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St.  Cloud sits on Hwy 192; the west side of St. Cloud borders Kissimmee. Over the years,  the cities of Kissimmee and St. Cloud have slowly merged together with the development of affordable land. Most visitors are familiar with the Kissimmee side, but the draw of St. Cloud is a quieter pace of life. It’s the “less-famous” city — you might even forget you’re only 30 minutes from the theme parks.


St. Cloud has a colorful past, and its development in the late 1800s and early 1900s began when plots of land were sold to Union Army veterans from the American Civil War for $50 a lot. The community was very patriotic and militant due to its clientele. Today St. Cloud celebrates its diverse population and agricultural background.

In fact, St. Cloud feels more agricultural in my opinion than almost any other suburb in Orlando. While it does have tons of subdivisions, major highways, and retail space, its rich history of cattle ranching is alive and well today. St. Cloud is located on the southeastern side of Orlando. Beyond St. Cloud there are ranches, swampland, and acreage aplenty.

While most Orlando suburbs average an hour-and-10-minute commute to the beach, St. Cloud is only 45 minutes away from Melbourne. If proximity to the beach is important, consider East Orlando neighborhoods like Lee Vista, Lake Nona, and St. Cloud. Orlando is closer to beaches on the east (Atlantic) side of the state.


The St. Cloud Lakefront it a great place to walk your dog or rollerblade with beautiful views. It’s my favorite part of St. Cloud. While Historic Downtown St. Cloud is in need of repair, this area has lots of historic buildings. There is even a movie theater with two theaters built in the early 1900s that is still in operation today.


The median sold home price in 2018 for St. Cloud is $220,000, one of the lowest home prices in Orlando. This area caters well to those looking for land or a homestead, without pretense. That being said, most newer homes in St. Cloud are built in subdivisions with small- to medium-sized lots. My favorite neighborhoods include Canoe Creek Woods and the Villas Del Castillo.

The Narcoossee Road area has flourished over time. In the last 10 years, I’ve watched this area of St. Cloud turn from rural to almost completely built out with beautiful homes and subdivisions. Many builders jumped at the opportunity of vacant land close to 417. This section of town is the perfect spot to enjoy the amenities of Lake Nona with a price tag closer to St. Cloud.

Look at this cutie! St. Cloud is a great place to find a home under the Orlando median home price.


St. Cloud is the place to go if you want to get away from hustle and bustle. It’s a quieter residential town with a slower pace. Homes are reasonably priced. Apart from being a little over half an hour from Disney, there’s not much going on here — which is an amenity in its own right. If you’re interested in buying or selling property in Orlando or need guidance, please feel free to complete the contact form at the bottom of; you can also find me on instagram at @itsericgross or email me at [email protected]

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