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Man Claiming to be Disney Heir Gives Away Stolen Tickets

by Leah Zanolla
May 26, 2013

A 51-year-old man allegedly pretending to be an heir of Walt Disney was arrested recently for giving away stolen Disneyland tickets.

Stephen David Urquidez was charged with felony burglary and released on a $20,000 bond.

A-40-year-old college student said the suspect, who identified himself as "Stephen Disney", gave her the passes to Disneyland to use for a nonprofit organization's raffle.

The winner of the raffle tried to use the passes and found out that they had not been activated. The passes had been stolen from a retail business.

Authorities also said that the suspect used a fake driver's license in the name of "Stephen Disney" and had fraudulent tax forms showing income from the Walt Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company confirmed that the suspect has no affiliation with the corporation or the Disney family.

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