemon tea, and Godiva Belgian blends French vanilla latte. Prices vary.
    Selection of Rumba Drinks - Choose from Mojito, Captain's Rum Runner, Pineapple Mojito, Limbo, Raspberry Mojito, or Trinidad Punch. Prices vary.
    Selection of Seasonal Sensations - Choose from the Pumpkin Spice Martini, Carnival Candy Apple, Spiked Chai Tea, Pumpkin Spice Freeze, Sam Adams Octoberfest, or Sam Adams Winter Lager. Price varies with each drink. Subject to change without notice.
    Selection of Teas & Lemonades - Choose from Long Island Iced Tea, Raspberry Lemonade, Long Beach Iced Tea, Poolside Lemonade, or Raspberry Iced Tea. Prices vary.
    Selection of Tropical Drinks - Choose from Pina Colava, Blueberry Colada, Sour Apple Chiller, Bahama Mama, Orange Dream, Southern Hurricane, Captain's Mai Tai, Passion Fruit Mai Tai or Sunken Treasure ($7.50). Prices vary.
    Selection of Wine - Choose from 12 different red and white wines. Prices vary.
    The Blue "Glow-Tini" - Inspired by the Year of a Million Dreams: Skyy citrus vodka, Peach schnapps, Blue curacao, sweet-and-sour, and pineapple juice with a sugared rim and souvenir blue glow cube. Price upon request.
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