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My favorite bathrooms in Disneyland Park


By Tom Bell

I know it's kinda silly to say, but those of us that spend a lot of time at the Disneyland Resort have our favorite bathrooms...or at the very least our least favorite.  We are, of course, happy to share that information to anyone who will listen.  Annual Passholders are nice like that.

So, what makes a good bathroom?  Is it clean?  Is it busy?  How big is it?  How crowded is it?

I'll look at those questions and others as we go through the bathrooms of Disneyland Park and will try my best to avoid any bathroom humor along the way.

Main Street USA

  • Town Square, near City Hall - fairly small and always busy
  • Town Square, behind the Disneyana/Disney Gallery - even smaller, but usually not quite as busy
  • Carnation Cafe, behind the restaurant half-way down Main Street - fairly small, but usually quiet
  • Plaza Inn, on the Tomorrowland side between the restaurant and Star Tours - very small and busy, usually a line
  • Tour Guide Gardens - hidden, but if you can find it and it's open, it's usually empty



Mickey's ToonTown

  • Near Goofy's Gas Station - moderately small, not too busy


Critter Country

  • On the lower level of Hungry Bear - large, and only moderately busy

New Orleans Square

  • Near the train station in the far corner behind French Market - large, but always crowed inside and out
  • Inside Blue Bayou - for restaurant guests only


  • At the entrance to Adventureland - large, but usually busy
  • In the waiting area for the Tiki Room - very small, but seldom used
  • Inside Aladdin's Oasis - seldom used, but not always open

Whew!  That's a lot of bathrooms (and no bathroom humor at all).

Now let's talk favorites and advice.

The ones on the lower seating level of Hungry Bear Restaurant are large, not very busy and there are tables and chairs outside for those that are waiting, but they are in Critter Country, so unless you're in the area already, it doesn't make sense to make a special trip.

In Tomorrowland, unless you've just come off Space Mountain, it's better to head to the bathrooms near Autopia.  You'll almost have the place to yourself.

On Main Street, I always choose the ones behind the Disneyana shop.  They're only slightly less busy than the ones near City Hall, but I think this might just be a habit.   The ones behind Carnation Cafe are a good option for guys, but there's often a line on the ladies' side.

If you're in Frontierland, Cast Members may direct you to the bathroom in Adventureland, but while smaller, the ones at Rancho del Zoncalo may be a better option.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the ones in Fantasyland.

Now let's talk about which ones to avoid.

I'm not sure what it is about that bathroom in New Orleans Square, but it always seems crowed and dirty, with a mass of humanity waiting outside.

The bathroom near the Plaza Inn is so small, there's usually a line in the men's room.  It's also very difficult to move around in the sink area.

I'm sure some of these opinions are biased due to my gender, but at least it gives you some idea...plus now you have a complete list of all of the bathrooms in Disneyland Park.  Impress your friends. I did it!  No bathroom humor.