Gun Toting Disney employee suspended
Jul 6, 2008

A guard at Disney's Animal Kingdom was suspended upon arrival at work on Friday. Edwin Sotomayor had previously stated that he was going to have a gun in his vehicle when he arrived at work, which is now allowed for Florida residents who have a concealed weapon permit under a recently enacted law.

Disney is claiming to be exempt from this legislation since a portion of the law prohibits guns at workplaces where explosives are stored or manufactured. Disney has stated that their fireworks fall within this category.

Sotomayor was met by Disney managers and Deputy Sheriffs upon arriving at work on July 4. He videotaped his arrival and refused to allow a search of his vehicle. Disney has indicated that this refusal is what led to Sotomayor's suspension.

The employee has since filed a lawsuit claiming Disney has violated his Second Amendment rights under the Constitution as well as the Florida law allowing him to have a weapon in his possession.

Disney and other Florida businesses are continuing in their efforts to have the "Guns at Work" legislation repealed.