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Disney World Parking

Disney World Theme Park Parking

Disney World Theme Park Parking

When driving to Walt Disney World and visiting the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom, you can expect to pay the following Disney World parking fees:

$17.00 - Car/Taxi/Shuttle/Limousine/Motorcycle
$18.00 - Camper/Trailer

$21.00 - Bus/Tractor Trailer

With the exception of the Magic Kingdom, all of the Disney World parking is outside the main entrance to the theme park.

At the Magic Kingdom, the lot is located at the Ticket and Transportation Center. Once you park here, you will need to take either the Monorail or the Ferry to the Magic Kingdom.

The Disney World parking lots are HUGE. Fortunately, you aren't expected to start your park visit with a marathon run to the entrance. There are trams that are constantly in use to get you from the lot to the entrance.

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WHERE YOU PARKED. You don't want to end your day by wandering through a parking lot among a sea of cars that look exactly like yours. (This is especially "fun" if you rented a car and barely remember anything other than what color it is.)





Thanks to DISer Denise for the following suggestion:
TIP: If you forget the section that you parked in, let the tram driver know the approximate time that you arrived. Based on that info, they should be able to direct you to the section that you are in.

WATERPARKS - There is no fee when parking at the water parks, but there's also no parking tram. Be prepared to walk if you arrive later and get a spot that's further out.

DOWNTOWN DISNEY - There is no fee when parking at the Marketplace, West Side or Pleasure Island. (Note that there are no shuttles to the theme parks from this location.)

ESPN WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS - There is no fee for parking here.  (Note that there are no shuttles to the theme parks from this location.)


  • Walt Disney World Resort Guests
  • Annual Passholders
Valet Parking at Disney World

Valet Parking is offered at all of the Disney Deluxe Resorts.  The cost is $20 per car.  Once you've paid for valet parking, you are allowed to use it at any deluxe resort that day by showing your receipt. 

Valet Parking is FREE for the following:

  • Tables in Wonderland cardholders with an Advance Dining Reservation at the resort where they are valet parking
  • All guests who have a current handicap license plate/tag

Valet parking is not free for DVC members.

Tipping is appropriate and customary for valet parking.

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