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Disney and unions argue about extra shift distribution policy

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Sep 1, 2014 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
Walt Disney World and some of their unions are having a dispute about how extra shifts are filled heard by an arbitrator later this week. A year and a half ago, Disney decided that "seven days before the unfilled shift, workers can't take the extra hours if it would mean they'd work more than 44 hours during the week. That maximum increases as the date of the available shift gets closer. Employees can claim open shifts that need to be filled within 24 hours no matter how many hours they would work that week."

Some unions were upset with the new policy, saying that it would make it difficult for employees to earn supplemental income without being allowed these shifts. Full-time employees are also much closer to the hour cap than part-timers, making them ineligible for most extra shifts.

However, Ed Chambers, president of the Services Trades Council and the United Food and Commercial Workers 1625, believes this policy will make the distribution more fair. Extra shifts will be available to a wider group of employees. "What was happening was, you had certain people that were working all these the expense of others. We kind of like this deal. We're getting thousands of people picking up extra shifts rather than 100 picking up all the shifts."

Disney is not able comment on pending arbitration.

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