Author: Jodie Fransen

Why Splash Mountain is the BEST Disney Attraction!

Everyone has a Disney attraction they think is the best, along with a variety of reasons to support their choice.  But my favorite, Splash Mountain, has the distinction of actually […]

Which Disneyland Resort Hotel is Right For You?

So you’re going to Disneyland!  One of the big decisions to be made is, of course, where to stay.  If you’re used to Walt Disney World, you will find similarities […]

What Makes a “Perfect” Disney Vacation?

Early in December, I had a perfect trip to Walt Disney World.  Yes, I used the ‘p’ word.  According to my trusty online dictionary, the definition of perfect is “having […]

Thinking About the Relative Cost of Disney…

Seems like it happens every year — sometimes twice — Disney raises ticket prices.  This event might be right up there in predictability with death and taxes (and, I would […]

Life Through the Disney Lens

What is it about Disneyland? I’ve asked myself this question a lot, and especially as I’ve gotten older and some grown-up portion of my mind tells me I’m too old […]