Fun things to do at the Disneyland Resort
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The Disneyland Resort has a lot of details that many people overlook. Some guests are so busy that they just don’t take the time to enjoy the little things that make the Disneyland Resort so magical. These items were compiled from suggestions made by people who love to go to Disneyland. Check off º as you find each item just for the fun of it.

º Have a churro
º Eat some freshly made candy
º Get a bread bowl with soup, chili or gumbo (the bread is made fresh at California Adventure)
º Have something for breakfast that you would normally never have—like an ice cream cone!
º Press a penny (There are over 50 machines and it costs 50 cents to press a penny – makes a nice little souvenir collection)
º Spend time watching the villain characters interacting with the guests.
º Enjoy some Disneyland Resort popcorn.
º Look at whomever you are with during the "black light" portions of the dark rides & see how you glow in the dark.
º Talk to the Cast Members when you are standing in line or waiting for a parade.
º Try the frozen lemonade


º Get to Disneyland early one day so you’re right by the rope at the end of Main Street for rope drop. When they finally drop the rope and let everyone in, dash ahead to the Partners statue. Turn around and watch the mass of people coming toward you.
º Stop at Main Street City Hall for a birthday sticker if it is your birthday.
º Look at the Petrified Tree in Frontierland by the Rivers of America
º While in line for Peter Pan, watch the window above Snow White. You will see the wicked queen come out. Wave to her.
º Sit and watch the ducks in Rivers of America and imagine what it is like to live at Disneyland
º Check out the little characters that are in the outdoor popcorn carts turning the popcorn. Each land and popcorn cart has a different one.
º At the Market store on Main Street there are old phones. Pick one up and listen to the party line.
º Watch the flag retreat ceremony at dusk in Town Square.
º Go to the Disney Gallery & enjoy the artwork
º Touch the brass apple at the entrance to Snow White.
º Look for the old witch in the cage at the Let Bat en Rouge in New Orleans Square & turn the key to the cage. She will talk to you.
º Listen to the activity coming from the windows of Main Street near the lockers and New Orleans Square by the train station
º Check out the interesting things in the bazaar store in Adventureland. Find the brass lamp in the store and listen to its secrets (50 cents)
º Ask politely to ride in the caboose on the Disneyland Railroad.
º At the rope drop, dash ahead and be the first through the castle. You will feel just like Walt must have, strolling all alone through the archway of the castle in the morning.
º Enjoy a Dole Whip by the Tiki Room
º Enter Disneyland through the left tunnel the first time through
º Enter Disneyland through the right tunnel the second time through
º Enjoy a teriyaki stick at Bengal Barbecue at Adventureland
º Get a coke at Coke Corner, sit back and listen to the piano tunes.
º Go on Pirates of the Caribbean on a weekday night. It is a different experience when there is no other boat in the same room.
º Go to the hat shop in Fantasyland. Check out the mirror on the back wall. Watch carefully.
º Turn the 1000 pound marble ball floating on water by Space Mountain
º Keep a close eye out for Disneyland cats
º Knock on the door of the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain and ask politely if you can ride up there.
º Drink a mint julep at New Orleans Square
º Check out the Windows on Main Street – Look for Ron Dominguez Orange Grove – Walt Disney bought the land for Disneyland from his father & he worked for Disneyland
º Look for the horseshoe prints in the ground in Frontierland
º Shoot at targets in the Shooting Gallery
º Play with the interactive elements on Tarzan’s Treehouse

Disneyland (Continued)

º Start your day at the Blue Ribbon Bakery on Main Street. Grab a latte and then go to the porch across Main Street and sit in the rocking chairs. Relax and people watch.
º Look at the reflection of the castle in the moat at night.
º Look for the abominable snowman’s footprint around the Matterhorn.
º Look for the brass spike in the ground. (Hint: Somewhere in Fantasyland near the castle)
º Make a wish at Snow White’s wishing well; listen for her singing.
º Read the dedication plaque at Town Square.
º Ride the following at night for a different experience:  Casey Jr.,  Splash Mtn,  Matterhorn,  Autopia,  Storybook Land Canal Boats,  Jungle Cruise,  Thunder Mtn RR
º Check out the light in Walt’s apartment above the Fire Department on Main Street
º Spend time in Toon Town: open the mailboxes, drink some Goofy water, pull on knobs and take in the silly architecture.
º Stroll through the park at night when the twinkle lights come on.
º Take a ride down Main Street on any of the vehicles.
º Try to pull the Sword out of the Stone
º Use the prince/princess bathrooms in Fantasyland and feel royal.
º Visit Walt and Mickey’s statue at the hub. Look for Walt’s Mickey ring
º Walk around the back way from Fantasyland going left which circles around back by Big Thunder Mountain
º Watch the black and white Mickey short cartoons at Main Street Cinema.
º Find Jingles the lead horse on King Arthur’s Carrousel
º Find the address 33 at New Orleans Square – that is the entrance to the exclusive Club 33 (membership required)
º Ride the Columbia Ship and go down below to the crews’ quarters to check out the museum down there
º Find the hidden treasure in the caves at Tom Sawyers Island

California Adventure

º Visit the River Creek Challenge Trail area next to Grizzly River Run at California Adventure, especially if you have small children.
º In Flik’s Fun Fair, look for the four-leaf clover.
º Take time for the sourdough bread tour.
º When you ride Soarin’ ask the CM if you could ride in the front row
º Sit in Paradise Park, munch a corn dog and watch Screamin’ launch across the Bay.
º Take in some of the Animation Building.
º Go to Off the Page store and look for the characters who’ve escaped off the pages. They’re all around the store
º Watch Five & Dime or the Red Car Trolley Newsboys on Buena Vista Street
º Check out the symbols in the Sorcerer’s Workshop at the Animation Building – Find Walt Disney’s picture. Look at the details in the Beast’s library and watch the picture for a change.

Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney

º Take the free Arts & Crafts Tour at the Grand Californian Hotel
º Check out the street performers in Downtown Disney at night.
º Check out the memorabilia in the main building of the Disneyland Hotel.
º Look for Hidden Mickey’s at the Grand Californian Grand Lobby
º Relax to the piano player in the Grand Californian’s Great Hall.
º Learn about the macaws and cockatoos in front of the Rainforest Café
º Watch a movie at the AMC Theaters

_____ Number of random things done just for fun