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Disney Cruise Line to dock in the British Virgin Islands in 2015

by Leah Zanolla
Jan 21, 2014

Disney Cruise Line (DCL) and Norwegian Cruise Line have signed a berthing agreement with the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The cruise lines have promised that beginning in mid-2015, a total of 425,000 passengers will visit the islands per year for the next 15 years; 350,000 passengers from Norwegian and 75,000 from Disney. If that total isn't met, the cruise lines will pay for lost tax revenues. The ships will dock in Tortola and because of the agreement, will have preferential berthing rights for any dates that they request.

The BVI will begin a port expansion that will include a longer dock and a more modern facility. As part of the agreement, DCL will provide the BVI with customer service and hospitality training to ensure the best experience possible for the cruise passengers.

The BVI's Premier Dr. Orlando Smith says, "This agreement marks the first time that we will have a guaranteed number of cruise passengers coming to our shores year round. What this really means is 425,000 potential opportunities for BVIslanders with entrepreneurial spirits. We are laying the foundation for growth not only in cruise tourism, but in our tourism economy generally."

Karl Holz, President of Disney Cruise Line, thanked the people of the British Virgin Islands for "sharing this gem, nature's little secret with the rest of the world" and said this has "always been a place people have said absolutely fantastic things about."

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