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Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain to remain closed until February

by Leah Zanolla
Oct 1, 2013

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland has been closed since January for a major refurbishment. A completely new track has been laid, and even the Rainbow Ridge Mining Town at the base of the mountain is getting a remodel. The attraction was scheduled to reopen this month, but has been pushed back until at least February.

Back in April, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Heath conducted a review of several attractions as a result of an incident in November where an outside contractor slipped on the roof of Space Mountain. As a result of their findings, Disneyland voluntarily closed several of their attractions to make adjustments to any unenclosed elevated work areas. Big Thunder Mountain was already in the midst of their refurbishment, so Disney decided to take this opportunity to add some fixes to several access paths at the attraction.

This initiative has caused the reopening date to be pushed back three and a half months.

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