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The Timekeeper

Opened: November 1994
Closed: February 26, 2006

The Circle-Vision 360 theatre is home to the popular 20-minute time travel journey with the Timekeeper. The voice of the Audio-animatronic host Timekeeper is supplied by Robin Williams, and fans of the hit TV series Cheers, may recognize Rhea Perlman as his camera-droid sidekick, 9-Eyes. 9-Eyes is aptly named because of the nine cameras that provide guests with the sights on the nine screens that surround them in the circular theatre.

The premise here is that 9_Eye is the time machine test pilot and we accompany her on her journey that begins in pre-historic Europe, and continues on into the future. There is an encounter with Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. You get to observe geniuses like Mozart and da Vinci at work, as well as see incredible views such as that from a hot air balloon over Red Square and fly down 1200 meter bobsled run at 60 miles per hour.

The ride is most popular with adults as children may not appreciate the history and camera work involved.

Handicapped Accessibility: This attraction is wheelchair accessible. For hearing impaired guests, assistive listening devices are available at Guest Services. For guests who are deaf, Reflective Captioning is available, ask the Cast Member at the outside entrance for assistance.

Fun Facts: The Circle-Vision 360 Theater first hosted “America the Beautiful” from November ‘71 thru March ‘74 and from March ’75 thru September ‘84. In between was “Magic Carpet Round the World” from March ‘74 thru March ‘85. Next came “American Journeys” from September ‘84 thru January ‘94 and finally Timekeeper opened in ‘94, going seasonal from 4/01 on.

The Timekeeper originally debuted at Disneyland Paris.