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Dave is known all too well about his fondness for taking vacations at Walt Disney World with his wife and 3 children! As a prior U.S. Air Force veteran, he is unashamed to also share his Disney experiences with fellow veterans. He and his family currently live near Charlotte, NC.

Top 3 Best Deluxe Resorts for Families with Small Children


  Okay, I know you’re probably wondering, “Wait, I thought all resort hotels in Walt Disney World were good for families with small children?” The next question that is coming to […]

Top 3 Ways Walt Disney World Honors U.S. Military Veterans


Walt Disney World has always been uniquely American with its patriotism.  When Walt first designed the resort, the Magic Kingdom was going to resemble Disneyland and have architectural cues from its California counterpart on its Main Street, U.S.A. depicting […]