Disney and Union at odds
Feb 8, 2008

Talks between Disneyland's management and Unite Here Local 681 are being held up due to a dispute over the location chosen by Disney.

Disney reps have been at the Anaheim Hilton for the past week waiting for Union negotiators. Local 681 president Ada Briceno is demanding that the talks be held on Disney property where previous negotiations have taken place.

In response to the Union's claims that the Hilton is too far away and that there are issues with parking, Disney has noted that the site is across the street from their own resort and are willing to pay for any parking fees.

Briceno has previously stated that the Union is being punished for its stance on affordable housing being built in the resort district. Disney opposed the plan.

In expressing his frustration, Federal mediator Raul Lopez stated "Someone needs to compromise. Right now there's no need for a mediator if they can't even agree where to meet. They are going to need to work it out themselves."

Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) is not convinced that the problem lies with the negotiation site but is related to a possible conflict regarding health insurance.

The Union member's starting pay is less than $9 an hour but healthcare is free and only has a $5 co-pay. When asked about this issue, Briceno stated "Our pay contract is one of the cheapest in the hotel industry. So that's why our healthcare is very dear and close to our hearts."

The Union president further stated that two letters sent to members by Disney have been threatening in nature.