Author: Johanna Beaven

I’m an avid Disney fan and film studies graduate from the United Kingdom who will talk Disney all day. It was my dream to one day work in Walt Disney World and I was lucky enough to make this a reality by participating on the International College Program in 2017. I can safely say it was the best experience ever! My goal in life is to visit each Disney park across the world and I now spend my days planning vacations to get back to the magic at every possible opportunity — who doesn’t love a good Disney planning spreadsheet?!

Who Remembers the Year of a Million Dreams?

Back in October 2006, Disney launched a very exciting promotion called Year of a Million Dreams and in true Disney fashion, it lasted for, wait for it, a massive 27 […]

The Rise and Fall of the Disney Vinylmation

Calling all Vinylmation fans out there. Dust off your “Chasers” and come forth from the darkened depths, as this one is for you. Over the years Disney has produced a […]

The Art of Disney’s Trash Cans

They’re ever present in the background of your Disney vacation photos. They’re a vital necessity to a pleasant guest experience. They’re the backbone of cleanliness. Yet, they’re barely noticed. The […]

The Juice With Many Names at Walt Disney World

You may have heard of the popular Jungle Juice from your dining experiences in Walt Disney World. You may also know it as Stitch Juice, Moonshine Juice, or just simply […]

How to Become an Honorary Disney Historian

Are you always spurting Disney facts to your family? Are you bursting with pointless trivia about Mickey Mouse? Or maybe you want to improve your Disney knowledge to impress your […]

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