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New Epcot attraction already closed

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Mar 1, 2012 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
Habit Heroes, the exhibit that had a soft opening last month at Epcot, has already closed. Habit Heroes was a new attraction at Innoventions that was meant to teach kids how to get rid of their bad habits. Sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, it was designed to promote healthy lifestyle habits, such as a nutritious diet and staying active. There are three interactive areas in the game - guests can try to get the remote control away from the "Control Freak," help Will Power and Callie Stenics battle villains "Sweet Tooth and The Snacker," and use exercise to show "Lead Bottom" how to get moving. After being tested by guests for a few weeks, Disney has closed the attraction. Guests thought that Habit Heroes was too harsh, focusing only on individuals that are overweight.

Some comments about the game include:

"We're appalled to learn that Disney, a traditional hallmark of childhood happiness and joy, has fallen under the shadow of negativity and discrimination. It appears that Disney now believes that using the tool of shame, favored so much by today's healthcare corporations, is the best way to communicate with children. Disney, in partnering with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, has taken the side of the bullies." - The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

"A little Dance, Dance Revolution and some broccoli spears ought to clear everything up, right. Here's to Disney's reinforcing society's most hateful negative obesity stereotyping." - Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, a bariatric surgeon in Ottawa, Canada, on his WeightyMatters blog.

John W. Herbkersman, spokesman for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, said, "Our goal is to ensure that the attraction conveys a positive message about healthy lifestyles in a fun and empowering way. To work on further improving and refining the experience, the attraction is closed for the time being. We look forward to officially opening it soon."

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