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Disneyland monorails get new faces and personalities

by Leah Zanolla
May 16, 2012

The Disneyland monorails have gotten a makeover in anticipation of Cars Land opening in a few weeks at Disney California Adventure! Mandy and Mona Monorail are already driving around the resort; Manny Monorail will be joining them soon. They are each a different color - blue is Mandy, orange is Mona and red is Manny. The faces on the monorails look very similar to the characters in the Cars films and are a really neat addition to the park. The personality of each monorail can be heard in the overhead announcements, which are each done in the monorail's "own voice." To see pictures of the new monorails, visit this post on the DIS Unplugged Blog.

Themed monorails have become a bit of a trend with Disney; Walt Disney World is currently operating an "Avengers" themed train. We don't yet know how long the new monorails will be in service.