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The primary source of recreation at Animal Kingdom Lodge is its 11,000 square foot pool.  Located off the Uzima Savannah, the pool has many places to explore.  There are two-eighteen person hot tubs located on either side of the pool.  Between them is small playground, and a small alcove that overlooks the Flamingo area of the Uzima Savannah.  Often times at night, you will find Thompson's Gazelles and/or Zebra in this area, drinking from the watering hole.

The pool area is expansive, with an abundance of lounges surrounding all areas of the pool.  There is also a fairly good sized pool bar as well.

The Zahanati Spa offers many different services to soothe the savage vacationing beast. Everything from skin care treatments, body treatments and massages are available. Combine those with a fitness and aerobics center and stress has no refuge in this savannah. Their skin care services panders to the entire family. Mom can have the European Aromatherapy Facial, customized for every skin type, which includes exotic aromas, and herbal treatments' that deep clean and relax every pore on your face. All the while dad discovers his personal oasis for savannah (razor) burnt skin in the Gentlemen's Facial: a facial skin treatment specifically designed for men in need of relief from the irritation that shaving "vacationers' style" produces. And why not bring the kids along for this safari? Since they've probably spent most of their vacation playing in the pool and not applying sun block their faces may be in worse shape than anyone's in the family.

My First Facial is designed to give kids 10-14 years of age the ins and outs of basic skin care, so while they may not listen to Mom and Dad about the sun block before their treatment, they may afterwards. If skin care isn't what you are in the mood for then you may want to take advantage of the body treatments. The three different treatments that they offer rely on the healing properties of materials specific to each treatment.

The Journey Rejuvenation is specifically designed for the safari weary. Let essential oils and mineral rich clays calm and nourish your psyche and physique. The Paraffin Body Masque is perfect for sun burnt or sun dried skin. The oils that are applied to you are wrapped in a paraffin envelope to replenish and hydrate your skin. One last treatment is available as a body treatment and it is all-inclusive. The Aromatherapy Massage & Body Wrap combines as essential oils massage with a warm compress body wrap to encourage your body to assimilate the oils; top it all off with a scalp massage. Finally to round out the offerings available at Zahanati Spa you have three different massage treatments to choose from. A Swedish Massage is conducted with the classic long strokes and kneading techniques to soothe aching muscles. A Sports Massage utilizes a few different techniques from trained therapists along with deep heat to penetrate and relieve deep down stress and bring relaxation to a whole new level with either a moderate or firm touch. And finally you can opt to have the Aromatherapy Massage, which combines the relaxation of a massage with the therapeutic and revitalization nature of pure essential oils.

Here is a price list of the spa options described above which will aid you on your quest to find your inner oasis:

*In room service will cost an extra $20.00

Fitness Center 1 Day Membership: $15.00 Individual Length of Stay: $25.00 Family Length of Stay: $45.00 1 hour Personal Training Session: $50.00