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Renovated Rooms Review
by Kevin Klose (4/12/06)
DIS Content Editor

It has finally happened. Disney's Contemporary Resort is once again “contemporary”.

In viewing the new rooms at Disney's Contemporary Resort, one word kept coming to mind…..hip.

Contemporary ResortThe new décor at the iconic hotel is very current and modern. You would not be surprised to see any of the new furnishings in a designer showroom. These rooms look like something you would find in an expensive New York City boutique hotel.

In the tower building, even the outside walls are getting a makeover. Between each room, there is a dark wood piece accented with horizontal bands of silver. A small piece of art is highlighted. It looks elegant.

Contemporary ResortThe rooms are very well designed. Besides the bed (or beds) there is a pull out sofa, a very sleek armoire with a plasma television and a work space with a great chair. The head boards are padded and almost reach the ceiling. The colors are rich, soothing earth tones.

While Disney's description of this new look states that there is an “Asian influence”, I myself don’t see it.  I think I see more of an art deco or streamlined influence, without any of it looking period or old fashioned.  Think of a 1930’s movie bedroom but with all the modern conveniences and no hint of anything not “of the moment”. These rooms are very current and appealing. I think the highest compliment I can give is that I would love for my home to look like this.

Contemporary ResortThe bathrooms have also been redesigned. Besides being well laid out and functional, they too look like a magazine lay out. There are two low slung square white sinks, new wallpaper and very cool lighted mirrors. They are cool because you see no lights until you turn the switch on. The lights are part of the actual mirror. It’s all very Disney.

I was told that Disney expects all of the rooms to be completed by the end of 2006

Some other interesting news (which the DIS told you months ago):

  1. The Contemporary Resort is on a “five year plan” with all renovations being completed in that time frame.
  2. The Grand Canyon Concourse will be getting a new look with the Food and Fun Center being relocated there. It will take the place of one of the stores.
  3. The area currently occupied by the Food and Fun Center will be redone and turned into an upscale dining establishment. (This is great news as the Food and Fun center is a bit institutional. It has a “hospital cafeteria” feel.)
  4. The uncomfortable ( and very low) furniture in the lobby will be replaced during the renovation
  5. The California Grill is the only place on property where you can see all of the four park icons (Cinderella’s Castle, Spaceship Earth, Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat and the Tree of Life) from one location
With this new renovation, Disney's Contemporary Hotel will return to its former glory. It will once again be a true masterpiece.

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