Staying Fit while visiting Disney

Whether you are visiting Disneyland, Disney World, or on a Disney cruise, staying fit while traveling can be a challenge. Living out of a suitcase with a packed schedule can make the decision to toss your workout aside pretty easy. The idea of taking a week off from your workout may seem great in theory, but is usually regretted later on. Sort of like that tattoo you got on spring break in College. The secret to getting your workout in is being prepared. You can continue to stay active, and not fall off scheduled by following these five easy steps.

1. Research before you leave

In a world where information is available at our finger tips, it is easy to check out fitness options before hand. Before you go do some research on what facilities your hotel has to offer. A hotel can offer anything from a full gym, down to just a simple walking path. For example the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa has a highly ranked fitness facility but All Star Resorts have none. Disney Cruise line ships offer fitness centers with weight machines, stationary bikes, yoga mats, exercise balls, and more. Take advantage of what is available to you. You may need to adjust your current plan, but with a little advanced knowledge you can easily fit your fitness regime in while visiting Mickey.

2. Travel by foot

Disney offers a variety of transportation from trains, buses, and boats. It may be more convenient to take the train from one end of the Magic Kingdom to other, but considered walking the distance instead. All those extra steps can really add up to a great work out. Before you know it you could have walked an extra 3 miles that you might not have if you took the transportation services. Also why not go for a walk when you get back to the hotel. Walking is free and can easily be done by people at most fitness levels. If you are a runner, and on a cruise ship, you will appreciate the 0.3 mile jogging tracks on The MAGIC and the WONDER. Or, the 0.4 mile track on the DREAM and FANTASY. A great bonus about running on the ships is the amazing scenery.


3. Wake up Early

Have a tight schedule, or tired after a long day at the parks? Why not wake up a little earlier and get a work out in before the family wakes up? Go for a run along the boardwalk, walk around the Wilderness Lodge, or just a quick swim in the pool. To make things easier lay out your workout clothes the night before and set the alarm an hour early. Always remember to give yourself sufficient time to work out before you have to rush to that character breakfast reservation.


4. Take advantage of Technology

No fitness facility at your hotel? No problem. There are hundreds of apps that you can download on your Smartphone, or tablet, that offer a mix of cardio and strength-training routines. These are great to do when you are short time and equipment. They can be easily be downloaded before you leave home, and many are completely free.  It is best to try them out at home to make sure you like them first, and to make sure they are a good fit for you. Think of it like bringing your personal trainer on vacation with you, but they don’t require park tickets.
5. Don’t forget your gear

Make sure to pack your workout clothes and shoes to ensure you have the proper attire to do your workout. You wouldn’t go to the gym at home in Crocs and jeans, so don’t do it on your vacation either. Also things like jump ropes, and resistance bandss are light weight and can be easily brought in a suitcase. With resistance bands alone the list of exercises you can perform is endless.


Whichever Disney adventure you pick, make sure to plan ahead and stay healthy. Plus let’s face it, it also gives you the excuse to eat that second Mickey Head ice-cream.