Sexual Battery Charges Dropped Against Disney Cruise Line Magician


Charges against Canadian citizen Andrew Pogson, who performs as a magician under the name “Freddy Fusion”, have been dropped by prosecutors. According to the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office the sexual battery case could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Pogson was charged in February of 2016 after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her while she was too inebriated to provide consent.

The alleged event took place in a room shared by the two at the Marriott Hotel on Augusta National Drive in Orlando on February 13th, 2016. The woman stated that although the room was shared and they had slept in the same bed on the previous night, she had made clear to him that their relationship was strictly friendship. After spending the next day drinking at Epcot she became “extremely intoxicated”; the two returned to the hotel and she fell asleep after ordering room service. She claims that she awoke to find Pogson sexually assaulting her. He was charged with sexual battery of someone who was physically helpless to resist and taken to Orange County Jail.

Pogson denied the charges and claims the intercourse was consensual.

Pogson has performed as a stage magician at a number of venues, one of those being for Disney Cruise Line. At the time of his charging, Disney Cruise Line suspended their relationship with him pending the case’s outcome.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel

Image: WFTV

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