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Pacific Wharf Cafe Information
Food/Dining Type: Quick Service
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,
Location: California Adventure / Pacific Wharf
Reservations: Not Accepted
Hours: Varies with park hours
Menu: Pacific Wharf Cafe Menu

Grab a premade sandwich or soup in a fresh sourdough bowl, then grab a table in the shared outdoor seating area.

Pacific Wharf Cafe MENU

NOTE: All menu items/prices are subject to change

NOTE: * Indicates buffet item and cost represents total cost of buffet.
Menu is subject to change.

Lunch / Dinner
    Baked Potato Soup - Served in a fresh sourdough bread bowl - $11.49
    Broccoli and Cheese Soup - Served in a fresh sourdough bread bowl - $11.49
    Chicken, Apple & Walnut Salad - Tender chicken breast, crisp apples, celery and walnuts in a honey-lemon dressing served on top of fresh greens - $11.49
    Chinese Chicken Salad - Diced chicken, fresh greens, wontons, almonds, carrots, sesame seeds, scallions, with a soy ginger dressing. - $11.49
    Clam Chowder - Served in a fresh sourdough bread bowl - $11.49
Entree/Main Course
    Mac 'n' Cheese - in a bread bowl - $11.49
    Turkey Pesto Club - Sliced turkey, crispy bacon, swiss cheese and pesto aioli on sourdough - $9.99
    Seasonal Bread Pudding - Currently: Cookies and cream cheesecake filling topped with raspberry sauce, whipped cream, and cookie crumbles - $5.49
    Beer - Trumer Pils - $9.25
    Bottled Water - - $3.99
    Chocolate Milk - - $3.49
    Fountain Beverage - Regular $3.99 Large $4.49 (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid Light, Iced Tea) - $3.99
    Hot Beverage - Coffee (regular or decaf), hot tea, or hot cocoa - $3.19
    Juice Box - - $1.99
    Milk - - $1.99
    Travel Mug - Includes fountain beverage time of purchase - $8.49

If you have menu discrepancies or corrections, please let us know