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For those who are members of Disney Vacation Club, you have the option to use your DVC points for other vacations, like Adventures by Disney. With that said, you'd better have A LOT of points - and I mean - A LOT.

For example, a California Backstage Magic vacation through ABD using DVC points will set you back anywhere from 341 points per adult to 421 points per adult (depending on season). This is for one of the shortest trips that ABD offers (6 days / 5 nights).If you decide you want China, that's going to set you back anywhere from 758 - 820 points per adult (depending on season).

Now, if you have 1000 points a year,this might be a viable option, but for many people, this would consume a large number of points.

While this is not scientific in any way, the average 'DVC point' rents for about $10 on our DVC Rent/Trade board. Using that measuring stick, 341 points for an adult in value season for a Backstage Magic tour would be about $3400. When you consider that the tour itself costs about $2400 per adult in value season - you can see the kind of premium you're paying for using points.

Of course, the above example uses a very basic (and admittedly un-scientific) method of calculating the value of 'points'. You must factor in your vacation plans (if you're not planning to use your DVC points for a few years, ABD would be as good an option as any to spend them on) - also, you pay the value of your points overtime, which might make an otherwise unaffordable vacation possible.

For example, that trip to China: You could use points to pay for one adult fare on that trip, and pay cash for the other. Your cash outlay is greatly reduced and a trip that otherwise would have been out of reach may be a bit closer.

As with anything regarding DVC and points, it's a decision thats influenced largely on your individual needs, upcoming plans and where and how you like to vacation.

DVC includes the following caveats when booking Adventures by Disney using points:

*One reservation point is equivalent to one allotted vacation point. Reservation points established for convenience of reference only. Travel time necessary to reach a given destination is not included in calculating trip lengths. Certain trips may begin early on the first day of the itinerary and may end late on the last day. Airfare to and from destination is not included. Members should contact Member Services for additional information, including trip components, details about overnight accommodations required before and after itinerary dates, gratuities, additional surcharges, etc. Members receive the full terms and conditions of this program, including applicable fees and restrictions, in the Member Benefits Guide. Please review them carefully before booking any of these travel options. Program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Please see “Booking Guidelines” in the “Making Reservations” section and “Changing or Cancelling Reservations” in the “Managing Reservations” section for important booking window and cancellation guidelines.


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