Disneyland News

Changes made to Disney's brand-new ride, Luigi's Flying Tires

by Leah Zanolla
Aug 17, 2012

A change has already been made to one of the attractions at the two-month old Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. Luigi's Flying Tires will have the brightly colored beach balls removed from the ride. On the attraction, guests are basically on a giant air hockey table, sitting on large tires that "hover" over the surface. When visitors lean to the side, they cause the vehicle to move. When the ride opened, it had giant beach balls that guests could hit with their tires or throw to each other, both as an extra component to the game and to add a festive look.

Disney thinks these beach balls were causing wait times to suffer, because people stopped to get balls before they had even boarded their ride vehicle. According to California Adventure's vice president Mary Niven, there were also a few "minor incidents" of people getting hit by the balls. She said, "We just thought it was going to be more fun."

The ride vehicles should also move faster soon, because some weight is being removed from the bottoms. When the vehicles were developed, a joystick was in the design, but in testing, riders were confused about how to operate it. They were ultimately removed, but the 20-pound "spin-control infrastructure" is still in place. The ride will remain open during this change and should be completed by September.

Of the rides in Cars Land, Luigi's Flying Tires is the least popular, so it will be interesting to see if there is any difference after these changes have been made.