Disneyland Resort Tips, Hints and Secrets

(Provided by the Dreams Unlimited Travel Disneyland Agents)

The address of the Disneyland Resort is 1313 N. Harbor Blvd.  M is the 13th letter, so Mickey Mouse (MM) lives at 1313.

The breakfast at the Steakhouse 55 is an excellent meal for the price.  Dinner is very expensive, but the breakfast options are very reasonable and enough to share. They serve breakfast until 11:30.

If you board the monorail in Downtown Disney, you must disembark when you arrive in Tomorrowland.  If you board in Tomorrowland, they will let you make the round trip.

Take some time to sit for a while in Downtown Disney and ‘people watch’.  The different restaurants sometimes offer samples of a few of their menu items around 4 - 4:30pm on different days.

There is a great ‘hidden’ area at the Grand Californian Resort.  It’s outdoors, has a fire pit and is a great place to relax and escape the craziness of the parks. The fire place in the lobby is also a nice spot, particularly when there’s live piano music in the background.

Use FastPass as much as you can

Do one section of the park at a time; do everything located there, then move to the next area.  Try to avoid "running" from one end of the park to do one thing and then clear over to the other side to do something else.

Pick out your spot for parade/fireworks then take turns holding your place. One of you can shop, get snacks, etc, then relieve the other(s).

Speaking of picking spots, notice where the poles go for the ropes for parades and position yourself near the 'line' on the street or sidewalk

If there is a 2nd show of Fantasmic or parade, watch the later one  which is often less crowded

If you’ve seen the parade or simply aren’t interested in viewing it, hit a big attraction or two or do some serious shopping while it’s going on.

When shopping have your purchases sent to Will Call at the front of the park and pick it up on your way out. (This tip only works if you’re going to stay in the parks for a few more hours.)

Check out the park guide/daily schedule to see where/when the characters are going to be.

It is very easy to park hop between the Disneyland Park and California Adventure. The entrances are right across from each other and you don’t have to go through security again.

Don't miss the Storybook Land Cruise - the miniatures are fantastic.

Don’t miss The Walt Disney Story that features Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

For a place to relax or cool off - Main Street Cinema

Dining - Don't miss Blue Bayou.  They have a great Monte Cristo sandwich.

The Sun Wheel at California Adventure offers 2 gondolas - stationary ones that do not rock and the swinging ones.  There are 2 lines so pick the right one.

The Tiki room was originally planned to be a restaurant so it was designed with restrooms.

Guests can use their FastPass anytime after the return time, so don't get rid of them if you’re running late.

The rooftop pool at Paradise Pier Hotel offers a nice spot for guests to watch the fireworks, and they pipe the music in. 

For the Aladdin show – sit in the back section of the Orchestra seating -- first row right on the aisle.  You get a fantastic view of the show, and the Prince Ali parade passes right in front of you. It's great.

Jedi Academy -- children who wear something that’s eye-catching or who make a small sign are more likely to get picked.

Woody's Roundup -- wonderful place to relax and let the young ones unwind. During Halloween and Christmas there are crafts as well as cookie decorating while characters visit and entertain you. 

Mark Twain Steamboat - Ask the captain if you can help steer the ship – If you do you’ll get a souvenir certificate

One of the most beautiful picture spots in Disneyland - Court of Angels (name is in French) in New Orleans Square.

Here's a good spot to watch the fireworks on a crowded night. Go up on the train station platform and stand behind the preferred seating benches.  The people there have to sit, & you'll have a panoramic view of the fireworks show. (Plan on staking your spot early.)

Flag Retreat Ceremony -- although this on in the Disneyland itinerary sheet, it's not really touted. This is a must-do at least once a trip, particularly if you have a member who's been a part of the armed services as they are honored there.

Rancho del Zocalo -- good food, hardly ever crowded

Learn the number to Disney dining - you can usually make same day priority seating arrangements. (714-781-3463, option 4)

People looking for a healthier treat - next to the Jungle Cruise, there is a little outdoor market with healthy treats/fresh fruit, etc.

Snow White Wishing Well - such a romantic spot.  Every 15-20 minutes or so, the song "I'm Wishing" plays and the well echoes the song -- such a pretty spot.

There is a unisex, one person bathroom that only a few people know about - this is in Carnation Plaza, near the breezeway to the Zocalo Restaurant.  It is tucked in the corner near the cast member exit to the backstage area, and is usually empty -- great find when the parks are really busy. 

Downtown Disney - Jazz Kitchen is a great spot to have dinner in the evenings.  If you eat downstairs, you can watch the jazz band perform - no extra charge.

There is a rental car agency at Downtown Disney for guests who want to get away for a day and would like their own transportation.

This is kind of a well-known secret for the DL fan -- at the top of the Matterhorn (inside) is a half-court basketball court for the climbers to use while hanging out after climbing up the Matterhorn.

Snow White Adventure in Fantasyland -- if you touch the brass apple that is at the entrance to the attraction there will be a loud clap of thunder and the witch will cackle with laughter.