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Top 5 things that are better at Disneyland than at Walt Disney World


By Tom Bell

Bigger isn't always better and while Walt Disney's original theme park is smaller, it still has the advantage over its East-coast counterpart in a few key areas. Let's take a look at the top 5 things that are better at Disneyland.

1. Proximity

The entrances to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure face each other, just a couple hundred feet apart, which makes park hopping a breeze. Downtown Disney is just a few steps away, on the way to the three Resort Hotels, which are also just a short walk away. Even many of the off-property Good Neighbor Hotels and eateries can be reached with just a short walk. Everything is just so close at Disneyland.

2. Attractions

While arguments can be made about some attractions, there is usually no argument that the Disneyland versions of several attractions are much better than their Magic Kingdom counterparts, including Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a Small World and my personal favorite, Space Mountain. Also, Disneyland still has some attractions that no longer exist in Florida, including Snow White's Scary Adventure and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. You'll also find things that are exclusive to California, including the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Storybook Land Canal Boats and Casey Jr. Circus Train. Fantasyland is jam-packed full of classic attractions.

3. Counter Service

Over the last few years, with each passing refurbishment, the counter service options at the Disneyland Resort have vastly improved. There are no longer several restaurants serving the same tired burgers & fries or chicken strips.  Each counter service restaurant has a unique and varied menu From the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich at Hungry Bear Restaurant to the Chicken Sausage in a Pretzel Roll at Village Haus, you generally can't go wrong with counter service at Disneyland.


4. "The Hollywood Factor"

You'll find "The Hollywood Factor" in everything from the stage shows to the character interactions. This one is a little hard to put your finger on, but Disneyland has a definite advantage when it comes to casting with Hollywood just up the highway.

5. Walt Walked Here

This may sound a bit "snooty," but you can't discount Walt Disney's presence in Disneyland Park. Walt Disney World may be able to reduce Disneyland's advantage in any or all of the other four categories, but not this one.  The fact that Walt Disney had a hand in basically every aspect of the building of Disneyland Park and the fact that he walked down Main Street USA, posed in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and stayed in the apartment above the firehouse can never be duplicated.


I understand that most people think the first Disney Resort they visited or the one that they've been to most often is the best, but this should give some of you Walt Disney World fans a little food for thought and encouragement to at least consider the Disneyland Resort for your next Disney vacation.