Updated: Disney Cruise Line's "Wonder" rescues man
Sep 3, 2009

Amidst all of the recent safety incidents at Walt Disney World, there is still reason to believe in the Disney magic. The Disney Cruise Line ship 'Wonder' arrived into port on September 3rd carrying one more passenger than when it departed Port Canaveral.

The U.S. Coast Guard says that a male passenger on a Carnival Cruise Line ship on its way to the Bahamas fell overboard the evening of September 2nd. The ship was about 28 nautical miles from Port St. Lucie. There are no details yet on how the man fell overboard. Calls to the Coast Guard were made, but before they could get there, passengers on the Disney Wonder heard the man's cries for help. Over the ship's speaker system, the Wonder's captain asked for everyone to be quiet so the lifeboat crew could pinpoint the man's exact location. By the time the Coast Guard arrived, the man was safe and sound on the Wonder. He did not require medical attention.

Update: "The guest was witnessed jumping overboard from a balcony stateroom on the Carnival Sensation which was on the final night of a four-day cruise to the Bahamas," a statement issued by Carnival Cruise Lines this morning shows. Apparently the 34-year old man had been treading water for about 90 minutes and was very tired, but in otherwise good condition. His name has not been released.