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What Disney ride, show or attraction do you think would make a good film? and who should star in it?

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ok idint explain. have aerosmith invite 2 lukey winners to theirnrecording studio only the limo somehow drives into another demension. i dunno how the heck thats gonna work but o well. Robin williams( limo driver), Johnny depp, Harrison ford and aerosmith(obviously). It would be a sci-fi comedy. then aerosmith will play a song at the end. What wiil it be? dun dun duh. go sox! Elements are kool boards! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- dude, its shane!
disney freak, samesamesamesamesamesamesamesamesamesamesamesamesa

Rockin' Rollercoaster baby! go sox!
-- dude
belize city, belize

i think the everest ride would make a great film if done properly like the pirates, thanks sherry
-- sherry tindel
canton, ohio

i would like to see the ride, small world,become a movie. this was my mothers favorite ride,we lost mom 2 years ago.
-- karen mchale
phila.,, pa

I think it's about time for another Muppet film. I'd like to see more done with the Muppets, and I think it'd be cute to see one with a theme kind of like American Idol and just for fun, it'd be fun to see Simon Cowell and Kermit critique Muppet and human performers with a dream for stardom.
-- Sarah Stroud
Chattanooga, TN

Oh, yes the jungle cruise was one of my favorites when I first visited the park in the 70's. The employees would make it so scary and the sites were awsome. A movie is a wonderful idea
-- Betty Loraine Johnson
Avon Park, Florida

Peter Pan!
-- Flip
Oegstgeest, holland

How about a movie that takes place in Disney World? There is already a book out that is about the anamatronic characters coming alive in the park.
-- Maura

How bout the Enchanted Tiki Room? Those Birds are creative and talented. I think this attraction can be made into a movie.
-- Edmund
Philadelphia, PA

Big thunder mountain should star Jake Richter, a Johnny Depp style actor, with a look of the old west type of character.
-- Ron and Debbie Richter
ancaster, ancaster

I think Expedition Everest. It would be about an expedition team trying to reach the top of mount everest. Then one falls behind and gets taken away by these people whoe have a hidden village in the mountains.He soon finds out that the Yeti is real and these people worship it.
-- Jon Crecelius
St.Louis, MO

Tower of Terror!
-- jekclk
Elkton, Virginia

I would like to see a movie based on Kilimanjaro Safari's. I think Little Red and Big Red could be compelling characters in a movie. It would make an exciting story line as well
-- Melissa
Fallston, MD

OK - so there are the obvious - Expedition Everest! Thunder Mountain! Space Mountain! All could be blockbusters! On a less obvious note - Kilamanjaro Safaris could be quite interresting. They may have to change the ride a bit after the movie came out (not enough there for a complete movie plot) - but as we've seen with POC - they are willing to do that. Could be interesting!
-- AFMom
Gulf Breeze, Florida

I think Kilimanjaro Safari would make a good movie. Add a hero, a heroine and poachers and of course some great animals.
Hattiesburg, MS

It should be Space Moutain staring tom hanks!
-- nathan combs
enid, oklahoma

Okay, my first thought went to Expedition Everest or Rock N Roller Coaster, but then realized I was too chicken to ever ride those, so I don't know what the story would be about. Then as a mom, I thought a nice family movie could be made about the search for Little Red from the Kilimanjaro Safari. If it was a live movie, it would have beautiful cinematography and could enlighten people about the poaching for the ivory tusks. If it is an animated film, I would love to hear James Earl Jones as one of the voices. I would also love to hear the actor who portrays Warden Wilson Matua in this movie.
-- Dyan
Miami, Fl

For years, I have thought a movie should be made using Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain as a theme, moreso the former. Not too country, but involving mines, miners, treasure seekers, people getting lost within and river rides. If anybody can do it, Disney can. :) For stars, I think Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Evangline Lily, and some great new upcoming kid actors/actresses.
-- Barbara M
Dallas, Texas

-- Finding Nemo; the Musical
Pleasant Hill, CA

Rather than another lame movie (e.g. Haunted Mansion and its brethren) promoting a themed ride or attraction, I think that a spectacular film could be based upon the life of the man behind the mouse, Walt Disney, whose extraordinary vision is explored in the Disney-MGM exhibit "Walt Disney: One Man's Dream". My family discovered this exhibit on our last trip the World, when we ran inside to escape the inevitable summer showers. Lucky us! Truth is not just stranger than fiction, but often more entertaining.
-- Sally
Stony Brook, New York

An animated verison of test track. With the crash dummies as the stars of the show. With Tommy Hanks, Eddie Murphy, John Ratzenberger has the goofy sidekick and as the villian would be James Earl Jones cause of his booming voice. Of course the female voice in the movie would be Anglina Jolie as the love interest between Eddie and Tom Hanks.
-- Jennifer M
Mechanicsville, MD

Mission Space - Michael Keaton, Tom Hanks, Will Smith and Nicole Kidman. A sci-fi movie that shows the futuristic adventures of space travel to Mars and beyond, but also pays tribute to those that have set the path as well as the ones that gave there lives for the better of the NASA program.
-- Ed Arnold
Austin, TX

I would make a movie from cinderellabration. It will be a story about the journey of the princess as they way to cinderella's castle.
-- Breniyah henderson
danville, virginia

I think that Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain would make a great movie. The ride has a great story and could easily be expanded on by the workers at Disney. They could create a wonderful movie out of this ride.
-- Taylor Yancik
Virdem, Illinois

I don't want any more rides turn into movies. If the movie does poorly, the ride is endangered of being closed (as the rumor for Country Bears would have you believe) or it gives fodder to the people screaming that all movies should be Pixar now. If the movie does well, they'll change the ride's nature so that we're cheering for someone who lets a town get murdered while he steals all their valuables. No thanks. Leave the rides alone.
-- EK
Southern, NJ

Lets see a movie on Pop Century's Legendairy years and why its taking so long to complete. The story line would be that the now decesead actors cause havic as the buildres are trying to complete the project. Walt Disney would be the ghost trying to get things done and lets say some Disney villians would be making the bad things happen. The contractors could be Tim Allen, Robin Williams etc. An off shoot would be for a family with kids to be linked to one of the building actors so that the children and a dog could be part of seeing the ghosts. You could also involve Hour Glass Lake.
-- Cindy Crapo
buffalo, ny

Expedition Everest This would make a great film. A junior ice hockey team, on their way to the play-offs have to go by plane as the roads are impassable due to heavy snow. The plane develops structural failure and splits into two. The adults and pilots are in the front section and they glide to the bottom of Everest but the children's half is stranded in a valley on Everest, miles away from civilisation. Nobody is killed but they all need to pull together using their skills to get off the mountain and avoid the Yeti and other creatures. An expedition is mounted to rescue the children and bring them safely home. I see this film as fun and not serious. Adult star - leader of the expedition: Vin Diesel (funny, tough and serious), with Meg Ryan tagging along as an anxious mother (dippy, but kind and fun). Child star: Max Thieriot (The Pacifier. would make a great leader in a crisis
-- Tina
Berkshire, UK

Expedition Everest could make a great adventure on the big screen. Through in a little romance, mystery...maybe of a rumored treasure at the top, not to mention the yeti. I picture Brad Pitt in the lead. I think because of his "Seven Years in Tibet" he is the first name that comes to mind. I envisioning an "Indiana Jones" style picture with good vs. evil in the race to the top. He would be great at the combination of humor and adventure that I am imagineering in my mind for this movie.
-- pammypooh
Souderton, PA

How about Expedition Everest? I think it would make an excellent movie. It seems the Disney Movies are being made after older Disney rides. But couldn't you imagine Expedition Everest and the Yeti? What a great adventure it would be. Coming to theater near you...
-- Leanne Hackett
Westerly, RI

Killmanjaro Safaris along with Kali River Rapid Movie plot - Trip through Africa with some humor addded. A group of tourists make a mistake and take the wrong road in Africa. They meet wild animals, native tribes, and take a ride on a raft down a wild river to their final destination - a resort (similar to Animal Kingdom.) Cast would include: Arnold Schwarzengger, Robin Williams, Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron and Hilary Duff)
-- pooh
, New York

The history of the Haunted Mansion. How it all came about, the novel head stone names, and the people they represent. Possibly, someone tempting the 999 ghosts and the troublesome 1000th who unwittingly joins the cast.
-- Majorrfb
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Ok -- I read it backwards!! how embarrassing....
-- DisneyBugs
N. Grosvenordale, CT

I always thought the door room chase scene at the end of Monsters, Inc would have made a cool roller coaster! Imagine it in the dark, with flourescent doors surrounding riders who would be riding suspended from the track (like Batman at 6Flags). Escape from Randall! And Randall could appear and disappear at random throughout the ride. I'm sure Disney could make it incredibly cool given their creative minds!
-- DisneyBugs
N. Grosvenordale, CT

Journey into the Imagination with Figment. Figment is loved by many. My son absolutely loves him. I think it would appeal to many people, including adults (ie Dr Nigel Channing is a former Monty Python actor and is hilarious).
-- Kathy Duncan(digskat)
Goderich, Ontario, Canada

I think a fantastic movie could be made about the whole park itself. Have a movie about a young boy who gets a magic ticket - a ticket that literally transports him to many of the actual locations that the wonderful rides are based on. He could be shooting down a real western mountain on a run-away train. Fighting for his life in a real haunted mansion. Trying to stay one step ahead of the blood-thirsty pirates, etc... I know there have been other movies with magic tickets, but I think disney could outshine them all.
-- The Whiff

Without a doubt - It's a Small World. Just think about it, if this were made into a movie, you could hear that fantastic catchy little tune repeating over and over and over and over from the the privacy of your own home. Day and Night, non-stop over and over and over....
-- TheGoofster

The Carosel of Progress would make a terrific movie. See how modern conviences and technology has changed throughout the century....and into the future. Only The family stays the same (due to some electrical malfunction at the beginning of the 1900's) They never age. Sort of a "Meet Me in St. Louis family in the Twilight Zone Story"!
East Stroudsburg, PA

its not a ride it is a book that we just read called the kingdom keepers it would be an awsome film... i recommend this book you can get it at the park or a book store it takes place at the magic kingdom after the park clothes.
-- disneygirl01
hollis, maine

I think a great movie would be Expidetion Everest. IT would be great with the Yetti and a few more characters.
-- Silverbelle990
Altamont, NY

I think the one they need to make as a film is... Dumbo. No really, I'm serious, Dumbo. But NOT animated -- living actors (and elephants, natch) with CGI. Living actors worked (kind of) for 101 Dalmations... so they need to do it with Dumbo :)
-- Burke
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Main Street, USA would be a wonderful setting for a movie. I've always wondered about the inhabitants there when I hear the piano playing or the conversations on the party line telephone. Perhaps some type of remake of The Music Man? The characters that are already cast there, such as the Barbershop Quartet, the marching band, the 'townspeople', and shop owners would be a great basis for stories. Of course, there would have to be a hero to save the town or heroine from a dire end. I'm thinking, maybe, Tom Welling for a sensitive strong guy. Andrea Bowen for the beautiful but good, girl-next-door heroine. Villains would probably depend on what exactly they did that was nefarious. If the villain is somewhat deranged, Christopher Walken would be my choice. If we go with a villain that is evil but sophisticated, then I'd choose Sean Connery. Meredith Viera would be perfect as a sophisticated businesswoman looking to make lots of money without regard to the charm of the town. Oh, the possiblities are just endless........
-- A Maloy
Mechanicsburg, OH

I would love to see Expedition Everest made into a movie,its a natural fit! I could see Heath Ledger as a cocky expedition leader trying to get his team through the Forbidden Mountain to Base Camp ahead of all other teams to recover a valuable artifact. Rachel McAdam could play the American woman chosen to head a team of crack climbers also on the hunt for the artifact. They will have to survive the Forbidden Mountain when their train derails and will find themselves hunted by the mythical Yeti.
-- Krismas29
Nashville, TN

Oh this is easy! I was thinking of this while I was there two weeks ago! The Haunted Mansion! I had read that the ride itself is about the story of lost love. How easy it would be to make a movie about that! Who doesn't like a love story that turns into a horror (Disney style please) flick?!
-- Jen K-L
Centerville, MN

I would love to see Philharmagic out in theaters, beefed up a little of course, but this is by far the best new offering from WDW in years!
-- Al and Kate's Mom
Spring Hill, TN

OK. This is a tough question for me, given that most of the popular attractions are already themed around a Disney film or show. So I'm going with Expedition Everest: The Movie starring Tim Allen & Jamie Lee Kurtis & 2 kids. As a typical American surburban family, who sets out to embark on an adventurous vacation in the Himalayas, but the kids happen to come across the Yeti by chance. The parents dont believe their story, but some "bad" people who have been searching for the Yeti for years do, for they have been trying to capture it for extreme monetary gain, and they happen to over hear what the kids were telling their parents. So the "bad guys" secretly follow the family to find the Yeti, as they set out to capture it, the family takes up the cause of the Yeti, to stop the bad guys, and to protect the Yeti and his natural habitat. Of course the ending is happy, the "bad guys" don't even get a photo, they end up in jail, and the secrets of the Yeti remain a mystery. I would personally love to see a National Lampoon's Disney World Vacation with Chevy Chase and the gang.
-- ?DreamsRMadeOf
Superior Twp, MI

My pick is Stitch's Great Escape because we never knew about Stitch's life before he came to earth. I luv the wild Stitch.
-- brian henderson
danville , virginia

Without a doubt...Expedition Everest
-- Lisa B.

Expedition Everest would make an exciting Movie! I think the storyline would be great! Daring Explorers are heading to Mount Everest to determine if the legend of the Yeti is real. There could be alot of action and spooky suspense in this movie.
-- bbump
W. St. Paul, MN

I dont know exactly how to make it a blockbuster such as "PIRATES" but it has to be a comedy with a silly captain, maybe someone like ROBIN WILLIAMS or can go another way and make the captain demented KURT RUSSELL (remember captain ron) ..should be interesting just to see how the writers will get 90 minutes of action packed into this type of film.
-- korzmom
sutersville, pa

I thought the Disney railroad train ride. Something on the order of a Jules Verne Around the World in 80 days theme; part adventure, part twilight zone as to emerge in different lands, and part travel channel. Throw in some zany characters on the scale of those from the film "The Great Race", add maybe a road race as in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World", some exotic locales as in "Hatari", and an ending like that of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (maybe even old-time victorian era) and I think it would be rather good. Tom P.S. Let me know if you need a hand writing the script! or even the photography!
-- Tom Kurowski
Yardley, PA

I think that Expedition Everest would make a great film. I have not been on the ride yet but have heard of all the work that went into it. I believe the film would be fast and action packed. I would want Harrison Ford and Leonardo Di Caprio to star in it. I think that both actors are perfect because both can be serious or funny when they need be and can take a film to higher heights. For female role, I would like to see Michelle Kwan. She is athletic and a good role model for people to never give up.
-- Fast pass
Murray, Kentucky

This one's too easy. "20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA" is long overdue for a quality remake. Then possibly "SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON" could be next.
-- George S
Ocean Springs, Mississippi (Gulf Coast)

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