Disney Theme Park
Was Tigger Right or Wrong?
Sound Off (1/08/07)

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that was rong of tigger either way u look at it
-- Diamond
pensacola, florida

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this is a nother one of this Familys out to make some money there is nothing I see but that the boy was trying to do something from behind the tigger and tigger was just trying to stop him hitting him in the face was not what he was trying to do .Kids now days don't show any respact to anyone any more
-- connie
Salem, Oregon

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-- Elena

How daft, it is obvious that Tigger was about to lose his footing and moved his arm as he was over balancing, the people in the costumes cannot see that well as it is, so leave off and get a grip, some people just like to make a fuss!!!!!!!
-- D Ottewell
wakefield, west yorkshire england

Working at a school...no one can tell me that they are always innocent. In my opinion...the film reveals to me that the boy was up to something according to his expression and tigger looks like he tilted off balance with his feet, bringing his body and arm back and around towards the right. The boy seems to be smiling about the whole thing.
-- amie ordeneaux
ocala, fl

I think somebody's just trying to get rich quick. The kid was CLEARLY grabbing on to Tigger's costume. I'm sure it's not easy trying to manuver in one of those costumes! The kid and his parents need to get over it. Move on. This is Disney we are talking about. You've had your time in the spotlight, now quit the drama and hey here's an idea.......watch your kids! Teach them some respect! Tigger Rocks!
-- Kim Wiegand
North Syracuse, New York

I think tigger was right because it was a form of self defense. I also think the kid knew because he pulled once and kept pulling. he looked like a wise guy!
-- Rebecca
Lynbrook, new york

Tigger Rocks and has too much class to do anything wrong. I believe 99.9% of the people support tigger and disney. Horray for the State Attorney - Bravo justice has prevailed once again!!!
-- kas
Waldorf, MD

The teenager has a grip on something. Or we would see his left arm/hand in the shot. Tigger immediately apologized with the open hand/paw, shakes the kid's hand (which has been successfully removed from his costume) and you can see the playful pat on top of the head. If the CM had provoked or been angry, there would have also been visible body language of moving away, etc. Is there more video? Of course not. C'mon Dad, teach your kids more than how to get stuff for free. How about responsibility? How about honesty? Your offspring was doing something he should not have been doing. Many teenagers do the same thing. Get over it.
-- Cayron

It really looked like the kid was holding onto the costume. Cause if he was just putting his arm around then when Tigger turned then the arm would fall, and it didn't it remained on the Character. Looks not good on my part when a tourist tantalizes someone who is trying to make little kids happy. The teen needs to admit he was up to no good and was in the wrong.
-- Betty Loraine Johnson
Avon Park, Florida

I support Tigger!!!! The kid was obviously in or pulling on the costume, and the CM turned around and brushed the kids face. If the Kid was not attached to the costume, he would not have been pulled back when Tigger turned. Dont give them a dime!!!!! Ban them from the park!!!!
-- Beth
Los Angeles, California

Ok, first of all I was confused, because the lead-in reporters are from a station here in minneapolis. I thought to myself "who in Minnesota would do that?"....thatnk goodness this is one thing we don't have to lay claim to. It's obvious the kid is up to no good. I know that sometimes Tigger can be female CM....so what would his claim to fame be if that was so? Generally the CM's that get put in these coustmes aren't very big. I wold also guess it's been explained to them that people will try stuff like this. I think Tigger did the right thing.
-- Debbie Waldon
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Tigger was most definitely right. He did not punch this kid. It is very clear that he was trying to stop innapropriate and possibly dangerous behavior on the part of the teenager. These people are just trying to get something for nothing. You can even hear the father asking the kid what he did to Tigger and there is that old saying that your first impulse is the correct one.
-- Ken
Pelham, NY

warren, ohio

I think even if the kid ws doing something wrong behind Tigger's back he shouldn't have hit the kid.
-- Carol
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I have read that the motion the "character" made could possibly have been a natural reaction to the child pulling on the character's costume and choking the individual in the costume. Unfortunately, I am cynical, and concluded this was a planned attempt by the visitors to cause a reaction - for the express purpose of pursuing a lawsuit. In Michigan, we are plagued by lawsuits where it is a part of the culture here. I can not believe that this individual who meets and greets individuals of all ages and personality types day in and day out, would strike out. It seems inconsistent to the type of individual who could tolerate hugging from little and big ones a like day after day.
-- Mary Ellen Gies
canton, Michigan

Anyone watching this video can see that the older boy is being a typical punk. You can see him doing something behind Tigger's back with a smerk on his face. As far as Tigger, those costumes are hard to see out of to begin with. You can only see out of the front and barely anything from the sides. It looks as if Tigger could feel the kid trying to do something to his costume. He then turns to stop the kid, but accidently bumps the kid in the face, because the costumes are so hard to look out of. There is no fist made by Tigger, he just simply reaches out his arm behind the boy to stop him from messing with the suit. You know that's the case, because after he pulls the boy's arm out from behind him, he makes sure it stays infront of him, by holding onto it. There was no fighting, punching, or shoving. The boy was just being a punk and his parents are just trying to get some extra money or a free vacation out of the deal. Everyone knows Disney tries to keep their guests happy. Unfortunately, you get guests like this that try to take advantage of Disney's hospitality and guest service. I think the boy and his parents all need to grow up. Maybe next vacation they should stick with camping near home.
-- Mark
Joliet, IL

They are just looking for some Disney money. Tigger was reaching back behind himself. That wasn't even close to a strike. BOGUS claims.
-- MikeT
Charlotte, NC

If the kid wasn't doing something to Tigger, why did the Dad tell him to stop? Why does the video not show what happened earlier. The kid was clearly laughing before Tigger even attempted to push him away. This is typical of today's society where no one, even parents, takes responsibility for their actions. It's always easier to blame someone else. This father should be ashamed. Nice example he is setting for the other children.
-- anthony
New Bedford, MA

i am so made at those people! i am so on tiggers side! my whole family thinks that the family was annoying him! sure, he shouldnt of punched the kid, but i would have!
-- amanda!
, the one that evil kid lives in!

Even if Tigger had smacked the kid in the face, which he didn't, it would've taken alot of force for it to hurt. Those huge tigger paws are soo soft and very thick! Give me a break this family should be banned from Disney forever!!
-- tink10
westland , MI

Viva La Tigger!! I believe that Tigger was justified in the mere touch of his hand to strike the youngster, who was obvisouly trying to ruin the magic that Disney provides. I have been a guest at the Disney Theme parks along with my family in 2005 and 2006 and have been very impressed with the customer care at all and any disney attractions. If Disney pays a dollar to this gold digging family they need to hire a new legal team.
-- stephen
harrodsburg, KY

You can see that the kid's hand is "busy" behind Tigger before Tigger locks the arm. Tigger is clearly trying to stop the kid from doing something....probably something he shouldn't be doing in the first place. Disney Characters have a right to defend themselves, and the CM's have a right to defend the dignity of the characters that they are portraying. Tell the family "Nice Try", and send them on their way with nothing more.
-- Dann
Cordova, TN

To me it looks like Tigger was just being Tigger. It looks like horseplay to me. I don't anything was meant by it.
-- Blythe Pritchett
Abilene, TX

That Dad should be so ashamed of himself. That rotten kid was surely messing with the back of "Tigger". Now, this father is trying to scam Disney out of millions for his rotten kid's behavoir? Perhaps it was a planned event. I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? The utter greed is sickening. Go home, and keep your dopey looking family out of the public. Your family is a nuisance to all.
-- ShameOnYou
baltimore, md

NO, Tigger is not guilty. Those suits are so big and bulky and the people inside can't always see or here good in them. If they are being threatened then they have to do what they need to get away from a guest. We have been to disney hundreds of times and had characters rough housed with the kids and thought it was just messing around. If we sued for every time we they hugged us or came up from behind us and scared us or took a hat then we'd own Disney!Come on give them a break,everyone just out for money these days.Bring back the Magic and fun of the chracters.At least they are out now,when I was younger we where lucky to see Mickey and Minnie,other than in a Parade!
-- Shelly
Lk Placid, Florida

grow up and get a clue. If I were the boy's dad I would be embarassed for all the commotion I caused. Getting a flat handed bump to the face is what he calls a hit. Sounds like he looking for an express ticket to Jerry Springer. Asking a costumed cast member to be a man and say he's sorry, man I feel sorry for that family if that's all the self respect they have.
-- Mike
Winder, Ga

Tigger needs anger management classes. There is no doubt Tigger restrained the kid's arm before he hit the kid...provoked or unprovoked - there are better ways to deal with children. Why didn't Tigger simply step away from the kid and signal to his handler that there was a problem?
-- Laura
columbus, GA

The boy no doubt pulled on the back of Tigger's head...you can see his smirk on his face,and you can also see his arm up high.He looks like a punk (gloves)and his family are just trying to get rich at Disney's expense.It's a shame there are so many low class people out there.
-- Heather Antkowiak
Rochester, Ma.

This kid with his muscle-T/obnoxious grin looks to me like he was trying to knock the head off of Tigger...like it would be something funny on a video to put on Youtube. The dad tells the kid to back off...unless I heard wrong, and Tigger was either reacting in defense of the head being knocked off or to be able to breathe, or to get his balance back. To sue for $4 million dollars? Was this obnoxious white trash brat even hurt? Pain and suffering? Give me a break. I had an obnoxious brat neighbor like this kid who started my garage on fire and almost burned my house down and all I got was $5k for pain & suffering (of course I didn't sue), which I used for a trip to WDW, ironically. I don't mean to judge, but here it goes...the family looks like trailer trash in the video, exactly like the type of poor, uneducated idiots who'd sue for something lame.
-- Erin
Chicago, Il

I have looked at the video several times. It is clear that Tigger tried to restrain the child from whatever he was doing behind his back. When Tigger swings his hand around look closely. It is his finger tips that hit the boys face not an open fist or even a closed one. Tigger was holding the left arm that the kid was using to do whatever to him and tried to grab the boys left sholder to push him away. Even after Tigger accidentaly brushed his face he reaches for the boys shoulder as if to push him away. Unfortunately because of the lack of vision Tigger did not see the boys face and merely brushed the kid with his finger tips. Sucker punches are not done with finger tips! Free Tigger! Free Tigger! Ban Stupid Family! Ban the Family! Come on Disney even with my poor quality video stream I can clearly see Tigger did nothing wrong :)
-- ForeverWDW
, Ma


i believe he was right that boy was up to no good and his family is just trying to make a cheap dollar and not thinking about anything but them... God is watching them and he shall make them PAY. keep up the good work tigger jeannie
-- jeannie jackson
Georgiana, alabama

I support Tigger. The kid must have done something to provoke him. Looks like he was trying to unzip him. >:-[
-- Melissa
Bleh, Blehhh

It is very easy to see that the boy obviously did something to provoke Tigger! The boy was smiling the entire video. I veiwed the video many times and can see that Tigger was only trying to stop the teen from causing any harm to himself (person inside the costume). I believe the family of the boy who was apparently "hit" should apologize to everyone involved ecspecially the Tigger character!! Tigger deserves their job back and an apology!
-- Katie

-- Nancy
Phillipsburg, NJ

I appears to me that the Tigger did not intend to hit the boy in the face/head. Looks like the boy wouldnt let go when tigger moved and tigger just reacted off balance a bit it seemed to me. Its hard to have good wide range of vision with those masks on I am sure! If tigger would have really hit him in the head he would have done it better lol. You can see after the kid accidentally got hit Tigger held his arm likehe was sorry or are you okay? type of physcial gesture. I think they are trying to get a quick buck off of it.
-- jennifer`

To me it does not look like Tigger fell off balance at all. It does look like the boy was doing something to Tigger though. You can tell by the way Tigger locks the boys arm (the one behind his back) then hits him. I definitly beleive that this boy provoked Tigger and the poor CM deserves an apology for being put thru all of this.
-- debbie
livonia, mi

I have never seen anything so ridiculous in my life!! You can clearly see that the boy is doing something to Tigger that made him react. The Cast Member looks as if he/she is trying to reach for the boys arm and barely brushs his face in the same instance the boy is not letting go so he (the boy) is obviously doing something to Tigger. I think Disney over reacted in suspending the Cast Member they were obviously in distress about something. In the interview you can tell by the boys body language and eyes that he is not telling the truth and if the dad had truly paid attention to the video he has to see that the boy was doing something to Tigger and that Tigger did not hit the boy on purpose. This family should be ashamed of theirselves, I guess they want there 15 minutes at the expense of someones job. How pathetic!!
-- Robert Standley
Berryville, Arkansas

This Mom and Dad are teaching their children the lesson of greed and how to deceive. They know what REALLY happened. That teenage boy should come forth and admit what he was doing behind tiggers back. Then he should apoligize in a television appearance. The smirk on the boys face says it all. What a piece of work this Dad is.
-- Tammy
Lynn, MA

As a former cast member who was a fur and face character, this is really scary. I remember hitting people in the face and on the arms and shoulders ON ACCIDENT. Bottom line....you cannot see in those things. And when someone is pulling you off balance you are scrambling to grab anything so you don't fall (which gives guests a "kodak" maoment). I know especially that Tigger has bad vision. My heart goes out to this cast member and I hope that this family sees the light about what they are doing. What goes around comes around.
-- Jessica
, Alabama

THAT KID IS LYING HE PROVOKED TIGGER WHAT A LIL BRAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- James Roberts

I saw the video and think the kid (like many older kids in this situation) are at fault. He is grabbing at the CM's costume and pulling him off balance. The CM is trying to compensate being off balance and just happened to hit the kid and not very hard. This family is out for one thing, $$$$$. I have a relative who is a CM in fur at Disney World and says this kind of thing happens all the time almost daily. This kid is being coached by his father 100% on what to say. Disney should now bow down to these people at all.
-- 95south
Yardley, Pa

I looked at the video several times and like most here I think the kid was at fault. From my viewing the video, the boy had his arm around Tigger and as Tigger swung around, the boy's arm is still on Tigger's back. Its pretty obvious he was doing something that made Tigger turn and do what he did. Young man, fess up and be responsible for your actions!!!!!
-- Joanna
Brooklyn, New York

That boy was clearly doing something behind Tigger and Tigger swung around in defense. They can hardly see out of those things-he probably couldn't of hit him if he wanted to. Just another greedy person out for money. Great lesson for the kids!
-- Michele
Allentown, PA

WOW!!! I mean it, WOW. It goes to show you that this is one kid who was looking to cause trouble and he did that just that. No, this won't be the last of it. These people are just looking for an apology, there looking at trying to cash in. How sad!! This Tigger didn't do anything wrong except defend himself from a troubled kid who apprently needs a good old fashion butt spanking. That's putting it nicely. From where I'm at, it looks to me like the boy did put his arm behind Tigger and pulled on him in someway, causing Tigger to either cut off his air supply, or he felt like he was throwing him off balance. Listening to his dad just made me sick. The dad looked like he needed help to. I'm a detention officer and work around STUPIDITY every day. The kid is lying. Straight up!!
-- J. Shaw
Burkburnett, TX

Trust me when I say the kid is LYING when he is giving his statement to the media. If you will watch the video and he is telling the reporter that it was a side hug and that was it, he is looking right towards them, but when he says no provoking at all it was just out of the blue, he looks away and down to the right. Talk to any police officer and they'll tell you he is lying (former one here) In my opinion that tells the whole story.
-- Cody Shaw
Burkburnett, Texas

It was provoked!! The kid just wasn't hugging Tigger, he was messing with him some way or another. To me it looks like Tigger was trying to push him away and the kids face got in the way!!
-- linda
Rockford, mi

I am sure that boy was up to no good. I have been good friends with the CM is question for 2 years and he would never, ever do anything like that unless he was beiung hurt in some way or someone else was.....
-- Bonny
Windermere, FL

wow! so much media attention for this family. This should never have made the news. it looks like this young man was goofing off and Tigger reacted to regain his balnce or move the kid away-try moving in one of those costumes not easy-now this family is looking for a quick compensation. An ER visit and a lawyer seem like a little over the top unless you are looking to sue someone. I hope the courts do not see any merit in this and will not let it go on. Let's see more of the man who saved the life of that young man on the subway in NYC. I would love to see him and his family having a well deserved trip in WDW!
-- cedmonds
rocky point , ny

From what I see, it looks as if the kid was doing something to Tigger, who had to defend himself. I think the whole thing was set up by the father.
-- doc and family
mobile, alabama

Dude shoulnt try to cop a feel on the tiggernator
-- AudioPandemicShow

I don't think he punched him, it looks like they tripped over something or fell. Tigger tried to regain his balance.
-- Hale
Greenwich, Connecticut

I believe the boy did something behind Tigger's back to provoke the so-called punch, which I think it totally not a punch! Sounds like a money hunry family after some of Disney's money!
-- kim
Nashville, TN

I have watched the video several times, and I believe that the "attack" was completely unintentional. He was trying to back away from the boy, maybe set him back away a little. Then, from the direction he was turned, he just couldn't see him. However, he DOES need to be much more careful in the future!
-- Crystal
Temple, Ga

That doesn't look like a punch at all.
-- kathy wood
meredith, nh

It sure looks to me like that 14 yr old boy was up to no good....
-- Cindy
Ariel, WA

The majority of people do not believe Tigger was at fault so what does that tell you. It does look like the kid was doing something to tigger. If he was blocking his airway, then your first reaction would be to break away. It didn't loook like the contact was intentional or else you would have seen Tigger give much more of a clean hit. The hit looks awkward which seems like it was just a reaction to whatever the kid was doing.
-- Peter
North Dartmouth, MA

okay....I went back and noticed that the boy is definitely doing something to Tigger....he wouldn't just freak out for no reason!
-- Rachel
Chattanooga, Tennessee

I really don't have an opinion yet. I cannot tell if the boy did something or not. It looks as though Tigger is responding to something though. The kid could have pinched him or something and lied about it. Or, Tigger could be crazy. I don't know.
-- Rachel
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tigger shold have hit him harder!!! You cannot see what that wise ass did behind his back .
-- Mike Glennon
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

It clearly looked to be an accident. Why would tigger hit a kid? It looked like he lost his balance and then his arm struck the kid. It didn't even look like a clear hit or even a hit. It looked like his arm ended up in the kid's direction. In the video his glasses didn't even move. If it was such a bad thing then why did he shake Tigger's hand after? If they were mad then they would have said something right there. You know why and so doesn't everyone because they saw dollar signs afterwards. Tigger rules!!!! Leave him alone!
-- kristy
North Dartmouth, MA

As a previous and soon to be again CP, I'm appalled at the attention this is recieving, and I feel sorry for the poor CM who is sure to lose his job over this blown outta proporation accident. Fortuneatly though Disney doesn't just cave into naisuances like this they have always fought hard in court and as the majority shows anybody with a pair of peepers can see the kid was doing something that caused Tigger to lose balance there was no malice in the "pawing", to cop a phrase from Mr. Cochran "If the Paw didn't hit, you must aquit!"
-- Jeremiah
Las Vegas, NV

Looks like a punk teenager messing with tigger. The kid deserved it, even if tigger didn't mean to slap him in the face. The side visibility is minimal in those suits. 4 million? That's ridiculous for a little padded slap in the face.
-- Maura

It seems pretty clear that this kid was messing with tigger. When tigger goes to turn you can tell the kid holds onto him. I find it a shame that people try to get something for nothing. You just know thats what they are up to here. Then the rest of us have to pay for it. And what about tigger he will be payingfor this for along time. We have to remember this is a person with bills like the rest of us. If disney gives these people anything they are leaving themselves open for all kinds of problems like this. What a shame our socity has come to this, such greedy people out there. Shame on that entire family.
-- cindy h.
fort wayne, in

Punk kid! You can so tell he's messing with Tigger, especially with that grin on his face. I'm so tired of them picking on Tigger!! There's no way that Tigger just out of the blue punched this kid... that's just ridiculous. I would even wonder if Dad edged the kid on to remove the head or unzip the costume. Almost like "Hey I read this lawsuit online involving Tigger, let's see if we can get money off of it too!". Please. I hope Disney doesn't give them a cent AND bans them from the park! They're asking for 4 million, for WHAT? What damages where there? Pain and suffering does not equal 4 million even if Tigger did pop you one in the mouth! It's all about the benjamins baby.
-- Elizabeth
Bowling Green, Ohio

It's not a matter or "right" or "wrong" - the contact between Tigger and the teen was not a punch or even an intentional contact. How can it be right or wrong if it was purely accidental?
-- WillCAD
Timonium, MD

No Way is any apology due......except from that ill behaved brat. He was OBVIOUSLY doing something behind Tigger's back.....check his hand out, Tigger made a response action to try and stop him....my feeling is he was going to try and pull Tigger's head mask off...What effect would that have had on any young children nearby???? As for Tigger hitting him.....I don't think so!! Plus remember...the character will not have full vision through his mask...only peripheral vision so he wouldn't be able to assess exactly where the punk was, you also see the punk's leather gloved hand smack Tigger's head. I can't believe that with all the troubles in this world...time is given to some dim family trying to make a quick dollar from perhaps the friendliest place on the planet!! We'll be flying over on Jan 18th to our favourite place....God Bless America Mike and family- Durham , England
-- mike230652
Durham, UK

The kid looks like a punk...he was trying to embarress tigger
-- karen
eliot, maine

While I do not neccessarily think the family is trying to get rich, quick, I do think that Tigger did nothing wrong. Clearly the kid is doing something to begin with. Clealry Tigger was going for the boys arm or sholder and couldn't see his face in the way. Clearly Tigger stands the boy upright and holds him long enough to be sure that he's ok. I suspect this is a case of the classic mistake of spoiling the first trip by goin all comando, with this incident added to the list.....Shame on the media for giving this family a voice.
-- Stacy
Ashburn, VA

This is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. For one, I don't agree that Tiger "clocked" the kid at all. I don't believe the kid was "sucker punched". What I see, what pretty much everyone can see, is that Tiger was being held behind up by the back of his neck, and that the kid continued to hold on to him there even when Tiger began to struggle. I think the boy and his father should be bared from all Disney parks for life. I mean, it's a person in that suit, a person's job and lively hood at stake and what this family are trying to do is simply rotten. Go make your money in an honest way is what I'd say to them. A Cast Members job is difficult enough without having to worry about jerks like them.
-- Kristina

If you look at the video in slow motion you can see the boy definately has a grip on tigger, not to mention he pounds tigger on the head after tigger breaks away. I looks like a case of Let get some attention and moula outa the mouse company. Knowing Disney would pay them off to shut them up. not fair to all of us who really respect the characters.
-- sonja
sacramento, ca

seems to me that Toocooltobemom hit it right on the money. why was the dad taking video? i think we all agree that Tigger was in the right and that family in the wrong. lol go to google video and look up "I'll sue ya" by weird al fits this *perfectly*
-- Mike Mc$
sandwich, ma

It looks like the kid was doing something to Tigger's back. If you notice,they have their arms around each other and all of a sudden Tigger kind of moves away and then it looks like they both lose their balance. Sure Tigger put his paw on the kids face but it definitely doesn't look very hard. I think it is one of those cases where people are looking for publicity and a quick buck.
-- Beth
Lake Jackson, Texas

That kid was obviously to blame. His plead of innocence is not convincing. Characters should not have to tolerate abuse from juvenile delinquents. Go Tigger Go. TTFN!!!
-- GoTiggerGo

I was a costume character for years at a local amusement area and you would be surprised what kids will do when parents can't see both hands. I didn't have an escort so after incidents would happen, I would come out in civilian clothes and address the situation with the parents. They usually gasped that their child would never do that! I have 3 young boys of my own from 20 to 11 and believe me they can totally stretch the truth. All kids in general, when confronted with undisputable proof will still lie if they think it will keep them out of trouble. Don't buy it Disney..its a scam.
-- Rick
West Carrollton, OH

I saw the video on the news and it was clear that "Tigger" was just horsing around with the boy. He did not assault anyone.
-- Joyce Rak
Norwich, CT

The kid is obviously doing something to hurt Tigger; look at how he hangs on tight with that obnoxious grin while Tigger is pulling away! They're demanding an apology from Tigger?!? Pulleeze. This kid needs to apologize to Tigger and his father needs to apologize to Disney, not to mention an apology to the rest of the world for trying to take advantage of the situation instead of punishing his child appropiately for assualting someone.
-- Tana
Minneapolis, MN

LEAVE TIGGER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! That boy is nothing but trouble. this family is totally sue happy.you can tell the boy tries to pull off that inasant look with the glasses.Really.....what are the chances of Tigger punching a boy in the face?If you ask me,Tigger was just trying to play.
-- Paige
Hammond, Louisiana

OH PLEASE! You know the saying to "go with your first instinct" on a test? Well that kid's father knew his kid was doing something wrong -- he even said so on camera! I can't believe they released their video to the media when it's so clear that the kid was doing something to Tigger behind Tigger's back. BAN THAT FAMILY FROM WDW FOR LIFE!
-- napria
Alpharetta, GA

That boy is a jerk! You can see Tigger bring his arm down to keep the boy from trying to mess with the back of his outfit. They are just looking for money! What goes around comes around!
-- Mary
London, KY

This is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen! Of course this kid grabbed something, watch Tigger's head! It clearly goes backwards! Disney, don't you dare give that family anything!!!! If anything, you should reinstate that CM immediately and stand behind him 100%!!!!
-- Dawn
Spotswood, New Jersey

the "kid" was obviously grabbing the back of tigger's costume! It looked like he was laughing and trying to hurt tigger. I think Tigger was trying to defend himself. He ought to sue the family for pain and suffering and giving Tigger a bad name!
-- Lisa
jacksonville, Florida

How anyone with a brain thinks that kid was punched is a fool. He did something to Tigger to provoke that reaction, which was barely a swipe. How desperate is that family for a lawsuit against Disney.
-- Brian A
Yorktown, NY

What you have to understand is that the teens left hand is not in sight. Perhaps something happened that we are not seeing? Nonetheless, I would have taken it as a playful shot from Tigger. I think this is being blown WAY out of proportion. Maybe just a simple 'I'm sorry, you misconstrued what I was doing' from Tigger would make this family happy? I see nothing in this video that as a mom, would have caused me to wad my knickers over...I hope this isn't one of these "get rich quick" schemes from this family..truly
-- Winona
Dayton, Oh

It is clear to me this punk was doing something to Tigger. Note that Tigger reaches for his neck as he and tries to remove the punkýs hand from his back before Tigger makes contact with his face. I think this punk was up to no good. To say that Tigger make contact for no reason is absurdýgive me a breakýif the general public is that naive then we are in real trouble.
-- Steve
Alexandria, VA

This is a crock, that was no punch or strike, just another attempt to get Disney to to pay..... I doubt whether or not tigger could even see the kids face due to the positioning. Looks to me as if TIgger was trying to grab the kid and keep him from falling as it is apparent the kid was off balance and accidentaly dragging Tigger down backwards. If I anyone truly hit the kid he would have had his glasses moved, seen some redness, etc. Total BS - another attempt at extorsion.
-- Ted Dooley
Martinez, CA

The kid is the one who did something! I went back and saw it in slow motion the kid did something to Tigger's back and Tigger punched him for self defense,now I'M NOT A INVESTIGATER OR ANYTHING BUT TO ME I THINK THE KID SHOLD BE SUED NOT TIGGER.THE KID IS JUST A SUCCUP KID. I THINK THAT THEY COULD HAVE PLANNED TO DO THAT.
-- Cheyanne
Harvest, State

I think Tigger might have handled the situation differently. Do I think the family should sue for damages? HECK NO. The kid was a brat. He should have his bottom tanned and be made to apologize to Tigger. Had the kid behaved himself the situation would never have happened. While Tigger did not behave entirely appropriately, I feel he reacted instinctively. Bottom line, if you play with matches, you get burned.
-- T-Nina Hermann
Berne, IN

Is it normal for people to pose for home video? I could see people taking still pic, but video is meant for action. It couldn't smell more fishier than this. Anchovies step aside please!
-- Toocooltobemom
auburn, NY

My quess is the kid pulled or grabbed some part of the character's costume and the cast member was only trying to keep his/her costume on and the kid got brushed by mistake.
-- Tim Lawley
Corpus Christi, Texas

disney made a grave error in telling the family they have suspended the CM. by doing this they admit wrongdoing on the CM's part and open themselves up to a lawsuit which we all know is coming. i don't think tigger did anything wrong and disney should of stood up for their employee.
-- pete
oceanside, new york

Tigger did not punch the boy. The boy's face got in the way of Tigger moving to pull himself away from the boy's arm. I'm sure it is close to impossible to see inside those outfits. Tigger's head has not made it around to see the boy when the 'hit' occurred. I'm sure disney has rules against it's employee's ruining the magic for the quests. I think there were even sued in the past for a child see Mickey without his head. It sure looked to me like the boy was trying to do something to the costume and Tigger was just trying to do his job (protecting the magic) Shame on the Father. The boy is young and his lack of maturity made him do something stupid. The Father should know better.
-- J. Welsh
, SC

It looks to me like he was trying to unzip tigger or something and tiggers hand was not closed in a fist also it looks like the kid is smiling the whole time I dont smile when my wife hits me there just trying to get some $$$$$$$$ DONT DO IT DISNEY their scamers
-- Jason Babarsky
Hazleton, pa

I Feel Really bad for Tigger. He is probably going to get fired for protecting himself. It is obvious from the video...he was looking to his left he felt the boy doing something and he turned quickly to stop the kid. The hit in the face does not look intentional. His paw just got in the way as he was turning. This family is obviously looking for something.
-- Sharon
, NJ

I can't say for 100%, because nobody but Tigger can, but it didn't look like a purposeful hit and if it was a hit it could have been a joking around hit. I think maybe that family went overboard. Melissa
-- Melissa
St. Louis, Missouri

I think this has been blown so far out of proportion that the accusing family feels they can't back down at this point. I'd LOVE to see the father and son take a polygraph and be quetioned as to whether this whole "incident" was really a premeditated set up. In no way do I think the boy was actually harmed. I do, however, think that he and his father based on video and the conversation recorded including "go for it...my bad tig, I was in your head.." really point the instigation finger to them and that the son should be charged with assault. It's clear that he was up to something, and by the way his parents say his name after the brush with Tigger's paw, it sounds like they were trying to get him to stop. What about the boy's punch to Tigger's head? I'd like to see a counter assault charge for that one!
-- Danielle
Hanover, PA

The poor characters have to worry about their actions all of the time. Will things get to the point that there are no characters around to play with so Disney can avoid potential lawsuits? I think it's sad that this even made the news.
-- Monica
Oklahoma City, OK

If I was that kids parent I would have told hime he was lucky Tigger didn't get Pooh and Piglet and beat the tar out oh him. He was trying to be cute and his Dad should know his kid well enough by now that he should be able to tell when he is up to no good. They are teaching the kid to cash in instead of learning that poor behavior is not tolerated.
-- Deb

It looked to me like tigger's head was pulled back b/c he grabbed at his chin before flailing at the kid. It looked like an accident to me.
-- TB

It appears as though the boy is doing something to Tigger's back. Tigger is either flinching or trying to get the boy off of his back. It does not appear that Tigger is purposely hitting the boy. I think this family just is trying to take advantage of the situation.
-- Crystal
Metairie, LA

it looks to me when the kid was laughing with his arm behind tigger he was maybe pinching tigger or grabbed him in some way. and when tigger reacted he didn't hit him in any way he just flinched towards what ever was happening to him and when he twisted tiggers hand brushed the kids face. SO NO HE DID NOT HIT HIM IN ANY WAY
-- chris murphy
bristol, CT

This is a case of someone blowing a completely innocent playful act out of proprtion to try and extort some easy cash and publicity from Disney. This dad should be ashamed of this poor example that he has set for his kids. I say this as a dad and a level headed person.
-- Jason Joyce
Farmington, Ct

The boy probably deserved it. I'm not saying that it was right, but I don't believe that it was unprovoked!!
-- Shelly
Lee's Summit, MO

Tigger was not wrong i think this family is after some $$$$$
-- Kevin Brubaker
Toledo, ohio

Its very apparent the kid was doing something to the back of Tigger. There is no way anyone in costume would punch someone like that. And honestly it doesnt even look like much to me. There is more to the story and the dad obviously is looking for more then an 'apology'. He could have gotten that directly through Disney instead of going to the media, hospital and anyone else who would listen!
-- Diane
Redford, Michigan

The kid was clearly messing with Tigger, who was obviously trying to breath and avoid falling on the little kids in front. The kid is a whiny little crybaby and his dad is a greedy liar. I hope the kid gets ostracized socially and the whole family shunned.
-- Clarence
Boston, MA

I have watched the video several times and I believe that the boy might of been up to something. You can see that Tiggers head moves slightly to the left away from the boy at first. So it appears that the head is somehow being tugged. Then you see that Tiggers right arm rolls up and over the boys left arm then under thus applying an arm lock to the boy to stop the boys arm from doing whatever he was doing. Then Tigger hits him in the face and I believe that it was a light hit at that. I have been involved in the martial arts for years and this would be a perfect example of the application of an arm lock technique. I think that Tigger took it very easy on the boy who again in my opinion was up to no good. With the boys arm locked up in that position Tigger could of easily put him to the ground and/or broken his elbow.
-- Donnie
Hanson, Massachusetts

This family is just looking for money. Tigger should of punched him harder
-- Bryan
Lake Worth, Florida

The whole situation is CRAP! It's all about the benjamins here. If the kid thinks Tigger hits hard, just wait until he goes to school and the other kids knock the snot out of him for being such a pansy and for blaming Tigger for HIS bad behavior. Morons, the whole lot of them :-(
-- Jodi
Mount Olive, Illinois

I think the kid definitely had a hold of something on the back of Tigger's suit. Tigger naturally reacted by turning and that's what threw the kid off balance. They are professionals under the suit and I don't believe that an employee would just "clock" the kid.
-- Lori
Salt Lake City, utah

I think it's pretty clear the kid was trying to either reach under the mask, unzip the costume or something. I hardly think Tigger "punched" him, though! It looks to me like Tigger was pivoting to avoid whatever the kid was trying to do--it's not like those masks have much visibility for Pete's sake!
-- Pam
Edwardsville, IL

The kid is a punk, just look at him. To me it looks like he is trying to pull on the costume or worse, take it off the person. Tigger had every right to push the kid away. Go Tigger!!!
-- Lindsey
Winterset, Iowa

Bull! This kid says it was "unprovoked" and he was just giving Tigger a "side hug". I have watched the video several times and it looks as if Tigger is turning to pull the boys arm out of the costume and his hand goes across the boys face. I've seen first hand how some teenagers act around the characters and it usually is rude and obnoxious. The parents should take responsibility that their kid acted like a jerk instead of trying to make the cash register ring!
-- Debbie
virginia beach, virginia

After checking out the video, it's rather obvious that the kid has ahold of the back of the costume somehow. When Tigger turns, the kid is pulled off balance - which implies that he was doing more than just putting his arm around his back... especially since he keeps his arm back there as the CM turns. Then I think with the impaired vision from being in this costumes, the CM was reaching for the kids arm and accidently hit the kid in the head. I think the kid definately provoked it.. The claim that the CM just slugged the kid out of the blue is absurd.
-- Chris
Norfolk, Virginia

I think that people are sue happy. Why haven't we seen the rest of the video. The people that are on these suits are professionals. It(suit) is very big and bulky and the kid was probably choking him like they say. The teen wasn't hurt and I think parents are looking for money. Let it GO!!!!!!!
-- Diana
, NH

Tigger is the victim here. Why should he have lost his job? This kid should be punished!!!!! This kid should have been taught how to act in public and how to treat others!!!!!
-- Christy
Dillwyn, Virginia

Poor Tigger ! I think it's really a shame to blame this character. I'm not so sure this young boy is not responsible : what does his hand do on Tigger's back ???? I don't know...........! All this is not very clear to my mind !!! I hope there will be investigations to find out a correct and fair response. We spend every summer in wdw theme parks and it's really the first time I read such a story ! All characters are always kind, sweet with our kids ! Christine
-- Perrine
Monteils, FRANCE

Tigger is the true victim here. I have watched the video several times and thisis what I see. The boys hand is inside the costume... Tigger is struggling and as he moves, the kids hand is still in the costume... Tigger grabs his arm and as he turns to follow-through with his left hand to pull the kids arm out of his suit, he brushes the kids face with his paw. The kids was up to no good and the family is trying to get rich, quick!! The kid was even laughing and so was the mother.
-- Barbara

This was so crazy. I read where the child was trying to unzip Tigger's costume. Regardless, it is no more of an assault on that child than the supposed BRICK that fell off the castle and injured that woman! The castle is FIBERGLASS!!!!
-- addictd2disney
Marietta, GA

To me it looks like an accident. The kid seems to be pulling Tigger of balance.
-- space ranger
Jackson, NJ

I have watched the video several times and to me it is quite clear that the boy is doing something to Tigger. Tigger is reaching to free himself from the boy when he accidentally brushes his head. Shame on the boy and his family - they should be embarassed to show their faces in public. They should be the ones giving the apology, not Disney or the CM. If the family wasn't just trying to get money out of Disney for their scam the press wouldn't have even known about the incident!
-- V.Ray
, Canada

I have watched the video several times and to me it is quite clear that the boy is doing something to Tigger. Tigger is reaching to free himself from the boy when he accidentally brushes his head. Shame on the boy and his family - they should be embarassed to show their faces in public. They should be the ones giving the apology, not Disney or the CM. If the family wasn't just trying to get money out of Disney for their scam the press wouldn't have even known about the incident!
-- V.Ray
, Canada

This is such a ridiculous argument on behalf of this father. To use the word "assault" is downright ludicrous. While I obvisouly did not witness this firsthand, it appears that Tigger either loses his balance or falters enough to cause his arm to swing up. It was no way a "punch" or "whack" to the kid's head. The kid was laughing after it happened, so I'm doubting he sustained the neck injuries the dad is claiming. I hope the CM gets his job back.
-- Megan
Kalamazoo, Michigan

tigger didn't do anything that kid is so dorky and wimpy that a paper cut would make him cry tigger wasn't moving fast enuff to really lay the kid out if tigger wanted to hert the kid he so could of tigger your inecent they just want to try to get money from disney those types of people don't need to go back to disney leave tigger alone.
-- Bobby
Nantucket, Ma

So predictable, another family trying to get rich quick off the name of Disney. Its pretty obvious in the video that the kid was horsing around and lets be honest its tough enough to see in those costumes. Seems to me they are just looking for a lawsuit where there isnt one. Its families like that who in the end just ruin the fun for everyone else around them. Grow up and stop whining!!
-- Gary Schwarz
Milford, Ct

It clearly looks like the kid pulled at Tiggers head or something to cause him to react that way. I am sure the kid was just clowing around but he had to have done something to provoke it. Shame on this family for causing this... and they should remember what goes around comes around.
-- Vicki
Lakeland, FL

This is all nonsense!! When I watched the video, it looked like the kid was hanging on the back of tigger, when tigger moved he almost fell over. I think they both lost their balance, plus tigger was probably trying to keep the kid from pulling off his head or whatever he was trying to do back there. If it was my kid, I would be angry because tearing the head off of a character would ruin it for all of the little kids who that that IS tigger. HOW RUDE!!
-- Mary
Frankfort, IL

Get real this youngster obviously was doing something to TIGGER. Shame on the parents for the example they are setting by trying to scam a buck off of Disney no wonder this CHILD is the way he is, look to the parents! What a shame it is that people go to the most magical place on earth with their children and act like a donkey, I pity these people for their lack of any sense.
-- Marie
New Bedford, MA

This is the first I have seen this video. I have not read any message board posts or anything on this. I have been without power all day and just logged on. I wanted to give my opinion on this before having any other 'ideas or opinions' forced on me. I think this is ridiculous. It is clearly an accident. Tigger was just moving his arm and it connected with the boys face. I would think the parents are seeing the possibility of big bucks from a settlement from Disney. They know Disney has money and Disney would not want bad PR. It is very clear what they are doing. I feel so badly for the employee put on suspension for this accident. It is just another case of lawsuit happy people who try to make a buck any way they can. Its unfortunate that people like this take advantage of the system like this. If Disney does settle with them, it is affecting everyone with more price increases in the parks.
-- Liz
Aldergrove, BC

I think the kid was messing with Tiger
-- Jeannine
middletown, ny

I too was just in Disney World from Dec 30 til January 3rd. TIGGER WAS IN NO WAY MEANING TO HARM THAT BOY! The characters try to joke around with the children mussin their hair and playing with them. This boy was looking for trouble and I believe he did NOT get hurt. He would have gotten hurt worse standing on the Mickey Philharmagic line as the people funnel in to get a seat. What liars that family is trying to make a buck on disney
-- Theresa
Fair Lawn , NJ

This is a disgusting display of greediness on the Monaco's family's part with no regard whatsoever to the individual employed by Disney. The kid has a smile on his face the whole time and in no way shows any sign of being injured by the "sucker punch" as the dad described it. I hope nothing comes of this inevitable lawsuit. I find it hard to believe the family just wants an "apology" while they hire an attorney and go on the national news. Makes no sense whatsoever.
-- Amy
lancaster, pa

If that were my kid with that sh*t eating grin, I'd clock him myself. What morons..
-- Tamara
Oak Creek, WI

Looks like he was just playing around to me...
-- Jessica
Nicholasville, KY

That just goes to show you. DON'T MESS WITH TIGGER!!! You Go Tigger!!!
-- LH
Panhandle, Florida

the boy was clearly pulling at something on Tigger's back....Tigger should not be punished.....
-- snowyinva
falls church, va

Take just goes to show you. DON'T MESS WITH TIGGER!!! You Go Tigger!!!
-- LH
Panhandle, Florida

I think the whole thing looks like an unfortunate accident. It must be hard to see in those costumes and even a bit hard to balance at times. When you are surrounded by four people and one is hanging on you like the boy was, you are bound to lose your balance and possibly knock into someone. I am on Tiggers side in this. I hope the family is not planning to sue. It is bad enough they suspended Tigger for what looks to be a slight knock on the noggin. Why would Tigger want to harm anyone??
-- Suzanne Rudge
Brampton , Ontario

Disney was wrong for treating Tigger like he was guilty. The kid obviously was causing a problem with the character, and Disney needs to take a stance against the family - not the man in the Tigger suit.
-- Denise
Orlando, FL

There is more to this than the video shows. I don't believe the cast member meant any harm
-- brack
Baltimore, MD

I believe this kid was definitely doing something to provoke Tigger. No matter how many children the characters see a day I am sure they are well trained to not touch a child no matter what. We are in disney every year and I have seen the characters mess around with my kids all the time. They are always playing and just acting like the character they are. This family should be embarassed that they are even making something of this whole event. It's so sad what people will do for their 15 minutes of fame or to get some money. Disney I hope you are listening to everyone who is backing Tigger in this incident. Don't let this family get away with this charade. Let the families who enjoy Disney continue seeing characters with their children (especially when it's the first time -you never forget the look on their faces when they get to meet their favorite characters face to face.) and not let this incident ruin it for everyone. Hang in their Tigger we are all on your side!!!! A True Disney Fan
-- A True Disney Fan
Chicago, Il

I think Tigger was provoked, and I also think the "punch" was an accident. The kid was doing something to Tigger behind his back. The smirk on the kid's face says it all. Tigger was just trying to stop the kid from doing whatever he was doing, and couldn't see where the kid moved to. And watching the interview of the kid on the YouTube clip, when he says "I didn't do anything to provoke him" his eyes look down to the ground. Now, I am not an expert, and I am not sure if this is true, but I remember reading that when a person is speaking to someone and their eyes look down, it is a sign they are lying (if a person looks up, they are reaching back into their memory to remember something). That was the first thing I noticed. Tigger is the one that should hire an attorney. I hope Disney doesn't cave in on this.
-- JW
, NJ

I think that this is just another attempt by a guest to get 15 minutes of fame and compensation from Disney. In looking at the video, it appears that the boy may have done something behind the cast members back in order to incite the (playful looking) actions. To me, it appears that Tigger was about to "bouce" as Tigger sometimes does. Those costumes are extremely cumbersome with limited vision, I do not think these actions were intentional and I believe that once again (like the "molestation") these guests are taking the actions of the costumed cast members out of context.
-- Tinkerbelle_325
Toronto, Ontario

-- BluMonkeyboy

If they (the son and father) consider that brush-back or whatever it was as "being clocked", then my 2 year old daughter would like to "clock" the snot out of them both!! They are obviously just looking to cash in. They should be ashamed and made fun of by everyone whoever meets them!! What a couple of whimps!!
-- Scooter
Salem, Ct

It clearly looks like an accident and accidents do happen. Look what happened with Tigger when I went on vacation in October. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8dBhPjx5bw
-- Rich
New York, New York

COME ON, these people are obviously trying to get money!!! The kid is obviously doing something stupid behind Tigger's back. Tigger didn't "punch him" at all, oh big deal so he put a hand up looking like he was going to pat the kid on the head, im sure he didnt mean to hit the kid and i'm sure it didn't hurt him one bit! Look at the stupid look on the kid's face, he knows he's doing something stupid, I wasn't a teenager that long ago to know that kind of face haha. PA-THE-TIC!
-- annie
Port Richey, FL

The boy was doing something to Tigger in the back. The boy was not injured because he was smiling throughout the whole video. If he was injured he would not be smiling. I feel sorry for Tigger because the boy seemed to be doing something to him. Tigger should press charges if he was trying to hurt him! It sure looks like Tigger was getting hurt! This family is making a big deal over nothing. I can't believe that television is broadcasting this video. There are more important things in this world then pretending to get hurt by Tigger. This family needs to stop wanting to become famous!
-- Amy

They showed the video WITH audio on our local news. In the begining the father says "Don't crowd Tigger" and then you see what is shown above (and on most news stations). The video contimues on from there and Tigger pats the kid on the shoulder and extends a hand to shake (in the fashion of an apology) and the kid says "My Bad Tigger". With that information having been aired in the local Orlando market... I say it was a NOT intentional and that Tigger was NOT at fault of any wrong doing. The family blew this way out of proportion.
-- Amy
Winer Garden, Florida

I think Tigger was clearly just playing around, and the boy looks like he is having a good time.. I think this family is just out to score some money in a settlement from Disney. I also think it's a shame that this poor guy is going to lose his job, which he must really enjoy, not many people want to walk around in a tigger suit all day// It's very unfair to me and I hope Disney takes it to trial...
-- Jen
Niantic, Ct

I think that Disney/Tigger should get a lawyer against the 14 year old. He is provoking in some manner and hanging on to the tigger costume in some manner forcing Tigger to react in self defense.
-- Donna
Wonder Lake, IL

There's nothing wrong about the video. That guy is looking for some kind of money settlement. What a jerk, He should be ashamed of himself. Tigger did nothing wrong...
boca raton, florida

If you really want to punish the family make them spend the night in Its A Small World!!!!!That would do anyone in..
-- Lauren
Northfield, OH

I marvel at just how low some parasites of society are willing to stoop. Clearly there's absolutely no malicious intent exercised by the WDW character, Tigger. Review of the video reveals a rambunctious teen soliciting a reaction to unwanted behavior or provocation. I find it altogether despicable that any self-respecting adult would attempt such a gross accusation against WDW and one of its characters. The sad fact of this matter, and all like it, is that societal parasites like these will eventually force WDW to eliminate character interaction and many magical moments for deserving children and their families. I just hope WDW doesn't retreat to such good ole garden variety criminal intentions.
-- Daniel
Miami, Florida

I think that the family is wrong. From what I can tell, the teen is pulling on something of Tigger's from behind (his neck, his tail, ect). This caused Tigger to lose his balance. He is also trying to keep the teen from doing whatever he is doing.
-- joanna71985
Closter, NJ

i don't think that tigger hit the boy... i think that he was just goofying around being tigger!!! i think this is being blown out of perportion!!! Poor Tigger is getting a bad wrap!
-- MickeynMinnie
North tonawanda , ny

Unprevoked? I highly doubt that! Does anyone REALLY think that Tigger is going around just hitting kids in the face for no reason? Does ANYONE go around hitting kids in the face for no reason? This is really unreal!
-- Val
Wilson, NY

The little ba***rd was provoking him. He was trying to show off and be cool. Tigger did NOT attack him. He just turned to his side to avoid him. In that big costume, he doesn't have peripheral vision so he has to turn his body to look in a certain direction. That family is whacked...shame on them if the pursue this!!!!
-- David1969
San Antonio, TX

I think it was an accident and the family if blowing it out of proportion, for what reason I'm not sure, but money definitely comes to mind.
-- tigger & Mickey
, Canada

After showing the video to my 5 and 7 year old sons they both said it looks like Tigger was just trying to pat the kid on the side of the head. My 7 year old it doesnt even looks like it would hurt.I think this another case of sue happy people and the lawyers willing to take the case looking for an easy payday.
-- S Wilson
West Mifflin, Pa

i think since the father isnt trying to sue WDW and they wont show more of the before video i dont think anything went wrong. where is the sound? did the kid say something to the CM? just my opinion.
-- KyCruiseCrazy
mt washington, ky

From what I can see, it appears the kid is grabbing at something on Tigger's back, Tigger reaches to remove his hand and the kid's face gets in the way. I don't see anything here, but a kid acting up and Tigger defending himself. Maybe there's more to the video we're not seeing, but I think it's just someone trying to reach into the deep Disney pockets. My .02
-- _chill_
Indianapolis, IN

It looks to me like Tigger was being playful, not hitting. Of course I was not there, but both my fiance and I don't think it looked like anything at all.
-- blujaymama
Hamden, CT

Just got home from Disney! Every moment was magic in spite of the weather. All Cast Members costumed or not were wonderful. After reviewing this video, it is very clear that Tigger did nothing wrong. I hope the media picks up on that and runs with it. I hope and pray this won't ruin any future magic moments. Character interactions are the highlight of our trips - rude and obnoxious families are not. These people should be ashamed of their idiotic behaviour.
-- magicqueen
Ottawa, Ontario

This is absurd. I fear that Disney will have no more characters one day as a result of these money-hungry "guests." It is clear that this boy is pulling at the back of Tigger (zipper, etc.) and the character turned to stop him. They should have been thrown out of the park and given no media attention.
-- Nikki
Hazlet, NJ

The father is clearly trying to pull something. If you watch the video you can see the kid is up to something and Tigger turned around-not meaning to do anything....maybe the father should learn how to control his out of control kid instead of blaming it on Disney. No wonder why tickets to get into the park are so high!
-- George
Seattle, WA

I think that the boy and the family were indeed up to something - planned, perhaps? I also believe Tigger was trying to unengage himself from the boys grasp with as much dignity as possible and the boy got in the way because he would not let go of Tigger. I am appalled at the parents and the idea that our children can do whatever they want, or better yet let's tell them to do something so we can start a lawsuit. The sad part of this story is that DIsney will begin to limit character interactions to make sure that this does not happen - bad publicity and lawsuits.
-- Kati
Mansfield, , TX

The kid was doing something to the back of Tigger, it is obvious. Tigger uses his right arm to put a joint lock on the kids left arm. Tigger then brings his left arm around to pat the kid on the head (open handed)(I believe to send the kid a little message to say "quit screwing with me"). The kid moves and Tigger cant see where the top of the kids head is...so he misjudges and hits the kid in the face....gently..... That's my opinion, (Defensive tactics instructor)
-- 1gr8mouse
Battle Creek, MI

It is obvious that the kid was messing with Tigger. My 17 year old son watched the video and read the story. His Comment? "I would hate to be that kid when the story broke and he went back to school. Who wants to admit they can't take a hit from a bouncing tiger?" DS said he hoped the kid was homeschooled for his sake.
-- cathy
lawrence, ks

It was clearly not intended for Tigger to be "punching" the kid....I think these people need to stop trying to sue over something so minute. Get a life!
-- Jeni
Seattle, WA

If these folks get any settlement it needs to also include life long banishment from any WDW Parks.
-- Jade
Eden Prairie, MN

ROTFLMAO...just thought of the ideal punishment for the teen & his Dad.....1000 hours in a Tigger costume at Disney for FREE!
-- Sharon
Plainfield, NJ

I have never felt the need to comment until now. Like everyone else I have watched the video multiple times. It is clear that the teenager was attempting to interfere with Tigger first. The father knew it, but decided to throw the accusation maybe in hopes of special treatment & dreams of life long Fast Passes for his family. It would not be the first time a family made a stink at Disney trying to get something extra special! I have seen it first hand & wish people could see themselves behaving badly on video like this family. Disney is not in the habit of pursuing legal actions against visiting families for harassing their charactors...they have always gone above & beyond trying to make it right. This family clearly took advantage of that. I am sure once the media caught on to it the father had no other choice then to try to defend his sons actions out of sheer embarassement. But seeing on all the responses here, we Disney lovers can spot a fraud. I hope that Disney sticks up for the CM involved, If I was in the park with my 3 kids when this teen attempted to behead Tigger it would have been ME punching him out! We can only hope the father (and son)does the right thing NOW by apologising to the CM, Disney, and the families that had to witness this at the park & watch the video of their son behaving so badly.
-- Sharon
Plainfield, NJ

My family has come to the conclusion that the kid was doing somthing to Tigger to cause this. The father admits he didn't get all of it on tape.
-- ChrisR

It looks to me like the kid was up to something and Tigger was defending himself. Now with our litigous society, the family thinks they can cash in on their kids misbehaviour. par for the course nowadays.
-- Snoopywoodstockus
Granite Falls, NC

I think it is clear to see that the boy, who before the footage was released was portrayed a a very young child, was attempting to tamper with Tigger's costume. It is also clear that the tap the boy recieved was similar to all the pats my toddlers have recieved when they meet the characters. This is clearly being blown out of proportion by a family that obviously can not teach proper manners to their own children. I hope Disney keeps this particular Tigger and will be writing them to let them know. What would have happened to the "magic" if any of the other vacationing children would have seen Tigger without his headpiece or possibly unzipped. In my opinion, Tigger was doing his job and looking out for all the other guests and I thank him for it!
-- jenfur
Bassett, VA

I think the "boy" did something to Tigger and Tigger lost his balance. I suspect tigger was trying to catch himself when his hand came in contact with the boy. The boy & his father (especially) need to grow up -- and not be so obsessed with $$$!
-- Angelrider
Kokomo, Indiana

What a waste of Disney's time to deal with people like that! Give me a break. Obviously, the 14 year old wasn't mature enough to pose with his family for a photo. If you look disrepectful....you probably are disrespectful. Someone should teach that kid and his father some manners. That kid is going to have a rough life ahead of him! What a pitiful family.
-- Caroline A.
clemson, sc

The kid was obviously causing trouble! The zipper for the costume is at the back, near the head and as you can see, the kid has his hand near that location. As Tigger swings around, he more than likely can feel somebody messing about back there, he cannot see well from the head of the costume. Tigger's raises his arm up, he turns and accidently bumps the kid. You can notice the smile on the kid as he "keeps hanging on behind Tigger". The father, seeing an opportunity to make some easy money jumps on the story, gets a lawyer, and makes a big deal out of it! Saw the 3 of them (father, son, and lawyer) sitting on a morning show and the father saying he "ran his son to the hospital" after the incident! The kid said he was "doing fine now, not in so much pain beacuse he has medicine." The family is just out to get all they can!
-- FreeTigger!
, Minnesota

The kid was obviously causing trouble! The zipper for the costume is at the back, near the head and as you can see, the kid has his hand near that location. As Tigger swings around, he more than likely can feel somebody messing about back there, he cannot see well from the head of the costume. Tigger's raises his arm up, he turns and accidently bumps the kid. You can notice the smile on the kid as he "keeps hanging on behind Tigger". The father, seeing an opportunity to make some easy money jumps on the story, gets a lawyer, and makes a big deal out of it! Saw the 3 of them (father, son, and lawyer) sitting on a morning show and the father saying he "ran his son to the hospital" after the incident! The kid said he was "doing fine now, not in so much pain beacuse he has medicine." The family is just out to get all they can!
-- FreeTigger!
, Minnesota

I would say tigger didn't do anything! I almost seems like that kid was sticking his finger up tiggers ass!
-- ken
Tamaqua, pa

The kid is an annoyance!!!!The father is a remora!!!He is trying to hitch a ride on the Disney $$$$ train!!! Tigger should have bounced on the kids head until he said "uncle"
-- Davey48

Having to watch the tape over and over again to gain a better prespective of this incident, I truthfully believe the teen was DOING something he shouldn't have behind Tigger. My pet cockatiel hits harder than that. Give me a break!
-- Tocooltobemom
Auburn, NY

I think that Tigger did not do anything wrong. In the film it looks like the boy was hurting him in some way either by pinching of choking him by pulling his costum back. Tigger just tried to grab his hand to make him stop but the boy moved in and that is when tiggers hand hit the boys face.. and it was not on purpose in my opinion
-- Notiggersfault
, NH

Tigger should have bounced him off the wall. Teen in question was CLEARLY up to no good. My family enjoy WDW every year cast members have always gone above and beyond the call of duty to insure each and every trip is truly a memorable experience. I will be very upset with Disney if they terminate this member of the cast. I don't even believe the punch was a punch, looks to me like he was trying to turn and grab him and acccidently clipped the kid , his father should have looked at the tape better, and then give him the spanking he so deserved.
-- Disney Freak
New London, Wisconsin

Looks to me like the kid was trying to unzip Tigger, and Tigger tried to move him away and accidentally caught him across his face. What a con! This is just a family trying to make a dollar. Funny how the kid goes from his "street clothes" with a vest and gloves to an innocent looking outfit for the tv cameras...
-- wdwtravels
Bristol, UK,

This is getting ridiculous. This kid's dad is going to make a pansy out of this boy. Sounds like a money-hungry father to me.
-- civileng68
Naples, Fl

It looks to me that the young man is doing something to Tigger we cannot see! In the video he grabs his (tigger) head and then tries to push the boy away.
-- Redsoxjill81
Lynn, Ma

I hope that this hoax does not impair future character interactions for everyone. Such a shame...now my daughter, 5, does not believe the characters are real anymore...since there was "a man inside" publicized by all. Thanks Jerry from NH for ruining my family's magic.
-- jennyvelaz
, CT

I don't think it is as simple as whether Tigger was right or wrong, because I don't think it's ever right to hit someone's child, however I really don't thing it was really intentional or malicious. I watched the video several times...they made it out to be like all of a sudden Tigger went crazy, put his arm into a lock and then hit him. From what I see in the video though, the kid's hand was stuck somehow and Tigger was trying to "get free." I don't think the boy was totally innocent in all this. I think he was doing something, unzipping the costume maybe? Or he got his hand in the costume somehow. There is more to the story than just what we can see on that video.
-- Lisa
Mentor, Ohio

are you kidding me Tigger did nothing. Tigger like all the animals can't talk so was the kids talking to him. It looked like Tigger pushed his face.
-- sandy wadsworth
folcroft, pa

The whole thing is absurd. Tigger barely touched him, and was obviously provoked. It's an attemp at a scam. Disney should sue the family.
-- boomhauer
Worcester, MA

I think the kid provoked Tigger. It's hard to tell from the video but I really think that he was pulling on Tigger's tail and he was making him stop. Also, the boy was barely tapped in the head. I think they are looking to get money and he wasn't injured at all. Regardless of who started the incident though, the person in the suit should have a more restraint. He is 31 years old and having your costume tugged at should not be enough to have you hit a 14 year old kid no matter how light it was.
-- Jay1974

he was probably provoking tigger. the characters go through a lot with "guests" My 5 year old daughter several years ago was pushed down by a mother trying to get her daughter closer to Minnie
-- kkg
maplewood, mn

What a bunch of it! This idiot kid obviously was doing something behind Tigger's back! It looked like that Tigger was turning around to stop him and accidently hit the kid. And then the kid hit Tigger! This family should be banned from the park forever. What a bunch of losers and cry babies.
-- disneyaggie
Frisco, TX

I clearly think the Father and Son con artist's just want $$$$ from the pockets of Disney. That boy looks like a PUNK to start with. Disney is the most magical place on earth. Why do STUPID people like this have to try and ruin it for the rest of us. The next thing that will happen is that you will NOT be aloud to touch or put your arm around the costumed characters. I think those people should NEVER be able to visit another Disney park again. I really hope that kid gets BEAT UP when he returns to school. HE DESERVES IT!!!! Tigger has NO fault in this at all He is INNOCENT. The Father is really teaching his kid to be such great member of society.
-- Michelle G
Madison, Ohio

I'm hoping a tape, pictures, or an eye witness shows up that says/shows that brat is up to something. Anyone there that day check your pictures and footage closely...I wanna see this family proven wrong. Everyone knows the brat was up to something and the father probably knows it but obviously wants something out of it or doesn't want to be called a liar and a fraud! Doesn't he realize that he is putting pressure on an Innocent Tigger?!? Behind you all the way Tigger!
-- Melinda
Arlington, Texas

I totally stand behind Tigger 100%. People do mean things to those characters and that boy obviously is up to something. He isn't just smiling for a picture with Tigger it's a "hey watch this" kind of smile. I bet he tried to flip the head off or unzip the costume. It's just someone that is trying to get money or a lifetime pass out of Disney and I am behind Tigger 100%.
-- Mindy
Fort Worth, Texas

Tigger did not do anything wrong! It does not look intentional. The child appears to be doing something that throws Tigger off balance.
-- Rebecca Pereira
Mississauga, Ontario

GIVE ME A BREAK!!!. He did not hit him hard first of all. Secondly, I dont think he did it intentionaly. I am sure there is more to the tape as well. Look out Disney, Im sure you guys are going to have to fight another unfounded lawsuit. We end up having to pay for the court costs through higher ticket prices.
-- yardgirl327
Miramar, Florida

If you watch the kid's face, it is obvious that he is trying to do something to Tigger...pinching, unzipping, pulling him backwards, etc. He has a mischievous look on his face and does not look "horrified" when Tigger's paw comes around. Looks to me like Tigger is trying to stop the kid from doing "something" and because this kid is out of his line of sight (which is so very limited in that costume) he inadvertantly paws him in the face when he was trying to avoid knocking over the children in front of him who are in his line of sight. Makes me wonder what is on the rest of the video that is not being publicly shown. Does the Dad tell his kid to "knock it off" and that he "got what he deserved"??? Did he try to mess with any other characters while on vacation?? My guess is the parents have tried to seize this opportunity for a quick payday and ruin an innocent person's "Tigger career." I am sure there is much more to this story.
-- Amanda
Pewaukee, WI

The boy obviously did something to tigger by his posture. Tigger moves defensively, grabbing the boys arm from behind his back, then attempts to psh him off. I suspect that the boy was either trying to unmask Tigger, or pull his tail.
-- magicmouse2
sunderland, UK

Looked pretty tame to me, nobody "clocked" anybody. Give me a break!
-- DisDon
Riverton, Utah

After viewing the clip numerous times, it seems obvious that the boy was doing something to the back of Tigger's costume, like perhaps pulling it down. Considering that the characters are not allowed to actually speak, I believe that Tigger did what was needed to get the boy to let go. I wouldn't exactly call it a hit, it was more like simply pushing him away from his costume. Clearly, the boy was wrong, and the incident is really a non-incident.
-- Disneytrotters
Boyne City, Michigan

I think this is the most blown out of proportion story out of Disney in a long time! From watching the video (the video we are allowed to see by the way) it clearly looks like Tigger was losing his balance and was trying to steady himself when he accidentally hit the kid. No CM is going to intentionally hit someone with numerous cameras and video cameras around him. Granted, there's been kids I've wanted to whack on the head while visiting the world, but you just don't do it. The dad seems like a huge "something for nothing" type and for some reason feels entitled to an apology from Tigger himself? Seriously? I'm just sorry that in this instance Disney had to suspend the CM to investigate instead of being able to outwardly support their castmembers upfront. BTW...why is it always Tigger??? Poor guy!
-- Jenny Flohre
Dayton, OH

It appears to me that the boy was attempting to unzip or do something to the back of the costume and "Tigger" was trying to push him away. I think the family is really blowing this out of proportion and obviously trying to get something out of the deal. If the boy wasn't doing something to provoke "Tigger", I don't think anything would have happened. We just came back from a 2 week stay in Orlando and the characters were all very professional and courteous.
-- Christy
Strykersville, NY

First of all, the video is absolutely inconclusive. Did Tigger lose his footing? Was he not aware that his hand was about to touch the kid's head (which would be completely understandable given the presumed lack of peripheral vision in that costume)? Or did something tick him off just enough to give the kid a little slap? To get to the bottom of it, I'd want to hear the actor's take on the incident. But in the end, who really cares? The kid is 100% fine (physically, mentally and emotionally) - it bothers me to no end when people waive around lawsuit threats against major corporations in hopes of a payday, which is clearly what is going on here.
-- Ffugitive
Ardsley, NY

I honestly don't think Tigger was in the wrong here. It really looks to me like the teen was up to something behind Tigger's back, look at his grin and how Tigger entines his arm in the boys before turning towards him. We also should keep in mind how these characters have no periferal vision...I don't think the "hit" was intentional.
-- Mel Bailey
Maryville, TN

It looks to me that punky kid was up to no good..trying to unzip the Tigger costume or something..which would probably ruin the magic of Disney for many kids walking nearby. It was not an intentional swing, however if i was in that costume, it might have been!
-- molly's mom
North Attleboro, MA

The kid looks like a punk to begin with. "Perception is reality". I bet he did pull at the costume like Tigger claimed, even if maybe the kid was off balance and just grabbed the costume to help gain his balance back -- Tigger did the right thing, and what they are trained to do!! Tigger's innocent.
-- DisneyBug
N. Grosvenordale, CT

Bouncing is what Tiggers do best!! WDW is a magical place where dreams come true; however, adults must remember that there are responsibilites associated with visits to the Kingdom. I would love to see a camera view from behind Tigger. It appears as if Tigger was reacting to a tail pull or something inappropriate. It is a financial drain for most families to visit WDW, but it is not a place where anything goes. If that is what the Monaco family expects, perhaps a visit to Mardi Gras in New Orleans would facilitate their desires? I totally understand why Tigger doesn't apologize. Tigger doesn't speak!!
-- Ricky
Ruston, LA

That's why I couldn't be a CM. If that kid and his old man thinks that was bad, he would still be having Tigger nightmares when I got done. The media blitz would be reading, "Tigger whips the snot out of disrespectful kid and idiot father, infront of cheering Disney on-lookers!" Give the kid a coke and a smile and shut the....heck....up!
-- Goon Squad
jackson, ms

It is quite obvious that the kid has ahold of Tigger and is doing something devious. Looks to me like his hand is in Tigger's neck area, probably trying to get under the costume. Tigger's natural reflex was to turn around and he just happened to hit the kid in the face and not very hard since the kid is still smiling afterwards!
-- jtdl
, Ontario

I think Jerry's left arm was somewhere it wasn't supposed to be, doing something it wasn't supposed to be doing to Tigger. I say it was self-defense.
-- tinkerbell
Quakertown, PA

I am sorry, I just have to write a second comment. I sat here this morning reading what everyone else had to say and I can't believe that the media has taken this and run with it. Most of us here are DISney "crazy" people and tend to back Disney, but in this case, it is so clear that there is more to the picture than what was portrayed by the father and the media. The boy is so out of line! Also, the father pointed out how this ruined their trip to WDW...come on, the only one that ruined their trip was themselves, first by their son acting the way he did, and then by the father "NOT BEING MAN ENOUGH" to accept what his own son had done. Running to the media with it and hiring a lawyer is what ruined his trip!
-- laura001
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

I looked at this video a couple of times and came to the same conclusion each time. It appears that Tigger lost his balance or was accidentially knocked off balance by the kid in question. I feel it was simply an accident and that Tigger's hand went up in an attempt to regain his balance. If this was my kid, I would have made sure he was okay and moved on. Now we have the dad on the news, with an attorney, and stating his kid has neck pain. I think this family is looking to make $$$ off an unfortunate incident in our sue happy country.
-- MissMinnie
Roanoke, VA

Tigger was right! The kid was definitley doing something behind Tigger's back. Plus, the kid was wearing glasses....I wear glassess and have been in a few real brawls in my life and if you have them on when someone hits you in the face they go flying off. He was playing with the kid but also in a gentle way let the kid know that he could protect himself if need be. GO TIGGER!
-- Marty Weil
Geneva, IL

This is crazy! Leave Tigger alone. Anyone can see that the kid was doing something to Tigger behind his back. Sounds like a ploy to get something out of disney
-- mainemouselover
Waterboro, ME

Tigger is innocent!!!
-- Denise
Chetek, WI

If you look down at Tigger's feet you'll see he is against a curb. It seems to me that he is loses his balance against the curb, tries to regain his balance and accidently clocks the kid in the head while doing so! Innocent!
-- TC
new york, ny

If you look carefully Tigger is grabbing the boy's arm and then pushing him away, not smacking him in the face. I'd like to see what was happening to Tigger's back to make him want to stop the boy from whatever was happening. I know Disney is going to suspend the CM, but I wonder if he was trying to stop the boy from exposing him. It's ashame!
-- Tinalala
Attleboro, MA

Tigger is innocent! What I see in the tape is the kid fooling around, trying to do something to Tiggers costume so in a attempt to reach around to stop him his paw bumps into the boys' face along the way. With that huge costume head, he couldn't see where he was going and accidentally bumped the kids' face. How could a big stuffed fuzzy paw hurt!
-- bsottung
eastampton, new jersey

Please give tigger her job back... It looks like she was trying to get him off of her... I am all for customer satisfaction... sometimes u must give your employees the benefit of the doubt...with a second chance... Kerri
-- alldiz
West Sayville, New York

No way is Tigger responsible. The boy is taller than he is! Obviously the boy is grabbing Tigger around the back somehow. Merely an attempt to get $$$$.
-- ppiew
chassell, michigan

You can clearly see that Tigger was reacting to whatever the boy was doing behind him, grinning!! I think the family is using this opportunity to make some $$ to this to a frivelous lawsuit. And now the boy has NECK PAIN?? Give me a break!! I guess the boy does not do any athletic sports in school or watch out, the father may come after you and sue you too!! Disney, Don't give in to these people..fight this and remember, the Wonderful Thing about Tigger is that Tigger is a WONDERFUL THING!!
-- Bmwdsny
Easton, PA

i watched the video several times, and you can see the teen pulling on tigers costume, tiger was turning to get the teen to stop and acidentally hit him. it is a padded paw for crying out loud. i bet the boy gets teased at school about being "beat up" by tiger. if he thinks that was hard, then he is a sissy boy. come on, it is the fathers way to defend what the boy did to tiger and to try to prevent them from getting sued by tiger, so they had to interpret the tape the way that it makes them look best, but even someone like me can clearly see that the boy was pulling on the costume and tiger turned to get the boy off of him and accidentally hit the boy, not hard. you can even see that just as the tape is ending tiger is still trying to push the boy off of him. the boy intentionally hit tiger. what i would like to know, is what happened immediatally after the tape. it stops right after the slap. did they complain to tiger? did they immediately go to some one at disney to complain. did they even talk to tiger so say "hey, what are you doing hitting my kid?" my guess would be no, they just felt stupid for what the boy was doing to tiger and had to try to turn it into a law suit to get $ out of disney. that is sad. if my kid was to do that, i would discipline them and apologize to tiger. tiger did nothing wrong. why are people trying to make disney a target for all of these law suits? people are supposed to be there for fun, not to say "what can i sue disney for today?" i only hope disney does not back down and defends tiger. if not then i know the public will defend tiger. i only hope the family is feeling really stupid and eventually comes forward to apologize to tiger and disney for the bad press this caused. to the family of the boy, i only hope you put yourself in tigers shoes and think what would you do if a teen was trying to pull your costume off? if the costume would have come off just think how all of the little kids would feel knowing tiger is just a person in a costume? that would ruin it for them.
brandon, sd

The boy's left arm (behind Tigger's back) clearly looks like it is moving around - doing something behind Tigger's back. Even more obvious is how the boy's arm appears to be "caught" on something and moves along, pulling the boy off his feet, as Tigger moves to his left, trying to stop whatever it is the boy's doing. I don't know if Tigger was trying to swat his arm, or pull away, or whatever, but was the boy provoking him? That answer is obvious. It is justified by the video, and by reasons of lack of motivation. What reason could possibly support a character randomly choosing someone to assault for no reason? The boy's story just doesn't add up. Personally, I believe, the boy was trying to undo some part of Tigger's "fur". He could barely keep a straight face in the video. In addition, I dislike how media is using the world "punch". It looks more like a swat. And neck injuries? Come on! Radix Malorum est Cupiditas! (The love of money is the root of all evil).
-- LuluLovesDisney
Bayonne, NJ

-- d. strader
Ruffin, N.C,

It looks like the kid is pulling on the back of Tigger's costume and obviously it didn't hurt or the kid would have pulled away from Tigger after he "pawed" the kid. Get real...there is no real pain involved in this one!
-- Chaz
Omaha, NE

I think Tigger should sue the boy, he was clearly trying to do something behind Tigger's back! Tigger is trying to prevent it and overbalances. This is just someone out for the money. (sorry about the double post)
-- jjpenguin
Amersfoort, Netherlands

-- jjpenguin

It's clear, that this kid was up to something behind tiggers back,notice the big "guilty"smile the kid has before the slap.Btw i call it a slap because tiggers hand/paw is open when it slowly hits the kid. Give me a break, how much could this have really hurt this kid or leave a mark its clear that it was a slow tap by a cotton mitt,but when millions are on the line, well you know!Also the kid throws an elbow after the so called punch,maybe tigger should go on the news too,crying foul as well.Whats next, bad tasting soda at club cool prompts health inspection and lawsuit?
brooklyn, ny

Oh, for the love of pete.....give the tig a chance. what would you do if you were in a head costume that you couldn't see out of very good and you had a 14 year old horsing around with you. I don't thing any thing was serious, just a little "tiggering" around. Give the tigger a break and hey parents.....let up on the 14 year old too, after all he did go to Disney World with his family!Remember,when you walk through those gates LIGHTEN UP AND BE A KID YOURSELF. WELUVWDW
-- tiggerfans
ponchatoula, la.

Oh, for the love of pete.....give the tig a chance. what would you do if you were in a head costume that you couldn't see out of very good and you had a 14 year old horsing around with you. I don't thing any thing was serious, just a little "tiggering" around. Give the tigger a break and hey parents.....let up on the 14 year old too, after all he did go to Disney World with his family!!!!!! Remember, when you walk through those gates
-- tiggerfans
ponchatoula, la.

OMG! It was so obvious that the teenager was doing something hurtful behing Tigger! There is NO way he (Tigger) would have reacted that way otherwise. What you don't see in the video is what that boy is doing to Tigger behind his back and I fully believe any character at DW would have only reacted that way if something painful was done to him. I think this is a case of a juvinile delinquent and his parents trying to get over on DW!
-- Sandi
Houma, LA

I do not feel there was anything wrong in the video. There was a little play between and Tigger was just reacting to the boy and where his arm was. The problem I see is that this family smells alot of money in a settlement. On the morning show on CBS the boy and his father said he was havong terrible neck pain and was on heavy meds. This is a sad case that these people are ruining the person under the suits career so they can CASH in on this video. I hope disney and Tigger fans flood their mail box with letters on how terrible of people they are.
-- wdw4u2
chester, illinois

Are you kidding me?
-- dave
Chantilly, VA

Poor Tigger! I think Tigger is the best interactive character in the parks. Whoever is playing his is always very true to his character in being playful and energetic and entertaining. I remember a trip to WDW I took with my then 8-year-old nephew. I was about to take his picture with Tigger when Tigger suddenly covered my nephew's face. He loved it and thought Tigger was hilarious! I remember another time when I was taking a picture of my brother and his girlfriend with Tigger. Before I could take it, Tigger insisted that everyone pose so he made them stand a certain way and we all had a laugh over that. Both experiences were fun! Anyway, it's bittersweet that the father did shoot this video. It's good because everyone can see for themselves what actually happened. I can't decide if it was just an accidental move because the boy and Tigger both appeared to lose their balance, or if this kid was doing something stupid, or if it was a playful slap which could be perceived as worse than it actually was. Whatever it was, it wasn't a big deal, as the kid was clearly smiling afterward. In any case, hopefully the character handler was watching so that Tigger will have an official backup to his case. The video footage is bad because it has, for some very odd reason, created a field day for the media, and the father tried to "interpret" the video to his advantage. Jerks! I sincerely hope Disney is just humoring the family and won't give in too much. I very much hope this Tigger doesn't lose his job and that all the Tiggers will still be allowed to be as playful, energetic, and entertaining in their interactions with guests.
-- Andrea
Westminster, CO

I watched the video several times and It seems to me the boy was trying to do something with the back of the costume, he has a smirk on his face and the CM appears to be trying to keep his costume on.It certainly was not a punch but appears that the CM was trying to keep his balance while tripping and his arm seemed to move upward as he also tried to reach the boy to steady them both. What bothers me is that Disney will play to these people rather than defend what everyone else can clearly see, which is a family looking for freebies.No way should the CM have been suspended.But that often is the price a company pays for extortion!! The CM is the scraficial Lamb!
-- blhen
Rome, New York

Give me a break, the kid looks like he is doing something to Tiggers backside,he even hops around trying to avoid letting go of Tigger so he can continue whatever he is up to. I can only imagine that it is pretty hard to see in those costumes and that Tigger was just trying to keep himself upright and dressed in the costume. The child even looks like he is smiling after the so called "smack "in the face. Not to mention that he swings back, as if they are just playing around. And what about the newscasters/network try to make this into something its not by saying 'not what you expect when you visit Disneyworld" No WDW is not perfect, but this appears to be story for the media to stretch of proportion. Once agian Give Me A Break!!!!
decatur, illinois

It's so clear that the kid was doing something stupid, Tigger should have hit him harder... maybe sent him over the fence or something. Just another dishonest person trying to get money any way they can; besides, how hard could Tigger have really hit him from inside a padded suit anyway? That had to have felt like being hit by a nerf ball or something. Now had Tigger pulled a bat out from behind his back and started going at it, the family might have a right to complain (I say "might" since even then, Tigger might have been justified =D )
-- Lucky82061
Centreville, va

This is way out of line. I think that it is pretty obvious that the boy was falling over and Tigger was merely turning around to try and keep the boy from falling. It doesn't even look like Tigger was trying to put force into his arm. Tigger is just bring the arm over to support the boy and accidently hit his face. I know what it is like in costume and you can not see very well at all. You balance and feel of surroundings is off a great deal as well. It is very easy to misjudge what is happening and where somebody is. I think that this is just another story of a family taking advantage of the Disney name to try and make themselves a little richer. I am disgusted at this family.
-- dannybgood39
Buffalo, NY

I think the kid is a little punk who was trying to pull Tiggers head off or something.If you look at the kids face he has that,I'm up to no go look on his face.If you watch what Tigger does ,he is trying to get the punk off of him. The father say it best himself,I thought he was up to something.It really pisses me off when someone shows their ass like this and then trys to pull a fast one to get something out of it. I really do belive that both Father and son need their Asses kicked.
-- Keith Brown
Newnan, Georgia

I think that tigger was right, if you are choking inside their, the first thing you would do is whatever comes to mind to stop them...tigger can't talk to the guests, so he tried to move the kid's hand. I think that the family is definatedly is over reacting...The kid was playing around with tigger's tail and it was his fault. LET TIGGER GO, LET TIGGER GO! :)
-- Victoria
Tampa Bay, Florida

I hope the Disney Execs are as smart as the people posting to this board and support Tigger 150+ to 1. They'll never let Tigger defend him (or her) self because corporate bigwigs don't allow that stuff...but they should make a clear statement that they support their CM and reimburse him/her for any lost wages. Anything else would be absurd!
-- Chris
Wilmington, Ma

-- mjem216
penndel, pa

There is no way the Cast Member attempted to do something as crazy as assault a teenager while being video-taped. The video shows what is probably a little fooling around on both sides. The sad thing is that somebody would want to interpret the video as the father is doing. Take of the glasses that see only evil.
-- LeaveTiggerAlone
, CT

What I see is the boy being a jerk and doing something to tigger.When tigger reached his arm back around the boy's it was clear the kid was up to no good.The slap was not that hard since he had no reaction like being shocked.Tigger was in his right to move the boy off him.People lets stop with the petty BS.No harm was done.
-- tiggerguy
barnegat, New Jersey

I think he should sue! What that kid tried to do to Tigger is wrong and Tigger should sue for everything that family has for slandering the name of Tigger!!!
-- Adam
East Setauket, NY

Give me a break! That was nothing more than a tap at best.... Tell the family to get a life! I hope the kids friends didnt see it, bot will he get beat up when he gets home.... what a wimp!
-- daver
Dartmouth, NS

I'm 13 and I just watched this video a couple of times. What I saw was the kid was doing something to Tigger and when Tigger moved the kid moved with him meaning he had a grip on Tigger. Then Tigger tried to keep the kid from unzipping the character costume (trying something like unzipping a character is so uncalled for)then after tigger so called "hit" the kid, the kid hit Tigger in the face!! Not cool! I believe the CM was trying to protect the identity of our bouncy friend Tigger.
-- Becky
El Mirage, AZ

Upon watching the vidoe on tv news and on YouTube I feel that while Tigger did hit the kid pretty hard, it did look unintentional. It looked to me as if Tigger was off balance when he turned and hit the boy with an open paw.
-- ADisneygirl
, Florida

I agree. It appears the kid was doing something behind Tigger's back and Tigger first locked the kid's arm in his elbow to stop it. When we were last in Disney, Stitch tried to eat my pen. The pen cap broke....I guess we should sue for damages!!!! It seems everyone wants to con and steal money these days. Their dishonesty hurts us all in the long run.
-- lovethemouse
tallahassee, florida

Enough has been said about the video and the single photos published on the internet. What I see is what pretty much everyone else sees, the kid tried to do something to Tigger's custome. Also, on one of the still pics, it looks like the boy's hand is in a fist. It actually looks like he hit Tigger on the head as well. I guess Tigger has a case as well. My fear is that the good character interaction for my child and others will be destroyed by money grubbers like this family. It is a shame how a few people want to ruin the fun for everyone for a few dollars.
-- jiminyfan
Hershey, PA

I think before I can make an assumption or voice an opinion, we should hear "Tigger's" side of the story. I think the family has the advantage because they get to speak out. I'm sure "Tigger" has strict instructions that if he wants to keep his job, then he needs to sit tight and not say a word -- which is very sad. I just think his side should be heard, too.
-- Tracy Shelly
Warrensburg, Missouri

Watch the video slowly the kid was pushing Tiggers head and was laughing about it, Tigger reacted to get his arm off of him, stumbled and brushed into him. Notice how tough guy wasnt wearing his fingerless leather gloves and chains when he had to be the "victim" for the news.
-- Ed
Merrimack, NH

If you watch the video and pay attention to Tigger's head piece you can see that it lifts up as if the boy is pulling it or trying to lift it from the back. I think the the "slap" is, like everyone else said, pure defence in keeping his identity a secret. I agree with everyone else that these people are trying to get money from Disney and its a pretty poor way to do it. Poor Tigger! I hope that they let this guy have his job back!
-- madhttr
Monterey, CA

I have watched this video over and over. I sincerely think the teenager may have been up to something behind Tigger's back. Common sense also asks, why in the world would any CM deliberatly smack a guest knowing the results that would follow. It just simply makes no sense to me.
-- Winnie
Ormond Beach, Florida

I think the kid that was the "victim" was being a jerk and attempting to harm Tigger. The "punch" looked more like a brush of the kid's face. The body language of the kid is that of someone that is attempting to pull something behind the character's head. This was not a vicious act, it certainly was not an unprovoked act. Tigger was trying to free himself from the harm that was being done to him or was about to be done to him. I feel that Tigger needs to be cleared of any wrong-doing. I feel that Tigger was not negligent. I do feel that there should be some sort of punishment for the kid that was being a jerk. If he is so devoid of respect for the characters, ban him for life from all the Disney parks.
-- Maggie aka Mickeysaver
Lawrenceville, GA

It is clear that the paw slap was unintentional. It does look like tigger had lost his balance and at the same time was trying to keep his head on as he turned. I think the media and the family are blowing this out of proportion. I've looked at the video several times and I cannot see how any injury could have happened. The father is just money hungry. I hope the truth comes out and the family does not get a dime.
-- Tina
District Hghts, MD

To me it looks entirely accidental. It actually looks like the boy was hanging on to a part of tiggers costume, and that caused him to lose his balance. Its very difficult for the cast members to see out of those costumes, they often only have a small opening to look through. I really think this happened because tigger was falling over, and trying to right himself.
-- Chester's Mum
Toronto, Ontario

After looking at the footage it seem to me that the kid is pulling at the back of the costume causing the person to be choked!! I think the shot to face was a normal reaction to being choked. No fault to WDW or Disney
-- Kristen'sMom
Winston Salem, NC

I'm no apologist for the Disney machine...but come on! The kind of beating this kid took from a furry paw is nothing compared to how 14 year old boys pummel each other in the hallways at school! Clearly the Tigger arm lock was a reaction, not an unprovoked assault.
-- stuee
Bloomington, IN

I think the kid was doing something to Tigger's costume which is why the kid got slapped and the had his arm locked. Unfortunately, there wasn't another CM nearby to assist to prevent these types situations. The big problem I have is that we will never get to hear Tigger's side of the story. Maybe if Disney stood up to these people publicly it would help discourage this type of behavior.
-- billelissa
Hackettstown, New Jersey

-- billelissa

Tigger should file charges. His hand was behind Tigger with a large smile on the boys face, When Tigger used his rt arm to stop the brat from doing something behind Tigger back, with an arm lock. The BRAT DID NOT have a look of surprise on his face but rather a smile. If you look, it was the arm lock that unbalanced the BRAT and caused him to fall backwards. Now if someone was doing something behind may back as the BRAT probably dong I would slap him also. The dad does not even have a clue his son is lying or was the son coached to say what he said. I wonder? Tigger is not a fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Tony
Springfield, Illinois

I watched a interview today with the dad and son and he stated that he needed medical attention and actually took him to the ER!!! The son stated that he still has some pain. It just makes me sick to think that a father would get his son rapped up in his big fat lie.
Manitowoc, WI

I saw the video in slow motion 3 times on our local station. It appears to me the kid had his hand up Tiggers costume, possibly trying to remove his head. Tiggers reaction seemed he was trying to protect his identity, and protect himself. The kid was in the wrong, IMO.
-- jimmytammy
Burlington, NC

Im pretty sure accusing them of seeing $$$ or calling them losers is quite nice. I'd like to hear Tigger's side, though. I 've watched it over and over and I think the 14 year old's face is accurate to depict teen aged embarrassment of having to stand next to a plush character. It looks like he just put his hand behind Tigger's back to me. Maybe he grabbed a hold of his cosutume? Tigger didnt hit him too hard. This story aired even in Utah and made it sound like Tigger full on attacked the kid. Wait for the whole story!
-- UtahMama
Salt Lake City, Utah

Oh my word, can you imagine being this kid at school? The harrassment he'll probably go through. Wahhh, did you get beat up by Tigger? It's a lame ploy to get money from Disney. You can see that the boy was pulling on the back and Tigger turned to stop him and in the process, mistakenly hit the trouble child. His father is looking like a fool. He should keep his mouth shut. The boy should say he's sorry to Tigger and his father needs to say he's sorry for making this something way more than it is.
-- I believe in Tigger
, NC

To me, it looks accidental. As if Tigger was going to tossle the boy's hair and began to fall (or feel as if he was foing to fall). The mom was crouching in front of Tigger's left foot, the boy had his arm around Tigger's back & the curb & railing were behind them. Very easiy to get off balance, in my opinion.
-- MinnieGirl33
Pennsauken, NJ

I think that these people should be ashamed of themselves.It's obvious that something shady was going on on the part of the "child" and that they are just looking to make a quick buck. I hope the only thing that they get from Disney is banned for life!
-- kellyscrapbooks
, ny

The more I watch the video, the more I feel the kid was up to something. When Tigger starts to move, the kid is really holding on to the back of Tigger & smiling/laughing. I mean he is really trying to keep his grip back there. I think the guess of trying to unzip or take off Tigger's head is dead on.
-- d4est
Mount Vision, NY

-- MinnieGirl33

Hard to say what happened. Just seems odd that a CM would just hit a kid for no apparent reason. There's got to be more to the story.
-- d4est
Mt. Vision, New York

This is being overblown! This kid did something foolish and Tigger let him know. If the father didn't get involved, Tigger would have taught him not to mess with him and all would be fine. Nobody was remotely injured and NO appology was needed!
West Warwick, RI

looks playful to me. gee how much $$$ can we get from disney?
-- rubbergypsy
rochester , ny

It looks to me like Tigger is grabbing at his neck. If the kid is doing something to Tigger's head behind his back, it was probably a natural reaction to "reach behind" and keep the kid from making him remove his head. Tigger probably was terrified that it would be removed.
-- dsparks
Kalamazoo, MI

how ridiculos! was the child truly hurt. is his eye black? surely this young person in the tigger costume had no intention to hurt anyone. the position he holds tells me that he is a people person.
-- marion
lacombe, la

It looks to me like the kid lost his balance and started to fall backward, and Tigger tried to reach up & keep him from falling (accidentally hitting him in the face). Your vision is so obstructed in those costumes, I'm sure the cast member couldn't see exactly where he was grabbing.
-- Ride Junkie

It appears from the video that the teen was reaching behind Tigger and attempting to either remove the head, unzip the costume or something like that. Tigger appears to pull away, then when the teen continues to hold on, the "slap" occurs. This whole thing smells of a set-up to get some cash out of Disney's large pockets. I hope Disney doesn't cave to this kind of thing-or worse yet limit character interactions with guests because of it.
-- Fitswimmer
Wharton, NJ

Tigger did not do anything wrong. It appears for video that Tigger was trying to bring his arm around and hit the kid by mistake. If you notice Tigger's arm as he crosses his body,his arm is in a limp position. By the way,how old is that kid..he looks like he's 19
-- Huey578
San Antonio, Texas

It looks like Tigger may have made contact whether on purpose or not. If this kid and his father think that was hard, wait till he mouths of to a football player in the locker room and learns what a real hit feels like. Judging by the kids reaction, it could not have been too bad. I think its someone wanting some national attention. I will be brave and still see Tigger when I am there.
-- disneyfansmarkandliz
Boise, ID

I think this is a ridiculous ploy by these people to get money. It is obvious to me that the teen was doing something to Tigger behind his back, and Tigger gave him a "playful" tap on his head. I saw the boy tonight on the news and he was obviously lying when he said he wasn't doing anything to Tigger, but even I could see his eyes shift away from the interviewer, which is a classic sign of a lie. The father was ranting about everyone but Tigger apologizing , and he should 'be a man' and admit what he did. I think he should tell his son to "be a man' and own up to his provocation. This just disgusts me. These castmembers put up a lot of abuse playing these roles, and I don't think Tigger was out of line at all.
-- Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
Dover, NH

The video is inconclusive. It appears that Tigger could not see the guest or the relationship of the "paw" to the guest.
-- Gallic Denis
Fredericktown, Missouri

Are you kidding me? Tigger got SUSPENDED for that? We ate at Crystal Palace this past November, Tigger was there,and being playful, just like ths Tigger in the video. It can't be easy being graceful and delicate with those big paws. Tigger put his paw across my son's face for a picture I was taking, but I guess with a little creativity, I could say he was trying to suffocate him, and then I could have my 15 minutes of fame, too. Me and my lawyer, that is. God, leave Tigger alone.
-- Heather B.
Dartmouth, MA

Any reasonable person looking at the video would say that Tigger did not intenionally strike the kid. It also appears that the child was possibly pulling on Tigger's tail or the back of the Tigger costume as Tigger appears to being pulled backwards. Tigger turns towards the child at the same his paw inadvertently swipes across the child's face. Tigger certainly did not "CLOCK" the child in the face. Whey do some parents feel the need to blow things out of proportion publicly. Geez if this child and his parents think this was a hard blow to the face they need a wake up call. It is problems like this that make us all pay out of our pockets in the long run.
-- wisbucky
New London, WI

NO way, you can clearly see that tigger was moving his arm and hit the kid in the head by mistake, it was not even hard, it looked as if something was going on behind tigger, maybe the kid was poking him in the back or something, but you can see that the hit was not hard, and not for nothing but tigger is a big stuffed character and those hands are not hard enough to hurt even if he got hit harder, i just really believe the family is blowing this out of proportion for what ever intentions they have for this. that is just my opinion, but i think this whole thing is ridiculous. Kim
-- Kim
westbury, NY

This father wants his trip comped by Disney World. The kid was LAUGHING after being "hit" by Tigger. Didn't look like he was in any pain. Too bad Disney is going to settle. This family should be banned from the park!
-- RLJ
Matawan, NJ

This was CLEARLY an accident and if anything, the kid's fault. How long will some people stoop for a dollar? What a joke. If Disney is smart it'll back it's employee, but I have a feeling it'll give into the family.
-- BubblPopElectrc
Philadelphia, PA

Money grubbing dad saw $$ figures when he reviewed the video. Tigger obviously was just being playful. Bouncy bounce, tigger is a playful type tiger!
-- hubby_of_newtodisney
ashburn, va

I do not believe that TIGGER hit that kid without being provoked. That kid looked as if he did something or was trying to tug at the back of the costume of the character. I have been to Disney several times, and I have NEVER seen anything like that with the characters. That kid I do believe was in the wrong and the character was only trying to defend himself..that is proabably trying to keep that kid from messing with the costume and the magic that makes the Magic Kingdom just that MAGICAL!!!
-- Dawn
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

I think that this was a total accident by Tigger. The "kid" looks like he was up to something. I watched that video over and over and it doesn't look intentional or like he hit him that hard. It didn't even knock his glasses off. I think they are in it for money. Just my opinion.
-- daisy_77
Boise, ID

Tigger did nothing wrong!! What was the kid doing behind his back, pulling his tail?? Nontheless it looks as if Tigger was going to hug the kid but as they were both turning his paw caught his face.
-- jamesc
monroe, ny

If you watch the kids left arm (the one behind Tigger), you can see the muscle flexing as he is obviously tugging at the back of Tigger. Looks to me like Tigger was just trying to keep himself from falling over backwards as this punk pulled him off balance, and he accidentally brushed his face. I have more than once found a character hand, nose, tail, brushing my face as a character moved around, or tried to keep balance as my kids hugged them. I think the CM should sue for defamation of character and assualt, as the kid was clearly making an intentional move to knock Tigger over. Hold your ground on this one Disney! I am tired of everyone looking at Disney and seeing dollars. It ruins the experience for the rest of us! Hey, can we start a class action against this bozo for the emotional distress he is causing us by attacking the icons we love??
-- Kim
El Mirage, AZ

It looks like Tigger was reacting to something that the kid did. Kid was still smiling and smirking after the "hit" by Tigger. People expect why too much from the cast members who are dressed up as have to try and see and not step on little ones. Give them a break.
-- Barb
Erie, Pa

No, Tigger did nothing wrong here. From the video it looks as if Tigger was just joking around with the boy, definitely not a hard punch. The line of vision of those characters isn't the greatest, and it looks as if they are just playing around back and forth. GIVE ME A BREAK! Looks like a family wanting money from Disney to me!
-- Lesley
Cincinnati, Ohio

It is clear to me that the kid is holding on to the back of Tigger's costume. You can see this when Tigger moves and the kid moves with him. The kid and his father are both punks that should never be allowed back into the park. One less loudmouth for me to have to deal with when I go.
-- Sunking
Levittown, PA

after watching the video several times I think Tigger clearly lost his balance against the curbing behind him and was reaching for anything to catch his balance. watch how his right foot rises up and then shifts to keep his balance. it even looks like just at the end he makes a jesture of apology like someone would make after accidently bumping into another person. by touching his arm and hand as to say excuse me.
-- Disney MINEiac

I think it was an accident. I'd like to ask the dad some questions, though. 1. If all you are looking for is an apology from the Cast Member, then why all the publicity? Why threaten a lawsuit? 2. Who contacted the press about this? Who released the video to the press? Who released the audio message from the Disney Manager to the press? 3. Clearly the teen was doing something to the back of Tigger? What was he doing? 4. If it "really hurt", why are you smiling afterwards? Did you go to the ER to get checked out? All this comes down to is cheap publicity and making the dad & the son look like idiots. If I was the CM and it is found that there was no wrong doing, I'd sue the family for defamation of character.
-- tiggerfan07
Boston, MA

Yeah, Tigger shouldn't have punched the kid but I think there is way more to this story!! If you watch the video closely it looks as if the kid's hand is reaching around Tigger and pinchung or grabbing something...plus this whole family looks like a bunch of losers...they are deffinately looking for money LOL!!
-- timonrn
Mpls, MN

Totally blown out of proportion...just a guy looking for extra bucks. You can see that Tigger lost his balance in that awkward costume. It's really sad.
-- Tara Graumann
Rochester, NY

The only one out of line is the dad... and maybe the son.
-- DisneyDadof3
Springfield, Illinois

The family sees nothing except dollar signs! It is obvious from the boys facial expressions and stance that he was attempting to create some sort of scene with Tigger. If the boy had been hit as hard as they'd like us to believe then why no bruising or marks? Why did the boys neck not snap back? How is it that his glasses stayed on? And why did his dad not think to ask him how hard he had gotten hit until he was in an on camera interview when it is obvious that he had plenty of time to get his kid changed into "good kid" clothes,alter the video tape and alert the media?? I think the CM should consider his own lawsuit--Lost wages,assault(2 counts as the boy choked him then punched him in the head),defamation of character and whatever else his lawyer could think up. I hope that the public and Disney realize that the family is shady and looking for what they deem a quick buck-and hopefully with the longer video showing that dad was messing with Tiggers head before the son even stepped into frame and then on camera the dad tells the son to "stop grabbing Tigger" maybe this man who did nothing wrong will be exonerated and these people will be made to pay for their actions!!
-- irishbosoxfan
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Definitely looked like an accident to me! From what i've heard from many "friends" of characters, it's super hard to see inside the costumes. Tigger looked as though he wanted to touch the boys face as many characters do. You never know when someone can blow something out of nothing.
-- poeticeclipse
Sturgis, MI

After viewing the video, Tigger did not do anything wrong. Tigger was merely reacting to what the teenager was doing behind his back (whether it was pulling at his zipper or tugging at his headpiece). It was clearly not a punch at all because his hand wasn't even balled into a fist. He was trying to move his right hand to balance himself and get the teen's hand out from behind him and it brushed the teen's face. This is a case of a family wanting to cash in on Disney's ability to "make it all better" with a payoff.
-- Kelli T.
Cartersville, Georgia

This looks completely accidental to me on Tiggers part, but I really think this kid did do something behind Tiggers back. It looks like Tigger jerks suddenly like something was done to him from behind, and in jerking and swinging around to figure out what's going on, gets inadvertently tangled up with the teen. We all know those constumes have very limited range of sight and motion, so it would be easy to collide with someone if something makes you spin around reflexively (like a pinch). These parents are clearly attention-money grubbers...who else would have made such a bee line for the media, with no regard to plastering their other young children's faces on national news. Having parents like that, it's not a leap of the imagination to believe they would have a kid who would pull a stunt on the character. Just feel sorry what it means for the other little kids in the family.
-- Brandi
Austin, TX

I say it was accidental.
-- Drew
, NY

It looks like one of two things. 1) The kid was doing something to the back of Tigger's neck, because it certainly looked like Tigger reacted to something being done to him, or 2) The kid pulled Tigger backwards and Tigger stumbled over the curb. I was shocked by the interview on the morning news. The father said he had to take the kid to the hospital with neck pains. What a joke. Neck pains over that??? The father called it a "sucker punch" Another joke. That kid did not know how to answer the questions he was asked because he did not know what the father and lawyer wanted him to say. What happened to the truth? That family should apologize to Disney for the charade they are putting on. They should be embarassed over having that footage aired over national television and reacting the way they are. I would love to see the whole video.
-- jehrio
Hershey, PA

My feeling is that Tigger may have moved in such a manner to remove the teens hand from his back, and in doing so, may have brushed up into the teens face. I don't think that it looks deliberate. However, I do feel that the family is looking to scam Disney for the incident. Just some idiot looking to get a free stay or a lump sum of money from Disney.
-- mom2taylorandemily
Williamsburg, VA

We all learned not to hit, and Tigger should not have hit the boy. But I also think it was a natural reaction if the boy was intentionally pinching him or trying to lift the mascot's head off. I saw an interview on 'The Morning Show" and Hannah Storm was interviewing the boy and the boy said he couldn't remember much, it happened and it was wierd. I vote for not firing the CM, a 3 day suspension at most and maybe not as a character anymore. I really hope the family does not seek damages. I hope a Judge would throw the case right out on their "Mickey Ears".
-- OhMari
Lomira, WI

Once again it looks like the family is after something. By "Tigger's" reaction, the kid did something he should not have...you can even see it on the tape, almost like he was being stabbed with something or being pulled. His falling jerked his arm around and into the kids face...I do not think he was punching, merely pushing the kid away. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THIS! Nobody was hurt and the kid got his 15 seconds!
-- Bruce Evans
Tucson, Arizona

This amuses me....It appears to me that the young adult, sorry but he is no child, has his arm around the back doing something, whether he was trying to do something to Tigger, Tigger then seems off balance or maybe worried the young adult is going to try something and reacts. I agree for the father to think his son did something wrong, as his first thought, shows the young man in question may not be so innocent. I'm sorry but how bored are you in your life that you go public with this video and how much of a wuss does a teen look like that he wines that Tigger "punched" him in the face? I'm sorry, I saw no punch, just Tigger acting defensively towards a young man who was clowning around and it backfired on him. So they turn around and a CM gets suspended, give me a break. How pathetic this situation is, sorry but the video says alot. Too bad I'm not seeing an attack by a man in costume on a teen like the family is claiming. Too ridiculous.....
-- tiggergirlinmi
Traverse City, Michigan

I love all things Disney, I have watched this video and believe Tigger was right. It's all a missunderstanding, also looks like Tigger tried to say sorry. You know Tigger can't talk, he just patted the boy on the arm to say sorry are you all right. We are all with Tigger!
-- nhpooh
Nashua, New Hampshire

IF all the family wanted was JUST an apology, why the big deal?? Where is John Stossel when you need him?? Give ME a break!
-- kim5678
White Plains, NY

Look at the 13 year old reach behind Tigger. Then Tigger squeezes the kid's arm to hold it in place, or to stop him from whatever he was trying to do...Find where Tigger's costume opens? Then Tigger turns towards the kid and was trying to push the kid away from him but pushes his face first. I'm thinking it's hard to maneuver in the costume. Hey, if it were my 13 year old, I'd be asking him what he was trying to do or what did Tigger feel that wasn't right? No damages! Hey, if they don't like it, they should stay home!
-- Deemarch
Clifton, NJ

There's not enough information to determine, who is right and wrong. I have a hard time believing any Disney character would attack a guest, unprovoked. Just watching, I wondering if Tigger wasn't trying to do something cute for the camera? So, the family would have more interactive pics. I wouldn't understand clocking this kid, knowing the parents are watching and someone is getting ready to take your picture, as it happens. Just doesn't make sense???
-- disneybride2007
Jacksonville, FL

From the video footage I've seen, it definitely appears the boy is doing something behind Tigger's back. I realize it all started with a mouse, but I smell a rat!
-- cabanafrau
St. Clair Shores, Michigan

The kid was up to something behind Tigger's back. Tigger's supposed "punch" was an accident. The family's lawsuit is as frivolous as it gets. THEY should owe Disney (and the CM) money when this is all over.
-- 2poohbears
Thibodaux, LA

I think that Tigger was trying to move that little jerk away from the back of his costume. Any contact between the two was the fault of that little twerp.
-- Alex Chapman
Pflugerville, TX

These people in the full body costumes have about 30% of their normal sensory functions. If they make a mistake (or even panic) who can blame them. For the most part they are there for the preschoolers who aren't physically cumbersome to deal with and wont cause the costumed characters to react like this. But when a 130lb male is leaning on them cutting off their respiratory system, than we all need to take a deep breath, understand and forgive. Your adult common sense has to come into play and keep you from reacting so unreasonable. There is no doubt in my mind that Tigger did not throw a punch. His ýopen handý tried to catch the young man but bumped his face, and than tried to shake his hand in an apology afterwards.
-- Anthony
Bear, Delaware

I think that the boy was trying to do something on the back of Tigger, either pulling at the back of his head or trying to get under the costume. To me it looks like Tigger twists around and doesn't even mean to hit the kid, it looks like that was a complete accident. There is no possible way that it was even a hard hit, I think the family is trying to milk this for what it's worth....what a shame. The other point I would like to make, is "shame on WDW" for not standing behind the CM, that is at least until they were sure about what really has happened. How sad!
-- laura001
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Tigger did nothing wrong! From the video it appears that the boy was attacking Tigger, and Tigger simply patted him on the cheek, possibly in defense. This is obviously another jerk trying to create a frivilous lawsuit out of absolutely nothing at all. His family should be banned from Disney parks for life, and Disney should file a lawsuit against the father for false accusations!
-- Disney Fan
Orlando, FL

I honestly believe that Tigger's "punch" (Which is wasn't a punch at all!) was actually a defense reaction towards the boy. I watched the tape over and over, and it looks to me, like the boy was either pulling on Tigger from the back, or trying to do something else from his back. And the characters in those costumes can't see well, and surely don't have eyes in the back of their heads to see what was going on.. He probably felt unstable, and didn't know exactly what the boy was trying to do. So, in conclusion, i believe it was an honest defense reaction to try to just push the boy off from touching him. The press made more out of it then they should have.
-- Stacy
Tiverton, RI

Looks like to me the kid had a Tigger by the Tail...or in this case, his neck/back. Of course I wasn't there so I don't know but looks fishy to me. Not only that, Tigger didn't punch the kid, maybe tapped him but no where near a punch. IMHO.
-- stargrazer
Ocala, FL

This was clearly NO PUNCH as the media states it is. It is a pretty unusual mild swing though that brushes the side of the kids face and caused no harm to the teen. No one realizes how blind the person in the suit really is, so who knows without hearing Tiggers side of thing. It could be that he was trying to brush off the kid, but there was no punch or harm done.

From looking at the video it seems like maybe the teen was trying to remove the Tigger head from the cast member. We all know that for Disney cast members in character costume this is a cardinal sin. Just Imagine if he would have been able to pull it off!
-- Alan
Miami, Florida

It looks to me like tigger was trying to reach around to stop the boy from doing whatever he was doing behind his back and accidentally hit him. Those costumes are very hard to see out of. People trying to make a buck! That's life!
-- Diana
, WI

From the video, it appears that the "innocent kid" was trying to pull Tigger backward and make him fall, or was messing with his headpiece. The "punch" was either Tigger trying to free himself from the troublemaker, or attempting to keep his balance. The fact that this is even considered news is sad.
-- al4fun
Vancouver, WA

To me it looks like the CM was reacting to something the older child was doing behind his back. I don't think it was an intentional hit, but more a re-action to trying to get the child away from what he was doing. Looks like the Father is just looking for some easy money.
, IL

It looks to me like the kid is possibly pulling or holding onto tiggers tail. Notice that the kid is off balance when tigger turns to push him. The kid appears to be holding the back of tigger somehow.
-- goofymax
Southampton, New York

The father said in the article that his first reaction was to be upset with his son for provoking the incident. It was only after he reviewed his film that he felt this was not the case. IF, however, his first instinct was that his own son must have instigated the contact, then he must have reason to believe this. His past experiences with his own son must make him believe that this was a possible scenario. After seeing the video numerous times myself on news reports, it almost looked to me like either the son or Tigger was losing their balance and reached out to gain footing. Those costumes can be very restrictive and I'm sure it's difficult to see clearly and maneuver carefully in them. It's possible he was reaching out for a hand?! I can't imagine any character just reaching out and punching a guest completely unprovoked! Although I have been to WDW enough times to want to puch out another guest myself just for inconsiderate behavior! I personally believe the family is making a mountain of a molehill. After all, have we heard Tigger's side of the story yet? I would like to hear his version of what happened before deeming judgement on him. The only reason the family is demanding he come out and apologize is so they can acquire his name to add to the lawsuit!!
-- Shari in AL
Mobile, AL

Tigger had every right to do what he did. It was obvoius from the film that the boy tried to do something to tigger(unzip his costume or pinch him etc.) and tigger defended himself. The boy is full of (you know what ) when he said he did not do anything. Yes, the family is overreacting. The family should pay damages to the tiger actor!
-- TJM
Middleton, MA

To me, it's obvious that this is a very SAD ploy for money. The "kid" in question (who really isn't a kid at all) seems to be yanking on the back of Tigger's costume. Not only that, but it looks like at some point, Tigger begins to fall. This is sad and if this man wins this case, then I am ashamed and embarrassed for our judicial system.
-- Kelly
Memphis, TN

The kid seems to be provoking the movement by Tigger..... he is obviously doing something to Tig with his left hand and Tigger was responding. Naturally the Dad believes the Son... Not sure how to feel...
-- JasonS
Newcastle, Maine

I don't think it was intentional. From the video it looks like Tigger was just "playing" back with the kid.
-- princess brianas mom
Milford, PA

This little head push to the boy was open hand. Pay attention to the video and you see Tigger jerk and wrap his right arm around the boys arm. The boy was either pulling or pinching Tigger, as Tigger turned the boy was holding on. You can see the boy move with Tigger as Tigger turns. Also when the boy is stating he did nothing to Tigger his eyes look or shift to the right exactly when he is in denial. This is an action humans do when they lie or are not telling the truth.
-- Johnny
Acworth, GA

I can't believe the press has made such a big deal of this. Granted Tigger should have never laid a hand on anyone but, I hardly think there is couse for a lawsuit. If the teen was as injured as claimed he would have needed medical attention immediately instead of waiting until later to visit a hospital. Also, I cannot believe anyone would smirk/smile throughout an "attack" made on me or my son.I think it is terrible that this story is allowed to run and give bad press to WDW and Tigger.Is there no REAL news to report?
-- Njziggy
Wall, NJ

I think the boy was doing something to Tigger. If you watch the clip, Tigger grabs onto his arm and it looks like he's trying to stop him from continuing what he was doing. Maybe he had his hand where it wasn't supposed to, like under the head of a costume? I think the family is blowing this WAY out of proportion. He doesn't look like a "kid", how about 16 or 17 years old. I'd like to see a video of what he was doing behind Tigger. The father also said that he took his son to the hospital because he was complaining of neck pain. Give me a break. Very blown out of proportion if you ask me.
-- TiggerInNY

look like the you man was doing something to provoke tigger first
-- carver40
Bel Air, maryland

I watch the movie and for what I saw this kid is just thinking how to get a quick buck I my self love tigger and will never think off doing such a thing even if you don't like the character
-- Tiggergirl
Amsterdam, Netherlands

I dont think Tigger was either right or wrong. I think too much is being made out of nothing. The cast members in these costumes cant see much of anything. I doubt they could intentionall hit someone to their side even if they tried. Also it looks like the kid to Tigger's side pulled him off balance causing Tigger to wind around and make contact.
-- rtphokie
Cary, NC

It is clear that Tigger did not punch or hurt the boy. If anything, Tigger moved and the boy was out of his line of vision. If does look as if the boy is up to something. Is there a zipper in the back he was trying to undo?? Poor Tigger!!!
-- Tink999
Florence, MS

The kid is a wuss. Probably got it from his father.
-- back2disney
Austin, TX

There has to be something with the costume dont you think? That with such limited visability that its easy to move the wrong way and hit somepart of a person's body that someone would find offensive. Just a bit weird that its the same character again. It doesnt look like the contact if that was severe.
-- saramc
Oakville, ON

Save Tigger. I will be visiting WDW shortly, and I would very much like to let my feelings known to management (and to the other hard-working CMs). Any ideas?
-- rayelias

The kid is messing with tigger--just look at both the smirk and the refusal to let go of the back of the costume.
-- patsal
Hamburg, NY

I feel the Tigger issue is blown out of proportion by the family. I feel something must have happened behind Tigger's back to make him jump and react so quickly. It almost looks as if Tigger locked arms with the boy as a way of preventing the boy from either pulling him over or disturbing his costume. When Tigger reached around and struck the boy, it looks as if he is reaching for the boy's arm. All I can see is a family who sees dollar signs and the deep pockets of the Disney Corporation.
-- SamIAm
Chicago, IL

It looks like that kid was pestering Tigger from behind, and it doen't look like he was hit hard at all. I work with kids his age. They do the wrong thing and then blame someone else. He's lying and he was embarrased by Tigger sort of slapping him. What's a shame is that they're playing with this cast member's job right now
-- cbarry
Glen Cove, NY

I saw the Video and was clear to me the the 14 yr old boy was grabbing Tigger by the back of the head trying pull his top off and laughing at the same time. Tigger swung his arm back as an reaction. This is a bad family. Watch the Video
-- Becky1960
, texas

It's another case of my " Little Baby" never does anything wrong! Just look at the smerk on his face. People will do anything for a quick buck! Should never be alouded to touch the costumed people.
-- jeff
sayreville, n.j.

The teen was smiling through the entire incident. Mom's smile never stops. Were they trying to cut the top of the picture off just before it ended?
-- Michelle
Fall River, MA

Tigger is clearly being totally in character - perfect with the family UNTIL the teenage son comes over for the photo op and seems to be doing something behind Tigger's back. The kid looks like he's doing something mean. I have teenage nephews who clown around with each other using the same gestures and expressions. The CM portraying Tigger reacted as if he were protecting himself. The father's reaction on TV was really outrageous - another lawsuit-happy guy looking for a free vacation. Pretty sad that the media jumps on this. Disney should have kicked the whole family out.
-- WDWBetsy
, IN

Tigger was DEFENDING himself from an attack that could have caused him to topple over in his costume and fall onto or over the railing. That kid was way out of line and the character is getting a bad rap.
-- Christine Roney
Dothan, AL

Tigger is a playful, happy go lucky type of character who likes to have a fool around, after watching this video it looks like this lad wanted to take it one step further. Tigger was spot on. Its people like this that spoil things for the rest of us. I would back tigger all the way.
-- Belle68
, UK

I don't care what was going on behind Tigger's back, there is NO excuse ever for something like that, I would understand if he was starting to fall as was trying to stop himself and accidentally did it, but that is not what the video showed. Really that person should be fired and Disney should really do something MAJOR for the family and issue a public apology to them (at least if they didn't do anything to provoke it, which I really don't think they did.)
-- Chris Wade
Long Beach, CA

I think there's more to the story than what is seen on the videotape. We have no idea what was going on behind Tigger's back. The first time I watched it it looked like Tigger playfully slapped the kid. I'm kind of on the fence of if Tigger was right or wrong.
-- NeverlandClub23
Yorktown, VA

it's very hard to tell from the video but it doesn't look like it was meant as a slap...and the boy is punching him in the head at the same time...guess i wonder why the dad "thought" the kid had done something then says the video show something different...wasn't he the one taking the video? imo the video doesn't show much of anything except when tigger turns his hand hits the boy which could easily be accidental. and an apology would be an admission of guilt wouldn't it and open up possibilities for lawsuits?
-- jann1033
Chardon, Ohio

I watched the video many times over. The boy is definitely putting his arm behind Tigger and pulling backward on Tigger from the back. Too bad no one behind Tigger has come forward with a rear video showing the boy pulling on Tigger. Tigger was more pushing the boy away so he wasnýt pulled over and down. Where was his Character Escort while this was going on? As for the boy going to the hospital on Saturday as reported to a TV interviewýgive me a break! Iýve been in many crashes and altercations due to my job and never once have I needed a doctor for ýneck pain.ý
-- Mr. Disney 652
Chicago, IL

The kid was doing something... I don't care what he says. Tigger was in his right to do it!
-- mahusky

Here is another case of a family trying to get something for nothing out of Disney. Don't give in Disney!! This was not intentional and the boy looks like he was doing something behind Tigger's back.
-- Randy
Orlando, Fl

i don't think it was done to hurt anyone, it looked as though he wanted to pat the boys head and the child turned into tiggers hand. in a day tigger sees probably over 300 kids and some aren't so nice, pulling on his costume, jumping at him and so on, why would he really want to hurt a 13 year old kid who was only posing for a picture?
-- tina
northampton, pa

It is very obvious in the video that the juvenile was hanging on to the back of Tigger's costume! It's very obvious that Tigger did not intentionally mean to "punch" the juvenile, it appears Tigger was trying to reach around to keep his costume from being pulled off. This is a blatant example of a juvenile trying to pull a prank on Tigger! VERY OBVIOUS!!
-- Tammy
Waukesha, Wisconsin

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