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College Park is in the heart of downtown Orlando. This suburb is perfect for those looking to live right next to downtown Orlando in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.  Street names here reveal the origin of the suburb’s name: Princeton St, Yale St, and Harvard St are main roads that cut through the center of College Park.

An up-and-coming artsy neighborhood, College Park residents take pride in home ownership. Many homes are brightly colored and restored to their former glory. Modern colors and architecture are the jewels of the neighborhood. The community is anchored with a cross section of unique shops, restaurants and coffee bars. Similar to Winter Park, but without the glam.


From a map, College Park is a pie-shaped neighborhood on the west side of downtown Orlando. The neighborhood is bordered by I-4, Colonial Dr, and Orange blossom Trail, and filled with six lakes within a relatively small land area. College Park was home to famous author Jack Kerouac, and astronaut John Young.


The main intersection of Princeton St. and Edgewater Dr. is the heart of College Park, and an essential spot to discover the feel of the community. The businesses along this stretch are unique and thoughtful. Downtown Credo, a donation-based coffee shop, and Rusteak, a restaurant and wine bar, are among my favorite spots in the area.


You won’t find cookie-cutter homes anywhere near College Park. Most homes were built in the early to mid 1900s. I’ve seen homes as old as 1910 built in the area, but the large majority were constructed during the 40s and 50s. As the neighborhood has grown in popularity, so have home renovations. Most homes here are updated with modern amenities and styling, but still retain their historic charm.

Original home styles in the area are mid-century, ranch, or traditional. Some properties have been torn down and rebuilt, although this is not common. Most homes are smaller, 1-car garage ranch-style homes, as most properties were built in the 1940s.


College Park is inviting, hip, and less expensive than Winter Park.  This is a great place to live if you’re interested in downtown Orlando living with original charm. Properties have held their value well, but are still within reach. Smaller, older homes can still be found in the mid 200s,  which is difficult to say for other established neighborhoods.

Homes in this area vary widely. There’s something for everyone: small cottages to multi-million dollar homes. In this suburb, land is a hot commodity, and homes beyond repair are typically demolished with larger estates taking their place. If you’re interested in buying or selling property in Orlando or need guidance, please feel free to complete the contact form at the bottom of;  you can also find me on Instagram at @itsericgross or email me at [email protected]

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