Disneyland News

New food designed for Disney's World of Color

by Leah Zanolla
Jun 10, 2010

In addition to all the other preparations and excitement surrounding the World of Color show, Disneyland has created some new food offerings for the event.

Color is the theme for this party and the food is no exception. Cotton candy has been given a new twist, with the candy put on a glow stick, so the colored sugar is lit up from the inside. Spectrum Splashes will be served - a variety of colored drinks served in a light-up cup. For the guests of legal-age, a Tropical Mist Cocktail will be featured. This mix of passion fruit and mango liqueur with coconut rum will be served with a glowing stirring stick. Even the popcorn is getting in on the action. Red cherry, blueberry, and purple grape popcorn is mixed in with kettle corn to make for an exciting display inside the see-through souvenir bucket.