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RFID readers added to main gates of Disney theme parks

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
New RFID (radio frequency identification) entrances are now available at each of the four Walt Disney World theme parks. What does this mean for the guests? The turnstiles of the past are being rendered unnecessary. Guests will need to look for the new RFID logo of a Mickey head with a circle around it and simply touch their park ticket to the reader. Place your finger on the biometric scanner and you will see a green light indicating your ticket is valid, allowing you to enter the park. Cast members are on hand to help with the process. Currently, the new entrances are accessible only by guests with RFID-enabled tickets, but soon all tickets (and annual passes) will work with the system. As this happens, more of the current turnstiles will be converted to the RFID style.

Click here for photos from the RFID test done at Epcot last year.

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